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Upon learning Montparnasse has never had a proper Christmas, Jehan brings him as their plus one to les Amis’ annual Christmas dinner.

And sure, it’s awkward, Montparnasse stays mainly with Jehan, watching them getting delightfully redder as the champagne and wine bottles empty, but it’s a family holiday, and Jehan is his family. He didn’t get to pick his family’s family, but does anyone, really?

Then comes the time to hand over the presents. As expected, Montparnasse gets one from Jehan, a very pretty jacket he’s been eyeing for a while. But there’s one he never saw coming. Whoever thought of offering him a box full of fancy teabags had been severely mistaken.

The little doctory one with the glasses waves at him with a wide grin: “Jehan told me you’ve been having trouble sleeping lately, so I made you a calming blend. All homemade. It got me through med school. You know what, I’ll put the kettle on right now!”

Thus begins Montparnasse’s uncontrollable and maddening fondness for Joly

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Jehan and Joly friendship headcanon?

  • THE TEA-M! The TEA BROS! They’re both team leafy water against Enjolras, Combeferre and Feuilly who are team black bean water
  • Also: yoga buddies
  • Joly isn’t superstitious pe say, though that’s debatable, but he’s really interesting in superstitions for some reason? And so is Jehan, so they start reading books about that and sending each other the stuff they find
  • They’re also the smolest of les Amis, that’s truly something to bond over, especially when you hang out with people lile Bahorel and Combeferre who are #tallproblems
  • Joly loves cat patterns, so Jehan learnt to knit cat heads to adorn scarfs and gloves

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Joly/Grantaire headcanons? If you wanna talk about them!

congrats u have opened pandora’s box

Okay okay okay but I have so much to say about this ship, because I have never seen it anywhere and it’s very dear to me.

- Their kitchen is always a mess. None of the plates or the mugs match; they’re all picked up at random from various places and artists, and all treated with care. The rest of the house is usually fairly immaculate; but for whatever reason, the cupboards are always in some state of disarray. R blames it on the hundred boxes of tea that Joly leaves on the counters; Joly will defend himself to his dying breath against this accusation (probably while shoving all of the boxes into drawers and pretending they don’t exist)
-Some of their dates are to various museums or art galleries, others to cool, obscure cafes that R has come across, and others yet to places where the stars are clearest at night. R’s favorite thing to do is sit on the hood of his car with Joly and watch the stars; he never remembers which constellations are which, of course. He’s usually too busy memorizing the entire galaxy above them reflected in Joly’s eyes.
-It’s hard for R to be in a bad mood when he’s out with Joly. Wherever they are and whatever it is they’re doing, Joly is always up to something ridiculous; and more often than not, he can’t help but to join in.
-They play card games instead of watching TV a lot. After a certain incident involving the two of them, Bossuet, Courfeyrac, and a game of Spoons, Joly has effectively banned the use of actual silverware on the table during games. (he still isn’t quite sure how R managed to launch a metal spoon off of the table with enough force to lodge in it the wall, but he’s learned that sometimes it’s better not to question things)
-Joly’s favorite thing to do is kiss R’s nose, because the smile that it gets from Grantaire never fails to make his heart feel like it’s floating away. Whenever R has a headache, however, Joly presses little kisses to his forehead, claiming that it’s the best treatment plan, and he’ll be better in no time. Somehow, he’s always right.
-They paint one another’s nails constantly when they’re at home. Grantaire likes to break out his paintbrushes and paint very delicate designs on Joly’s nails; they might not last long, but he’ll take just about any excuse to hold his hand for that long. 
-Joly climbs everywhere, on everything, and R does not know how to stop him. If Grantaire is sitting on the couch, Joly will climb over the back and slide down into his lap. If he can’t reach something, he’ll climb onto chairs, counters, or boxes to get to it. If they’re at a park and R turns his back for five seconds, Joly will be up in a tree. He is honestly baffled by it. It’s a phenomena that none of the Amis know how to explain. No one has ever watched him climb a tree; but they’ve all seen him in one. It’s wild.
-Whenever R lets his hair grow out, Joly braids it. Joly’s hair generally isn’t long enough for any sort of braid, but anytime his hair is wet, be it from the rain or in the shower, R is sure to fashion it into a mohawk.
-R taught Joly to play the flute, and he’s been in love with the instrument since. On their first anniversary, R bought him his own flute. Joly had been overjoyed, almost to the point of tears.
-They both really love dinosaurs. It’s somewhat dangerous to mention dinosaurs in either’s presence; but if they’re sitting anywhere close to one another when dinosaurs are mentioned, all hell breaks loose instantly.
-Neither of them really proposed to the other. They were sitting in the Musain watching the news when something came on about gay marriage being legalized in another country; of course, they all cheered and raised their glasses to the good news. It was only when the chatter of their friends had settled back down a bit that Joly fixed R with a curious look. “Are we going to get married?” he had asked. Grantaire didn’t miss a beat, shrugging one shoulder as he took a sip of his drink. “Do you want to?” Joly seemed to contemplate it for a moment before he nodded, “Sure.” R turned to Combeferre calmly, nudging him with his elbow. “Hey, I think Joly and I are getting married.” Ferre promptly choked on his water, and the table was in an uproar again.

