jokul and hyde

Wooooooo~ insane frosty little bastard? How could I resist drawing him ^ v ^

Been meaning to draw him for a little while but I haven’t had a chance until now ^_^ Oh well, some Jokul art for ya~ This character was created by the lovely Pooka-Curse, whose blog you should check out NOW O ^ O as well as the Jokul and Hyde blog, which is wonderful ^_^

[Rise of the Crossovers] Grooming

Just a bit of fluff featuring Pooka’s Jokul and Hyde, Guardian-Of-Fun’s Winter Prince and Rinpin’s Wee Bunny. 
Hyde shows affection through a rough tongue and homicidal tenacities. 
750 words. 
Based off of this art by Pooka-Curse


“JAAACK!” The kit whines, attempting to wiggle out of Hyde’s grip. Hyde gives the small one a warning growl, pulling him back by the scruff. He can hear the sound of claws scraping across the ground as he does so, the kit reluctant to be bathed.

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[Rise of the Guardians] -And a 3.6 from the Lithuanian Judge

Oh, my gosh. Where to start on this. The Winter Prince belongs to The Guardian of Fun, Jokul and Hyde belong to Pooka-Curse, I’m just borrowing both AUs to create an Au based off of this image of Jokul/Winter Prince by Pooka-Curse. The frack. Posted with both Guardian and Pooka’s permission. 
Warnings: Guy on Guy, Were!Bunny On Guy. Were!Bunny on Guy on Guy.  Cannibalistic Thoughts. Blood. Biting. Dirty Language/Potty Mouth. Potential Squick due to Jokul being Jokul. PORN WITHOUT PLOT. 
2,500 words. If you’re under age, don’t click. 


Not so high and mighty now-” Jokul pulls the Prince’s head back, exposing his pale throat as he gives a particularly hard thrust. Princey groans, his nails biting gouges into the back of Jokul’s neck, drawing the bitter-sweet tang of blood. “-are you, Your Majesty-?” 

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