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hi, so i hate dan with a passion (jokingly of course, i love both him and phil) and i rarely find any phil x readers and i much prefer them because phil is phil and i was wondering if i could request something like rough/ intense dom phil? maybe using nicknames like 'fuck toy' and 'cum slut', just stuff like that. but if not that's completely fine ❤

yes yes yes, phil fics are a rare treasure that should be protected and loved (especially kinky ones)

okay, so, you know how chat is just so over-the-top with his flirting? i was thinking about this and what if — and i know this has been disproved by the webisodes but shhhh — what if ladybug honestly didn’t realize chat was serious?

like, at all? like, she honestly thought he was 100% joking in all his lines?

now consider: an inverse marichat scenario

  • ladybug, in her well-meaning wish to bond with her partner, asks chat who he likes
  • he, thinking she’s joking (because honestly how could she miss it), responds that ‘it’s her,’ kind of lightly, kind of jokingly, etc etc etc of course she knows it’s her
  • except maybe she doesn’t, because she laughs, girly-giggly-bright, and bumps his shoulder, saying, “No, really, I mean it! Who do you like?”
  • he tries to set her straight, but the damage is already done: “C’mon, Chat. I know you’re a huge flirt but there’s gotta be somebody who’s captured your heart~ I won’t tell anyone, I promise!”
  • the boy, quite reasonably, is crushed
  • after a bit more pressing, a much sadder cat confesses (a bit pointedly lbr) that there’s this amazing, amazing girl who hung the stars in the sky, who he doesn’t know nearly as well as he’d like, who’s incredibly brave, (etc etc etc) and who doesn’t take him seriously at all
  • ladybug is h o r r i f i e d
  • she knows her partner is a silly dork but how dare this girl! didn’t she see what she had? didn’t she see what she could have?
  • ladybug is going to have Words
  • or, better yet, she’s going to help chat get the girl of his dreams
  • first, she just needs to figure out who that girl is
  • Ladybug’s Thought Process: dismiss all superlatives > ‘chat doesn’t know her that well’ (”not true,” chat would insist if he could hear that. “just not as well as I want to!”) + ‘doesn’t take him seriously’ = ??? > does she know anyone like that…? > …oh shit > oh shit
  • does he like marinette?
  • “Chat… that girl you like… is she Marinette?”
  • chat’s jaw drops
  • “H—… How…?”
  • HOW DID YOU GET MARINETTE FROM T H A T ? he wants to scream.
  • he’s spoken with her like three times! (as chat)
  • ((he’s spoken with her three times while flirting like the wind and making a giant fool of himself, just fyi))
  • ((it’s not that big of a leap))
  • Ladybug Finds Herself in a Quandary, headlines at six
  • 1) it’s her! she’s the girl who dared to not know what she had!
  • 2) chat likes marinette, whom he’s spoken with three times, but not ladybug, whom he talks to every few days at least? (she doesn’t blame him for that — he knows full well how bullheaded, cocky, and thoughtless ladybug can get — but it’s a little saddening, nonetheless)
  • 3) she’d sworn to herself she’d help out, but helping chat get together with herself?
  • “Women’s intuition,” she says, brushing it off. “She’s cute! You should ask her out!”
  • Ladybug’s Logic™: chat likes marinette > chat doesn’t like ladybug > ladybug is marinette > marinette is ladybug > if she spends enough time with chat as marinette, he’ll see just how bullheaded, cocky, and thoughtless she is (how much like ladybug she is) and fall out of love with her > this will free him up to like someone who isn’t her > a strangely sad thought, but better than him pining over someone he doesn’t truly know… right?
  • it takes a bit more pressing, but eventually, an oddly depressed chat agrees to let her set up a date between the two
  • ladybug’s Got This
  • do you see where this is going?
  • with a drooping tail and a hundred apologies on his tongue, chat shows up at the bakery
  • “I’m so sorry you got dragged this,” he tries to apologize when Marinette opens the door. “Ladybug forgets to listen sometimes, and—”
  • marinette grabs him by the arm and just about takes off running
  • it is the first date of many
  • and, the thing is, it works
  • ladybug’s plan works
  • chat sees exactly how bullheaded, cocky, and thoughtless marinette is
  • that is, he sees exactly how much like ladybug she is
  • shit, thinks chat “so stubborn and so irresistible” noir, watching marinette scramble up to the top of some very high place on her wit alone and grin down at him in the evening light
  • shit, thinks chat “she’s crazy awesome” noir, watching marinette come up with a plan to get them both out of trouble in mere minutes and relay it to him with a mischievous giggle that would make anyone’s heart trip
  • s h i t, thinks adrien “whoever she is, I love that girl” agreste, watching as marinette wraps their whole class around her finger with a speech, animated and fearless and powerful, promises of stars in her eyes and the gravity of supernovas in her voice
  • (“I think I have a type,” Adrien ‘I did not ask for this boner’ Agreste confesses to his close friend, Nino, after that particular spectacle.
  • Nino pats his shoulder in pure empathy.
  • From somewhere behind them, Alya sighs, “Don’t we all.”)

