eg week » [ day 6/8 ] favorite quote

↳ the enemy speech

✂ we kill ourselves, go crazy trying to beat each other, and all the time the old bastards are watching us, studying us, discovering our weak points, deciding whether we’re good enough or not. well, good enough for what? i was six years old when they brought me here. what the hell did I know? they decided I was right for the program, but nobody ever asked me if the program was right for me

✂ so why don’t you go home?

✂ because I can’t give up the game. because I love this.

eg week » [ day 1/8 ] favorite character 

↳ | wake up and smell the apathy ✂ a playlist for (anarchist) dink |

✂ the unthinking majority // serj tankian ✂ europe’s downfall // antidote ✂ prayer of the refugee // rise against ✂ empty walls // serj tankian ✂ survive // sick puppies ✂ uprising // muse ✂ all is dull // de staat ✂ a.d.d // system of a down ✂ politics // korn ✂ input source select // de staat ✂ threshold // divinity destroyed ✂ americas worst role model // antillectual ✂ blow me away // breaking benjamin ✂ …and we thought the nation states were a bad idea // propaghandi ✂ soundtrack // antillectual 

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ender calling bean into his room half an hour before lights out a few times a week to vent and talk and touch hands. sometimes they stay up for nearly an hour after theyre supposed to be asleep, talking fervently of battle strategies and sparring on the cold floor, careful not to make too much noise. other times they are still and calm, hushed whispers and memories of a past long gone, warmth from shared heat under thin sheets and secrets murmured with shaking breath. sometimes they talk about home, and the room turns cold, so so cold and they have to stay close to each other to keep warm, to keep stable. and they know theyll never be able to go home again, not really, because it will never be the same. so they build homes within each other, shelters made of memories and dreams and stifled laughter in the dead of night. within each other, in the homes theyve built from the ground up, they feel safe.