The last picture of Jolee Callan

On the 30th of August 2015, 18-year-old Jolee Callan and her ex-boyfriend Loren Bunner went hiking together. It had been Loren’s idea to go for the hike and he took several photos of Jolee during it, this was the last one he took and posted on his Instagram with the caption: “Oh, Jolee the photographer.’’ Several minutes later, he shot his ex-girlfriend twice. Once in the back of her head and once between her eyes. He then shoved her from the top of a cliff. Loren later called the police and confessed to the murder by saying: “I want to turn myself in for the murder of my ex-girlfriend that happened just a little while ago on Cheaha Mountain.” Later that evening police found Jolee’s body – still wearing her backpack. Loren said in a police interview that he had shot her as part of a suicide pact but he was unable to go through with killing himself. But police believed he had lured Jolee, who still wanted to remain friends with her ex-boyfriend, there to kill her because she wouldn’t take him back. The night before the murder, on August 29, Jolee had messaged a friend jokingly saying: “If something happens to me, you’ll know who I was with.

Loren Bunner was charged with murder and was sentenced to 52 years in prison.


So here’s Jole, my take on Jay and Cole’s fusion, and not to toot my own horn but I think this turned out really good! I hope you guys like it too! If you guys really like it I will happily draw more Jole and other ninja fusions!

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HUFFLEPUFF: “Love doesn’t lead to the dark side. Passion can lead to rage and fear, and can be controlled, but passion is not the same thing as love. Controlling your passions while being in love, that’s what they should teach you to beware, but love itself will save, not condemn you.” –Drew Karpyshyn (Jolee Bindo: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)

Ninjago Headcanons about going to the city


-Often goes to the city for the sake of going with a fellow ninja but whenever he goes to the city and he is looking for something, it’s usually either to get hair gel, snacks, or to make sure there are enough Kai action figures in stock

-Never goes to shop for new clothes on his own but knows if he ever goes with Nya that he will be dragged into a store for clothes so he might as well get a little something while he is there

-Whenever he goes to the city and isn’t shopping he is usually there for going through the park or scenery with friends because he just finds it very relaxing a good opportunity to just zone out

-Usually likes to take Cole with him whenever he is just in the city for scenery due to Cole having a bit of a love for the outdoors

-If he is shopping for something he won’t drag anybody into the store with him if they don’t want to go to the store

-Likes going to festivals, but doesn’t love doing it. But he sees the event as a great socializing moment for everybody. Not to mention he can create some flirty small talk with some cute girls.

-Finds it pretty funny when Cole drags him into a bakery and Cole sits there drooling over cake while Kai just sits and eats something, usually just a couple macaroons

-Doesn’t mind when Nya drags him into a clothes store and figures he might as well make his time worth it and actually buys something usually

-Doesn’t really like going to the library with Zane but doesn’t really dislike it either. He usually just sits there or walking around and looking at all the different books at the library are while waiting for Zane

-However doesn’t AT ALL like going to Borg Industries or the Borg Store with anybody, but Jay most of all.

-Not only does Kai prefer the old ways but sees a lot of the electronics there as a waste of time. But it doesn’t get too much better with Jay around since he fanboys over most of the things there, especially the newer ones

-Although sometimes when he is in the city he takes a stop by Mister Chen’s Noodle House to visit Skylor and chat her up a bit


-Often goes to the city for the sake of going to Borg Industries or the Borg Store, but also likes to tag along with any of the other ninja to whatever store they want to go to because he always loves spending time with them and hates to be alone

-Always loves it when Nya drags him into a clothes store because he gets to express his taste in fashion with her

-He rarely goes to the city alone, and when he isn’t shopping for groceries or anything else he is usually there to just sit in the park and spend time with fans.

-He usually takes Cole with him whenever he goes to the park

-He will usually always take somebody to the city because he always hates to be alone anywhere

-LOVES to go to festivals with friends, especially with the whole crew and usually ends up taking them to different places and is the leader when it comes to their time at the festival.

-Once, at the White Day festival in New Ninjago City (if you don’t know what White Day is, it’s a Japanese tradition, search it up!) Jay ended up distracting Nya by showing her a panda plushie that was a prize but then disappeared behind a blue curtain near some equipment. Nya then ended up getting pretty confused and started to call me, and hearing the buzz from behind the curtain Jay ended up grabbing her by the neck, spooking her greatly, getting her mad because she made it seem like it made her weak.

-Finds it pretty cute how Cole acts whenever he is in a bakery and usually just sits at a table waiting for him to finish while eating any pastry really, doesn’t get anything more than the other too much.

-Likes to take Cole and Nya with him to the park to see fans

-Likes it when Zane takes him to the library because it gives him the opportunity to learn new, usually exotic, things

-Usually drags somebody to the Borg Store or Borg Industries with him to dazzle at new electronics and really marvel at the innovation of it

-However it is one of the things he prefers to do alone because really only Zane likes going there with him


-Usually goes to the city for the sake of visiting the bakery and doesn’t mind if a ninja tags along with him or not when he intends on only going to the bakery, but whenever he isn’t doing this he always makes sure he has a ninja to tag along with him

-Likes it whenever Nya drags him into a clothes store because she helps him pick out clothes him that he likes, occasionally he gets Jay to bring him to a clothes store because he knows that Jay also has a bit of a fashion sense.