imagine an inverse ‘imma help my best friend out with their crush’ au

I’m so h a p p y. I just can’t even vocalize how amazing it is to have a canon gay relationship between two main characters. And my favorite fact is that even though Yuri wanted Victor to kiss him, every time he offered it jokingly, of course Yuri would say no. But when Victor is overwhelmed by his feelings and just gets it and kisses Yuri at the end, Yuri just smiles like he’s been waiting for Victor to realize his own feelings this whole time.
There so beautiful and lovely and they have to get married and I have feelings

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headcanons for the paladins with an s/o who just like, never gets over the freezing-up and butterflies and constant praising and stuttering and kissing their hands and staring at them and just being SO IN LOVE with them all the time!!!

;;;OMG i love how excitedly this is worded im sjsnfkfnsd OF COURSE!!!

Lance: He’d definitely think that his s/o is the cutest thing ever, and he’s always trying to get them flustered in all the ways that he could and is always quick to remind them that he loves them. He’d point out whenever their face is red (jokingly of course) just to tease them like the playful jerk he is, and he’d make sure to flash them a goofy smile whenever he catches them staring. His s/o being head over heels for him would be the cutest thing ever in his eyes.

Shiro: He’d feel pretty much the same way for his s/o, but he’d be less open about it and mostly just enjoys seeing his s/o be so loving towards him, but he always makes sure to return the favor later to prove that he loves them too. Whenever his s/o praises/compliments him, his face flushes and he murmurs a modest, “[Y/N]… you’re just saying that.” But boy, is this guy’s heart doing flips in his chest.

Hunk: This guy would just about die from every compliment and gesture his s/o throws at him, it’s super easy to pull on his heart strings just by them being…well, his s/o. He’d think their stuttering is beyond cute, and he’d be blushing in his hands after his s/o compliments him (he’d never get tired of it). His s/o being so in love with him would make him feel so great, he’d always find time to tell them just how much they love them in return.

Keith: At first, his s/o being like this would trigger fire alarms in his head, since he’d have a hard time knowing how to react to someone being so endearing in the first place. After a while, though, the tint on his cheeks would be very visible despite his efforts not to express too much in front of his s/o, and soon just them looking at him would make his heart jerk, and he’d smile without even realizing it. Kissing his hands would result in Keith becoming a flustered mess, he wouldn’t even try to hide it.

Pidge: Getting compliments from their s/o would definitely end up with Pidge getting butterflies and stuttering just as much as they are. They’d grab their hands whenever they’d get flustered; “[Y/N], you’re blushing again.” But Pidge’s face would be just as red, of course. Catching their s/o staring would make them stiffen and shoot them a sweet smile, and when they’d turn away, it would be Pidge’s turn to stare. They think their s/o is absolutely adorable.

Love Like Super Junior

-Love like Leeteuk, who insists on monitoring all the boys’ individual activities, even though it means that he has to stay up the entire night, he would do so. The next morning, he would call them individually and tell them how they did, and who, during the 2007 car accident, was wounded so badly he couldn’t get up from the roadside, but cried to the medics in the ambulance to go to Kyu first.

-Love like Heechul, who loved Hangeng so much that he got depression after he left SJ, who goes on ferocious rampages when members are attacked or insulted, without even caring how much trouble he’ll get into so long as he stands up against whatever unfortunate creature infuriated him or what it would do to his image as a celebrity.