  • Joly: Green Tea (or any kind of tea, depends on how he’s feeling, but green tea is his favorite)
  • Bossuet: Hot chocolate but not too hot because he always burns his tongue
  • Grantaire: Black coffee, no cream or syrup or sweetener
  • Jehan: Chai Latte
  • Courfeyrac: Something with caramel, maybe caramel macchiato
  • Enjolras: I can’t decide between regular black coffee with two shots of espresso or like venti non-fat skinny soy latte extra hot with two shots og peppermint and one with caramel and a touch of vanilla syrup and sprinkled with cinnamon
  • Combeferre: Americano with an extra shot of espresso because Combeferre needs it
  • Marius: Lemonade
  • Bahorel: Regular coffee but with like tons of whipped cream
  • Feuilly: Espresso macchiato

headcanon that joly is a bubble tea FIEND. he goes to this bubble tea place where they have like framed photos of angelina jolie and johhny depp on the walls and blast top 40s hits mixed with kpop. the rest of the amis don’t understand his passion for bubble tea but they indulge him.

headcanon that claquesous is ALSO a bubble tea fiend and frequents the same place as joly. (the other members of patron minette don’t say shit to him about it because claquesous is legitimately terrifying.) he and joly become unlikely friendquiantances because they see each other there so much.

headcanon that one day the amis go to meet joly at his favorite bubble tea place and find him talking to the scariest motherfucker they have ever seen in their lives and he just waves them over like “hey guys! this is claquesous, he’s in a gang!”

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Are you still taking prompts? I'm not sure, but if you are, some e/R would be lovely, coffee shop au? (or any equivalent. library au, bakery au, etc.)

The first time Grantaire meets the head of the local Local Business Association, he’s been up since three in the morning baking and he has flour all over his face. He knows this because Eponine polished up the glass display case for their baked goods when she came in at quarter to seven and he can see his reflection in it, and his reflection has white flour standing out on his face and hair.

“You’re the owner of Sticks and Scones,” the stranger across the counter informs him, like he doesn’t already know.

“I regret that situation every time my alarm wakes me up before dawn,” he says solemnly. “Can I ask who you are? And why Eponine fetched me out of the back and the holy ritual of the scones-are-baking mini-nap to see you?”

The stranger across the counter (who is, upon further examination, maybe the most beautiful single human being Grantaire has ever met and probably the second-grumpiest) holds out his hand to shake and doesn’t even flinch when he ends up with flour on his hand. “I’m Enjolras, and I own the Fair Trade grocery down the street, and I’m the head of the Local Business Association for the town, fighting to keep our main street locally owned. I thought I’d give you a few weeks to settle in before I came to speak to you.”

Grantaire turns plaintively to Eponine, who’s coaxing the coffee machine into producing sweet nectar. “You interrupted me for this?”

“Do you want to go back to sticking pans of pre-made shit in the oven at Starbucks?” she asks. “Because we can arrange that.”

“We have a very active downtown, and we’re trying to keep it that way,” Enjolras forges on. “We frequently have events, and rewards for shopping at multiple stores, and other arrangements to attract business to the area, and we hope that you’ll join us. It’s been a while since we had a bakery downtown, and we’re very glad to have you.”

Eponine elbows him, and Grantaire realizes he’s probably staring stupidly. “I’m just here to bake bread,” he says.

“If you’ll just listen to what I have to say, I promise you won’t regret the opportunity.”

Grantaire sighs and grabs a few of his best croissants out of the case, and a jar of peach-raspberry jam, hand-canned by him last summer, out of where they keep their condiments. “Sit down, we’ll have something to eat and you can tell me about your crusade to save the world one downtown at a time.”

An hour later, Enjolras has eaten two croissants with jam, one almond poppyseed muffin, and one savoury scone, all with increasing looks of surprise and muffled pornographic noises, and he and Grantaire have had no less than three arguments about corporate sponsorship, the future of the downtown, and how much harm discounts do businesses.

He expects Enjolras to leave in a snit, but instead when he’s ready to leave, he holds out his hand to shake again and smiles. “I’ll look forward to working with you, Grantaire.”

“You too,” says Grantaire, almost by accident, and sees him out the door, the shop bell tinkling as he goes.

It isn’t until he looks at the display case again that he realizes he never managed to brush the flour off his face.

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You might have done headcannon for this already, but Les Amis and favourite hot drinks? Bonus points for additional Marius, Cosette, and Eponine. 😍

Courf: hot spiced apple cider

Enjolras: Coffee

Ferre: Hot tea

Jehan: Herbal Tea with a hint of raspberry and lemon and just a pinch of mint

Bahorel: hot coco with whip cream and cinnamon

Feuilly: cinnamon spice tea

Bossuet: any warm alcoholic drinks

Joly: mint or green tea or his favorite sleepy time tea for when he’s stressed

Chetta: scolding hot anything really

Marius: kids temperature coco from Starbucks and chocolate sauce on top in the shape of a smiley face

Cosette: fruit infused cider

Epinine/R: coffee as black as the dark lords soul

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hi i am in desperate need of some joly headcanons thank

  • The tea man. He has teas for everything : good news, bad news, the actual news, cramming sessions, teas that knock you down, teas that pump you up… “I’ll get the water boiling” is his trademark sentence
  • He’s the type of person who calls you by your full name rather than your nickname when he’s comforting you
  • Hand sanitizer provider for the whole crew after each and every métro ride because that place is nasty yall
  • Really really big fan of suspenders
  • Has watched very single episode of Scrubs, will rewatch every single episode of Scrubs until they put him in the ground
  • Looks like he’s jamming to very hardcore punk rock music but he’s listening to thunder and rain tracks
  • That one morning person who wakes up at 7 on a sunday of his own free will and with a smile on his face

Joly takes an innocent-until-proven-guilty approach with his treatments, so he’s super into studying traditional treatments, from acupuncture to meditation. He even has his own herbal garden, so he can try out traditional herbal teas and medications. A few of his teas and medications are of his own concoction because even if the traditional formulations don’t work, perhaps new formulations will.

(Joly prepares a specific tea formulation for Combeferre every week, because Combeferre asks for one and Combeferre does stay awake an inordinate amount of hours to study all that he does. Joly worries.)