-He sometimes goes to the city alone, usually to get groceries or to visit the bakery. He also goes to the city for the scenery and absorb himself in nature

-Him, Jay, and Nya also like to talk to fans in the park, particularly the younger ones

-In fact one memorable experience was when Jay, Nya, and him went to see younger fans in the park and did things with their powers for the kids.

-Jay made their names using his powers in the air while parents took pictures, Cole made thrones using his power for the children while he leaned on the arm of the throne for a picture, and Nya made beautiful water spirals and vortexes which she then made them sort of dissipate and become harmless sprinkles that anybody could barely feel

-Whenever he does drag a friend into the bakery he admires how patient they are while he tastes all possible samples and admire the artistry of all the cakes, and never leaves the bakery without one.

-Doesn’t mind when Zane takes him to the library but usually just sits there and waits for Zane, he usually doesn’t take too long anyway

-Doesn’t mind going to the Borg Store or Borg Industries with Jay and actually finds it kinda cute how he marvels over everything, he also likes Jay’s smile.

-Really enjoys going to festivals with the other ninja, mainly because they are usually so exotic and how they stick to a theme


-Most of the time he goes to the city is for groceries since he is the most reliable to get everything on the list

-Doesn’t really prefer if a ninja comes with him or not because he appreciates both the company of the ninja and the solitude of being alone

-He usually doesn’t have a ninja come with him, but when he does he takes them to the library usually

-He goes to the library just to check out some interesting books that may keep him busy, especially fictional murder mysteries, and also to just have a place that is very quiet and have some peace in

-He doesn’t read his books in the library when a ninja is with him because he doesn’t want to waste their time so he just leaves the library with them, but when alone, he sometimes reads a couple of the first chapters

-Rarely ever goes to the park whenever he is in the city, but when he does it is usually just to zone out and relax, although sometimes fans make this hard for him

-In fact one time he ended up making a little ice dome for himself in the middle of the park to fend off crazy fangirls, where they then managed to crack open the dome and he ended up making a huge and thick ice pillar in the park and had to make a platform at the top so the rabid fangirls that were climbing gave up

-Doesn’t mind it when Cole takes him to the bakery, and actually finds it pretty funny how obsessed he is with cake

-Doesn’t really like it when Nya takes him to go buy clothes since he sees his wardrobe as perfectly fine and hasn’t really ever had an interest in fashion

-He likes it when Jay takes him into Borg Industries or the Borg Store because he finds the innovation particularly interesting

-Doesn’t really like or dislike festivals with the other ninja too much, but finds them a bit too cluttered


-Doesn’t go to the city much at all, but when he does it is usually for groceries, talk with fans, or deal with some business with the media

-Really likes it when a ninja comes with him because he hates it when they are split up

-Whenever another ninja goes to the city, he will tag along with them most of the time

-Sort of likes it when Nya takes him into a clothes store just so he could try new things

-Likes to go to the library with Zane because it gives him a chance to zone out while waiting for Zane

-Doesn’t really like going to the bakery with Cole because it is a bit too noisy there, especially when another ninja is trying to talk to him. Also doesn’t really like certain pastries all that much so he just sits there doing nothing while waiting for Cole

-Doesn’t mind going to the Borg Store or Borg Industries with Jay although sometimes Jay can take awhile. Although it is bearable

-Really likes festivals with the other ninja because they are all there most of the time at a festival and loves it when the team sticks together although sometimes finds the crowds a bit too cluttered

-Sometimes when he goes to the city he goes to the park, but only when he is alone because he knew he may attract too much attention if somebody else was with him and lots of bad things could sprout from that like jealousy over how Lloyd was getting all the attention or maybe there was someone with harm in mind, but loves to talk to all sorts of fans

-In fact he sometimes conjures his dragon for a kid to climb on and usually just lifts them into the air a little bit and then brings them back down while there parent can snag a picture

-One time he remember making a bit of a light show using his parents one time at night and ended up attracting a ton of fans. Of course then he was asked to do this at concerts and such which he did and it gave him a new thing to do when he was bored.

-Always loves to do fans favors and requests that are within common sense boundaries to make Ninjago a better place


-Goes to the city A LOT, in fact, she goes to the city the most. She often goes there to peruse all the different stores and buy a lot of different things

-Loves it when somebody goes shopping with her, preferably Jay or Cole because they share similar interests as her, but prefers Jay over Cole when shopping but she would never tell anyone

-Really likes it when another ninja comes with her to go shopping

- Goes from store to store buying clothes,accessories, and makeup mostly

-Doesn’t mind tagging along with Jay to the Borg Store or Borg Industries but doesn’t really like it or dislike it

-Likes to go to the library with Zane to read up on some tech stuff for a little bit while waiting for Zane

-Doesn’t really like going to the bakery with Cole because she doesn’t eat anything at the bakery and Cole can sometimes take too long in her opinion

-Loves to go to festivals, especially with all the ninja. She also wants to get closer to Jay in their relationship but she knows Kai wouldn’t like it and tries to get Jay to come with her to the festivals but whenever she is gonna go in for a kiss there is always an interruption, like a cartoon

-One time at the White Day festival she was about to surprise him with a small puzzle cube she made and was going to give it to him and then kiss him but somebody she didn’t know who was tagging along, Cole, comes in running towards us talking frantically about free chocolate chip cookies and pulled Jay by the wrist away, sighing, Nya followed

-When shopping for new clothes with Jay, she always loves to help him pick new clothes, especially when Jay is looking for an outfit to go with a scarf

-Doesn’t go to the park that often, but when she does it is always to see fans