-Love like Yesung, who never gets angry even though the members (jokingly of course <3) make fun of him because he has the best temperament (but the worst temper once he gets angry). Super Junior is precious to him and he loves the whole group as his family.Who bought his parents a restaurant and an apartment, and then a cafe and apparel store when they weren’t doing so well.

-Love like Kangin, who piggybacked Ryeowook to school when he was too tired from all their practicing.

-Love like Shindong, who lifts the mood for the members through thick and thin.

-Love like Sungmin, who protects his members beautifully.

-Love like Eunhyuk, who’s always the first to cry when members prank other members into believing SJ is breaking up, and who, during the 2007 car accident, ignored his own wounds, ran to Kyu, held his hand and cried and prayed for his younger brother Kyu until and after the ambulance came.

-Love like Donghae, who became a singer for his late father’s dream

-Love like Siwon, who buys bigger shampoo bottles for himself etc. when he found out the members secretly take his, and keeps letting them.

-Love like Ryeowook, who keeps nagging the members to eat when they’re tired and missed meals because of schedules, and cooks and feeds them when they keep refusing.

-Love like Kyuhyun, who is actually impossibly modest when comparing the whole group.

Love like Super Junior, who break down horribly when the members are going one by one to the army, who all wanted to enlist together when Teuk was enlisting because they didn’t want to be parted, who waited together with Wook for the school bus when he was younger because of the ‘scary people there’, who were in states of shock when Kyu was in coma, who received the news about Hae’s father’s passing and cried together, who teared up next to him quietly when Hae was interviewed about it on a show, who teared up when Kyu talked about the accident, who all stopped their packed schedules without warning when the news of Teuk’s father and grandparents’ passing was received and went to the funeral with him, who’s bond is so strong, they can beat any other group in that category.

I’ve left so much out…

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You should make a comic of the Forget-Me-Not book. If that's okay with the creator, I'd love to see it-

It would take an immense amount of time which I currently don`t have, but man would I love to. I`d just give Minu a whole book and be like (in a jokingly manner of course):

“You made me do this.”

Yes, yes...

You guys already know that Sanji asked Nami if she loves him (the only woman in One Piece he bothered to ask that). You also certainly remember that she said yes two times, jokingly of course (but she dodged the question the other two times ^^).

These moments are treated as a gag, and they probably are, but I don’t know if you guys are aware of these heart-shaped bumps:

In Alabasta, Sanji saves everyone and asks Nami if she loves him:

Not long after they escape, Nami hits him and we have this:

In Fishman Island, Sanji teases her again only to receive another yes:

After the battle and the party, when Nami hits him we have this:

The next time Nami answers yes, I predict three heart-shaped bumps. ^^ 

Of course, this could be Oda just making fun of Sanji’s heart-shaped eyes and love motif, but I find the timing rather curious. 

Today, I fucked up... by telescoping behind my apartment complex garage

So tonight me and my roomate decided to break out my telescope and take a look a the Moon, as well as take some pictures. As most of you know, my telescope is very big, roughly 10 inches in diameter, and almost 4 feet long.

We went out to my car, retrieved the telescope and its large mount from the trunk, and went out behind the garage to set up. Our garage is along the railroad tracks; a good dark spot for telescoping. Shortly into our session, we hear some college kids yelling from the balcony. They are saying things like “Is that a canon?”, jokingly of course. We respond jokingly, and don’t think anything else of it.

Fast forward 10 minutes, and all of a sudden a bright light shines on us from the end of the garage stalls. Immediately we hear “Put your hands in the air!”, pretty loudly. We immediately look at each other and start laughing, thinking “Wow, these college kids think they can prank us. That’s pretty illegal. (Impersonating a police officer)” So we are reluctant to obey. Some more shouts come, such as “Put your ******* hands in the air, this is the (Town Name) Police Department!” This time very loudly, again, and sounded like it came from middle aged man. “You’ve got to be kidding me” were both thinking. These kids are going all out with their stupid prank.

I think to respond, and I shout “Are you guys the ones from the balcony?” as I am starting to feel kinda nervous about the whole thing, and start tinkering around with my telescope. They respond with “Stop moving right now! You could be shot!”

