jolie ruin

les amis de the ringtones

aka headcanons about les amis and their ringtones

  • enjolras will have ça ira by edith piaf, o paris en colère by mireille mathieu. but in the month of july he usually changes it to the marseillaise (and sometimes he lets his phone go because he sings along with it. on the other side of the line, combeferre is not amused)
  • grantaire will have beyoncé. because there’s liberté, egalité, fraternité, and then beyoncé. it’s one of the rules of the universe. so he would have diva, or maybe single ladies. even if he’s considering changing it completely to icarus by bastille because let’s face it, that song is the story of his fucking life.
  • courfeyrac is the king, queen and princess of the directioners. so his ringtone is live while we’re young, and he sings every single syllabe of it. there was a period of time in which he changed it to just “i came in like a wreeeeeeeecking ball!”, and while is was indeed very funny to see enjolras flinch everytime it would go off in the middle of a meeting, in the end everybody just couldn’t stand it anymore and “for god’s sake courfeyrac!”
  • jehan’s a birdy guy. his ringtone would be something quiet, like wings, or maybe skinny love. he set it when he had just discovered birdy and was completely obsessed, but he still keeps it even though he has found some more new artists to listen to.
  • combeferre’s ringtone would be the cave, which also happens to be his favorite mumford&sons song. he likes because of its meaning, and because mumford&sons are quite possibly the band he loves the most on the whole entire planet.
  • bahorel’s completely trashy, and he knows it, and he likes it. so his ringtone would be keen'v, a french dance/rapper artist. and the song would be prince charmant, which is absolutely ridicolous and stupid. everybody roll their eyes when it goes off.
  • éponine is a perfect lady and her ringtone is je veux by zaz, which is practically her anthem
  • cosette would have gabrielle aplin. and, more precisely, home. because that song touches her on so many levels.
  • musichetta loves a lot of different music, but her old time favorites are the killers. and since she met joly and bossuet, her ringtone has been when you were young. because it tells her story. 
  • marius had his phone miserably hacked by courfeyrac, who set the ringtone to the climb by miley cyrus/hannah montana/you got it. cosette came to his rescue and changed it to hey brother by avicii, because when the song came up on the radio, one time they were driving together, marius had said that he really liked it, and cosette remembers this kind of things.
  • feuilly has always had one ringtone, and that is the mazurek dąbrowskiego, the march of dombrosvki, which is the polish national anthem. he knows all the lyrics. or at least their sounds.
  • joly has a very classic and standard ringtone, one of the phone’s default ones, but he never really actually uses his phone because it could damage his brain.
  • nobody knows what bossuet’s ringtone is. he always loses his phone when he needs it and ends up using joly’s one.
  • bonus: they all struggled to find the most annoying text ringtones they could find on their phones. on particularly boring meetings, they start texting each other and place bets on when enjolras will explode in rage.

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