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#cookingwithakillerrobot now on YouTube! Link in my bio! Watch as #Mettaton and #Sans completely fail to bake anything edible in this culinary calamity, starring myself as #undertalemettaton @jokingpenguin as #undertalesans. I hope you enjoy!
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Watch as Mettaton, Idol of the Underground, and (e)special(lay annoying) guest Sans the Skeleton, completely fail to bake anything edible in this culinary calamity! Ketchup, flour, and mixing jugs fly - we really recommend you don’t try this at home.

Starring @voyagercostume as Mettaton and @jokingpenguin as Sans, and written by us both.

Ouran High School GSA - Masterpost!

Ouran High School GSA (Gay-Straight Abridged) Episode List:

Episode 1 - Longer and Uncut  

Episode 2 - Teacups

Episode 3 - Terrible Fanfiction

Episode 4 - Unofficial Merchandise 

Episode 5 - The Twins F*ck 

Episode 6 - **COMING SOON**

Episode Playlist HERE 

Bonus Content: 

Ouran High School GSA: Q&A - Host Edition  (4000 Subscriber Special)

Ouran High School GSA: Q&A - Creators Edition (Corsair and Jokingpenguin)

Episode 1 - Commentary 

Episode 2 - Improv (No Scripts, No Sounds!)

Rule 1: Post the rules. Rule 2: Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then make eleven new ones. Rule 3: Tag 11 people and link them to your post. 

Rule 4: Let them know they’ve been tagged.


 1. Which fictional character would you like to be trapped in a lift for 5 hours with?

Fred and George Weasley because they’ll be such a laugh to hang out with.


2. Who would you hold a cake-eating-contest with? (Anybody, real or fictional)

Can it be someone who is not famous? If yes then Rob Hill because he thinks he can beat me in an eating contest and I know I can kick his ass. If no then either Marcus Butler because he has a huge gob or Colin Morgan. LOL! :P


3. Why would a haddock kill itself?

I have no fucking clue, but probably because it’s suicidal…


 4. Who would you interview on life television? (Preferably real people!)

Tom Hiddleston because he’s badass!!!


5. Galaxy or Cadbury’s?

I’ve been a Cadbury’s kid since birth!!!


6. Favourite colour?

RED!!! *This is MAHOGANY!!!*


7. (Two parter…) Which Doctor would you travel with, and what would your own TARDIS be?

The tenth Doctor because David Tennant is the man!!! My TARDIS would probably be the boot/trunk of Chevy impala… :)


8. If you could rename the planet ‘Earth’, what would you call it?



9. What movie (past) would you have wanted to be in?

This is really hard!!! Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire or Malcolm X


10. What do you want to do when you are older?

Hopefully become a successful actor and then a brilliant director.


11. What would be your dream job? (Includes jobs in fictional places or past times. Go wild.

Either Minister of Magic or Aslan

Sorry this took forever #spidergoatsofutah Rheanna!!!


I was given an extra set of questions by my friend #zayedkhan929 Alina, so I’ll answer those too.

1) Are you the jealous type?

Not really no.

2) Have you ever been in love?

Twice and it was painful both times.

3) One movie you hate but everybody else loves.

Race - I hated that film!!!

4) One book you hate but everybody else loves.

Bridget Jones series

5) One person you can’t live without, besides family.

My friend Eve who I told everything. I haven’t seen her for a year and I feel sort of lost without her.

6) Fondest memory of your significant other?

I’m currently single, but when I was with him, I remember I stayed over at his house and unfortunately became quite ill. He took care of me the whole weekend and we did everything that I liked doing. The whole weekend I kept telling him to not kiss me on the lips because he could get ill too. He listened throughout the whole day, but at night he refused to let me sleep on my own and he had to give me a goodnight kiss and also a good morning kiss when I woke up.

7) Favorite TV show?


8) Are you a hopeless romantic?

No, but if I’m in a relationship, I’ll do anything to keep the other person happy.

9) One favorite quote.

External image

10) Favorite Avenger?

This is so hard!!! Hulk/Bruce Banner, but Captain America is a close 2nd.

11) Favorite quality in a your significant other?

His eyes because they can never lie to me no matter how hard he tried to hide the truth.


These are my 11 questions:

1. If you could swap places with any person for a day who would it be, why and what would you do? (Could be anyone)

2. Do you have a favourite type of bread and if not, WHY?!

3. Which fictional character do you wish you could be more like?

4. If all characters from ALL of your favourite fandoms were real people, which ONE out of all your favourite ships would you want to come true? (What I mean by that is for example, Merthur could actually be a real life couple)

5. Which person’s personality do you wish you had yourself and why? (Pick anyone you want)

6. If you woke up one day and turned into me (Ah!! The horror!!!) what would you do?

7. Name one tumblr person that you really want to meet one day.

8. What/Who do you think is your spirit animal and what/who do you think your friends would say is your spirit animal?

9. How are you feeling today?

10. Favourite flavour of ice cream/ice lolly?

11. What’s the first thing that comes into your head when someone mentions me?

P.S. Be honest with all your answers!!!