At this point I’m actually kind of stressed out. This could be legit, or a group of college punks looking to humiliate us. I don’t want to be humiliated, but by the grace of God, I decide that it wouldn’t hurt to fall for their stupid prank.

We both slowly put our hands somewhat half up, just casually, and start walking a slow pace towards the blinding light. As we approach the light, I quickly realize something is very wrong: I see the outline of an AR-15 pointed right at me, and several figures. Soon we are commanded to turn around, and start walking backwards toward the light. They shout at us to put our hands behind our backs. At this point, my roomate is commanded to walk in a different direction than me, and than we are both asked to kneel.

By now I have completely come to terms with my death. Just kidding, but I have now realized that this is not a joke. There is around 7 police officers, most with large guns and bright lights, and POLICE vests on. One comes up behind me and holds my hands together as I mention “It’s just a telescope, guys.”

No response. He begins to ask me if I have any weapons on me, to which I respond “Just telescope lenses officer. And my keys. And my phone.” I look up and see two cop cars crossing the railroad tracks, moving decently fast. I also notice police officers around my telescope, messing with my stuff yo!

At this point, I think the officers all realized what was actually unfolding. Here I was in my sweatpants, kneeled down in the grass. People are watching out the windows of the apartment. They begin to explain that there was reports of someone wearing a vest with an AR-15, out behind the apartments. I can’t help but start laughing. Once again, I start explaining that I have a very large telescope, and am quick to apologize for not responding promptly and quickly, as we thought it was a prank.

I’m talking to the officer next to me, basically guarding me, and check out his gun and all of his other fancy gear. I can see by the look on his face that he thinks this is absolutely ridiculous. Another officer approaches me, asks for some information, writes it down, and asks me to stand up. He starts apologizing, and walks me back towards my roomate, and back towards the telescope. A few other officers chimed in their apologies. The head officer there asks me a few more questions about the telescope, and than starts apologizing as well. He thanks us for our cooperation, shakes our hands, and they leave.

They honestly did a very good job. Didn’t hear them coming, didn’t see them coming, could not see anything when they shined us, and interrogated us well. I guess next time we hear an authoritative voice yelling at us to stop moving, we should probably do it.

This is the story of how my roommate and I were tactically apprehended by the (Town Name) Police Department, and almost shot, for using a telescope behind the garage.

TLDR: Busted out my massive telescope, joke with college kids, cops surround us, get aimed at in the chest by multiple cops, spill my lens’ all over, everyone goes home shaking their heads

by iBaconized

Check out more TIFUs: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.

That moment when Sebastian Stan scares your dad half to death

Still kinda of mad he got to experience this and I didn’t…

While I was in line to meet Chris Hemsworth my dad was standing behind Seb’s signing table (for those of you who don’t know, WWCC has curtains around the back and sides of their autograph tables) and these girls next to my dad kept peaking through the curtain and stuff to see him. So after they did that a couple times. Seb, that beautiful dork, throws open the curtain, sticks his head out, and yells (jokingly of course) “WHATS GOING ON BACK HERE” and scares the crap out of my dad.

A/N: Hiyeom~ Okay, so I’m not sure whether you mean you’re dating and he isn’t your bias or you’re biffles and he isn’t your bias…so…Imma just go with the dating POV. If that isn’t what you want, then feel free to request again and let me know! :D ~ Admin Silver


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Oh, honey, you should not have told the Sassmaster 5000 that despite him being your boyfriend, he is not your GOT7 bias. He’s gonna judge you so hard, semi-jokingly, of course. He doesn’t really mean anything by it, he just doesn’t comprehend why he’s not you’re bias. I mean, he’s…well…him.
“I’m sorry…what did you say? Mark is your bias? Not…me? Are you okay?”


Originally posted by tuanbutt

There’s a good possibility Mark would fanboy right with you, especially if you tell him your bias is Jackson. He’d get all excited because that means you really like his best friend and now you can all hang out together with no third wheel worries! Yay!
“Really? Jackson is your bias? Not a bad choice. Hey, now we can all go for ice cream and I can hang out with my two favorite people at the same time!”


