jolie andreatta


Spot the odd ones out?

Quiet as it’s kept, the costume designer on Suits is exponentially better at dressing her cast than Lyn Paolo is. Just saying. 

Andreatta even does the Olivia Pope White better than Olivia Pope does these days. As for this horror show…

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Man, as well as effing up the show, they even managed to eff up the fashion.

Take it away Donna…

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Jolie Andreatta, the costume designer for Suits, never ceases to amaze me with how she styles the women on the show, and how they each have their own distinct look that has a variety of other looks branching out from it. She’s genius.

When I say I watch the show for the outfits (and Gina/Jessica), I really mean it. They’re clean, beautiful, fashionable, business couture without compromising femininity (and, at times, sex appeal), and they’re wonderfully shaped and designed and are presented with great accessories, too. I mean that second dress Jessica had on this past episode was just sickkk.

Understated in the front.

‘Yes god’ in the back.

I need the show to stay on 5 more seasons or at least until I can have the coins to buy everything I see.