Ive been thinking a lot about this...

I belong to other fandoms where I don’t ship any couples and I see that some times shippers blow thing out of proportion, or get insanely mad at plots that aren’t necessarily bad or wrong but hurt their ships, so that pisses them off. I try very hard no to be that type of shipper in the fandoms where I do have my otps. I won’t lie, sometimes I fail miserably, but I really do always try. So I keep thinking, do I hate Tom because of lizzington or do I hate him because of who he is?! (side note: I am NOT talking about Ryan Eggold, I think he is an awesome actor!)
Anyway the answer is: I hate Tom because of Tom.
I hate him because when he married Liz he did it as an undercover spy who change bosses only so he could find one that allowed him to do it.
I hate him because when they where married he constantly lied, gasslighted and manipulated her.
I hate him because when she suspected him, she was so scared she dreamt if she confronted him, he would soffocate her on their own bed.
He beat her senseless only to prevent her from blowing his cover.
He forced her to have sex only to prove she didn’t know about him. (that’s rape by the way).
He tricked Jolenne into calling Liz so she wouldn’t be suspicious, and then killed her. He thru the hippo Liz gave him into the garbage. He begged Liz to take him in to the PO to prove his innocence only to gather Intel and then proceeded to give Berlin a hit list with the members of the task force.
He got into a fight with her and escape. Only to capture her and use her as a shield in order to prevent Red from finding Berlin.
He killed an innocent man to force Liz to release him. He escape to Russia on to a new job.
He bought a car and a boat with his dirty money and instead of leaving Liz alone, like she asked him, he forced himself back into her life while trying to convince her that Red is the actuall monster and by promising her answers he NEVER gave.
He slept with her and left. He came back to help by getting more innocent people killed.
He forced himself back into her life, snooping through her private things and finding out she was pregnant.
He immediately assumed they HAD to get married again. After all the shit she just went through, he just thought everithing qould be solved by getting married and getting her away from Red.
An oh well the list goes on and on, but I think that’s plenty! Don’t you?

I edited the post and added a few more.