Originally posted by gotsolucky

Let’s see…Junior might tease you about it when you tell him that JB is actually your bias. He wouldn’t be AS sassy as Jaebum, himself, but Junior would come close. Whenever you’re all hanging out together at the dorm or practice room, he’d bring it up just to bug you.
“So, ___, tell me again why JB is your bias and not me?”


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The second you admit to Jackson that BamBam is your bias, he’d start laughing. He’d ask you if that meant that you preferred JackBam over MarkSon, and then he’d ask you why you ended up biasing BamBam instead of him. He might be a little cranky at first until you tell him once you’re done explaining that BamBam was your bias at first, but you fell for Jackson, himself, as a guy rather than as an idol. Once you’ve told him that, you’d receive a smirk in return.
“Wait, so does this mean you like JackBam? But Markson!!” *gets a little grumpy* “So how come BamBam is your bias? Oh? Then how exactly do you like me?”


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When you tell Youngjae that your favorite member is Junior and not him, he may get a little pouty. But I don’t see him staying that way for long because he knows how you feel for him because of being his girlfriend. He probably wouldn’t mention it any unless you were spending more time with Junior than him during one of your visits.
“Hey, Jinyoung-hyung…I know you’re her favorite and all, but can I have my girlfriend back please?”


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Once BamBam finds out Yugyeom is your favorite instead of him, he’s going to attack you with a barrage of questions as to why Yugyeom is your bias and not him.
“You like Yugyeom better than me? Why? What’s he got?” *you say you like Yugyeom’s dancing* “But I can dance, too! And my aegyo is way better than his. Watch!”


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Yugyeom isn’t going to be too affected when you tell him that your favorite member of his band isn’t him, it’s Youngjae. He’s not worried about any of his hyungs, bias or not, catching your attentions away from him because he knows that they see you as a sister and you only have eyes for him. If anything, he’d probably take it on as a challenge for him to ruin your list (which it totally wasn’t a challenge, you just mentioned the fact in passing).
“Oh really? Youngjae is your bias? Well, we’ll see how long that lasts.”

In 2PM we have...

part 9

The guy who pushed the group to finally make a comeback in 2014, after their two year hiatus since 2012

 Thank you for doing that! <3 

The guy whose ears turn really red when he’s angry

The guy whose ears turn red when he’s nervous (esp. around girls)

The guy who the fans love to banter and bicker with at fan-sign events (jokingly of course)


The guy who visited label mates 2AM at their concert despite his arm injury (he had an arm sling at that time)

The guy who talks in his sleep

Maybe the problem with the world is that we don’t realize that we’re not replaceable. We continue to deal with shit because we think that anyone can take our spot whether it’s at work or with friends that constantly put us down, “jokingly”, of course or maybe it’s even in our relationships. We tend to think that if we voice our opinion they’ll get mad and leave and find someone better, so more often than not we stay quiet. But the thing is no one can replace you. No one can laugh the way you do. The way her eyes light up and crinkle will never compare to the way your body shakes with joy. The girl next to you smiles differently and her smile will never come close to yours. And the boy across the street, he will never be able to tell jokes and make people laugh the way you do. No one can even come remotely close to replacing you, so don’t be afraid to speak your mind and stand up for yourself. You are valuable and you are loved. And no one can replace you.
—  xlittlelazyladyx

I’ve a growing feeling the gorgeous Eileen is really Erza’s sister, especially after this chapter.

She keeps alluding to battles between opposites, even suggesting that her two squad members fight it out to see who was stronger. Jokingly, of course, but there seems to be an underlying tone of competition that seems more like one siblings would share than a mother and daughter would.

Add to that the fact that with the the match up, it is possible she will be facing off against against the Strauss sisters - an example of a sisterly relationship done right - probably to clash against her own with Erza.

One a wee bit similar to the kind Erza and Mirajane once shared too, before Mirajane gave up on magic. 

My Love - a Pietro Maximoff x Reader Story

A/N: Yeahhh, I know. It’s Pietro x Reader, just like everything else. But get used to it, my darlings (used jokingly, of course. I love you), because that’s pretty much what I do.  Also, I used Romanian as the Sokovian language is currently unknown, even though in the story it’s described as Sokovian. Heh. Sorry.

