jokul frosti

H: J - Jack! Get me out of here!!
J: But you look so cute with all the snow in your hair.
H: IT’S C - COLD !!!!
J: um…. Nope

I had time today so I drew some HiJack ^^

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nct + mythology aesthetic: Taeyong as Jack Frost
From Scandinavian origin, Jack Frost was usually depicted as some sort of sprite or elf who make those fern-like spirals on your windows and would chill you in the winter. His name was derived from ‘Jokul Frosti’ which literally means frosty icicle.

I’m working on revising my Jack Frost cosplay, and the anniversary for this movie is coming up, so I thought I’d color a sketch of my boy! 


S A C R I F I C E ; D A Y T H R E E

“Kind of a stupid move, I admit. But I guess that’s what love’s all about, don’t you think so Jack?” Jokul let his icy cold stare landed on his counterpart ― the good one, the better one ― and let the fiery trail of jealousy turned into rage when he twisted her grip over the young Scot’s shoulders. “I want her.”

“I said,” Jack repeated, now aiming his staff higher. “Let. Her. Go.”

“Why should I?” Jokul barked back, now securing his hold around her in a tight grip; feeling her limp body fell and her head thudded against his shoulder; he dipped his chin down to her hair and inhaled. “She loves you, Jack. I could see it. Taste it. Even when she was standing miles away from me. But you―”

Jack gripped on his staff tighter, but he heard North’s order clearly: do not engage, not unless you know you could get to him. Jokul had always been unpredictable, and the last thing Jack needed was Jokul snapping Merida’s neck just because he spite him off. It was enough that Merida was in his arms, he didn’t need a dead body. Her dead body, in particular.

Jack swallowed.

“You don’t even realise how much her love stretched out for you until she’s here, right in my grip.” Jokul then proceeded to plant a soft kiss ― the softest gesture Jack had ever seen him executed ― across Merida’s temple, his fingers brushed away few of her curly strands of hair from her forehead. “But you won’t love her. She knew that. Of course she did. She’s a smart one, this girl. That’s why she came here. Her last act of love, to you. By sacrificing herself.”

“Just let her go, Jokul. She’s got nothing to do with this. Us.” Jack insisted, the desperation was heavy across his shoulders and it was almost hard to bear.

“Oh, nothing? I think she has everything to do with us.” Jokul smirked, then gently landed his chin atop of her head. “Let’s play a game, Jack. You and I both like that, don’t we? You beat me, you’ll get her. But if you don't―”

“You’re going to kill her?” Jack cut him off, and closed his eyes for a second at that horrible thought, his stomach churned in disgust.

Jokul stared, and there’s glee in his eyes, dark mirth, and then: “No,” he moves his thumb over Merida’s lips, his eyes ― the only thing that completely resembled Jack without a shade of a colour too short ― ghosted over her face. “I’m going to love her. And she―" 

Jokul’s eyes met his again, and there’s no humour in there, and he said: "She’s going to love me back.”

i know i’m late, and my drawing’s a bunch of mess. but i just couldn’t resist the theme. (x)


These were supposed to be uploaded waaay sooner buuut

Person in photos would be me, MarbledFrost. Dressed as Jokul Frosti, a stunning character courtesy of Pooka-Curse   by given permission.

This might have been the most fun thing I’ve done all year. My very first cosplay, and the very first thing I’ve ever sewn. So I’m kind of extra proud right now.

And damn if this isn’t super comfortable. Even strapped completely in sans top right photo. :D