jokul frosti

H: J - Jack! Get me out of here!!
J: But you look so cute with all the snow in your hair.
H: IT’S C - COLD !!!!
J: um…. Nope

I had time today so I drew some HiJack ^^

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I’m working on revising my Jack Frost cosplay, and the anniversary for this movie is coming up, so I thought I’d color a sketch of my boy! 

nct + mythology aesthetic: Taeyong as Jack Frost
From Scandinavian origin, Jack Frost was usually depicted as some sort of sprite or elf who make those fern-like spirals on your windows and would chill you in the winter. His name was derived from ‘Jokul Frosti’ which literally means frosty icicle.


Jack Frost

Person-hee-fication of ice, sleet, snow and frost in English mythology. Hee is respons-hee-ble for leaving the fern-like patterns that ap-hee-r on people’s windows during the winter months and is also known to nip noses and toes, as well as painting the leaves orange and red in autumn.

Hee is often depicted as a mischievous hee-roic sprite and according to some, was the combination of two Norse gods, Jokul and Frosti. Similar figures, such as Old Man Winter and Ded Moroz also added to his identity.

(Have a Mer-hee Christmas, ho!)