(Y/N)’s POV

    I awoke to a hand running through my hair, and warm arms wrapped around me. My face was buried in someone’s chest. I was warm, and covered in quite possibly the softest sheets I had ever witnessed. They were light blue, and decorated with silver scripty patterns. That reminded me of Pietro. Mmm…

    Then I remembered everything that had brought me here. I remembered everything that had happened at the dinner party, and I remembered the way Pietro had looked at me, and I remembered the way his hand hadn’t left my shoulder. I remembered how bright a blue his eyes had been, in contrast to the dark shade of his jacket. Wanda, of course, had looked fantastic too, but I hadn’t really been paying attention. I had been more focused on the way that Pietro’s hair had fallen against his eyes, veiling the blue in a shelter of wavy blonde tangles.

    More than anything, though, I remembered the softly spoken Sokovian compliments murmured in my ear all through dinner, the gentle brushing of stray locks away from my face, and the way our eyes met in the moonlight, green against black. I understood the modern phrase ‘eye contact,’ now, because it truly was a clashing of wild colours and feelings, meeting in the air above the champagne, and the food, and the talking. It had brought feelings to my mind that were impossible to find words to describe, though Pietro had seemed to find the the perfect ones in Sokovian, and delivered them in such a way that I would never repeat, for they formed perfectly on his tongue, and his alone.

    Yet I still haven’t explained why I was sleeping in his bed.

    Nothing had happened, other than what had happened before: kissing, running fingers through hair, trailing hands against backs, and talking quietly. The only thing different was that I had stayed overnight, and shared a bed with him. And I was in an oversized shirt of his. And his legs were tangled with mine. And he was simply wearing boxers and a t shirt. And, well…okay. It sounded quite a bit worse than it was.

    “Buna dimineata, iubirea.” His voice was deep, raspy, and heavily accented. Is this what he always sounded like in the morning? I wanted to hear this far more often. Though I didn’t understand the words, the meaning was clear. Good Morning.

    “Good morning to you, too,” I replied, running my hand through my blue-black hair. “What time is it?” I asked, turning over to try and find a clock. He glanced behind him at his nightstand, reading it off.

    “10:23 A.M.” He said matter-of-factly. I groaned. He tilted my head up and gave me a questioning look. “Why? What time do you want it to be, dragul meu?”

    “Not this early, that’s for sure.” I replied, sighing. “Wait, what did you call me?” His face turned slightly red.

     "N-nothing.“ He said quickly. I knew little to no Sokovian, and he was trying to teach me, though I’m pretty sure that probably wasn’t the first thing he wanted me to learn.

    "You can tell me, Pietro. I won’t make fun of you.” I replied, brushing a wave of blonde curls away from his face. But alas, a smile was already curling my mouth. He flushed further, glancing out at the door.

    “’Dragul meu’ means…” He started, before smiling nervously and looking down again.

    “Yes?” I led him onward.

    “It means 'my love.’ I’m sorry, it just sort of…slipped out, I guess.” He apologized awkwardly, shifting his eyes away from mine as my mouth opened slightly. Had he really just called me his love?

    “I get it if it’s weird. I’m sorry if it’s too early, or something. I didn’t really mean to, it just was, you know, how I felt. I can understand if you don’t–” he stammered, before I cut him off by pulling him down towards me and kissing him. He made a somewhat surprised noise in the back of his throat, before leaning into me, sliding one hand down to my waist.

    “I love it, Pietro. It isn’t weird. I love it.” I replied, tracing his jaw with my pale fingers. They must have been cold, too, because he shivered and pulled me closer.

           "Și eu te iubesc, draga mea.“ He replied, kissing my head.

    "What did you just say?” I asked.

    “Nothing!” He stammered, all too quickly.

A/N #2: Written to Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years, and I think reading it to that might make it cuter.

Oh, and:

Buna dimineata, iubirea.- Good morning, love.

dragul meu - my love

Și eu te iubesc, draga mea - And I love you, sweetheart.

but just remember yoongi may act stoic but he cares so so deeply for his boys and he may seem “cold and distant” but he’s got the biggest heart and he loves his fans so much and he works the hardest he can for us, just remember min yoongi is a precious bub who says he gets full just by watching the younger members eat and who spends countless hours in a studio perfecting lyrics and who personally makes little gifts for fans and who stands up for his members when he knows they’re uncomfortable/shy

protect and love min yoongi