Man Repeller is hilarious. 

This video is old by internet standards, but it’s cute, so fuck it. 

Case of the Mondays - Comedy. I never thought I would really be moved by it, but I always was. It fuelled a lot of my sense of humour and my interests, but I never really noticed it until the past few years. One of my favourite shows to watch growing up was, Saturday Night Live with Chris Farley, Cheri Oteri, Molly Shannon and Will Farrell. Later, I delved into Seinfeld and constantly watching blooper reels. Bloopers became one of my favourite things ever. Watching my beloved characters crumble from laughter, sometimes was funnier than whatever skit they were trying to get across. 

My love of Seinfeld is enormous, so when Jerry Seinfeld started Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, I was hooked. So hooked to see my hero, shooting the breeze with other comedic heroes of mine. One hero I have is…Tina Fey. What can I say about her, that you already don’t know or haven’t heard. This is my second post about Tina, but seeing her on Jerry’s new web series, makes it different for me. I’ll keep it simple, she’s a genius and made it ok for women to be on the same playing field as men in comedy, alongside Julia Louis-Dreyfus (another epic legend for me). No disrespect to any other female comedians before Tina Fey, I’m just talking about my experience of what I got to see growing up. From the amazing Mom Jeans sketch on SNL to Weekend Update (with Jimmy Fallon) to the fucking incredible 30 Rock, Tina Fey has always made me laugh. Period. Season 1 of 30 Rock blew my mind and I remember rushing over to my friends’ house to re-watch episodes over and over again on their PVR. I was always laughing and blown away at how funny Liz Lemon was and how ridiculous Jack Donaghy was. 

Last week’s episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, showcased Jerry Seinfeld, picking up Tina Fey on the Upper West Side, heading to Floridita in Harlem and hanging out. This episode is funny, but it’s also really endearing. I’ve watched it so many times. Tina’s wit and charm comes across and it always cheers me up, every time I watch it. As you start this week, I hope this episode and the countless others of like it, brings you mad laughs. I love watching her tell jokes…like how her daughter is not cool with her co-stars. I also love, Jerry just letting people know he’s Jewish. 

Happy Monday. 

Tina Fey forever. 

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Case of the Mondays - JIMMY FALLON!

To know me is to know, I love Jimmy Fallon. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon has given me so much happiness over the past 969 shows. I’ve been such a fan from segments with animal joker Jeff Musial to The History of Rap and how can I not mention…Late Night #Hashtags (my personal fave), or the time the cameras kept rolling during commercial breaks - Seinfeld! What a brilliant show and I was lucky enough in 2013, to sit in the studio audience and check it out live. Late Night was hugely successful, taking sketch comedy and celebrities humiliating themselves to a whole another level.  Not to mention, The Roots, countless, amazing musical artists - Beastie Boys, The Muppets! and Jimmy being his funny self

Tonight, February 17, 2014 marks Jimmy Fallon’s takeover from Jay Leno for the Tonight Show hosting spot. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, also marks its return to New York City. 

Given how funny Jimmy is (remember him playing Sting on SNL, or Seinfeld?), he’s become such a comedy legend and hero of mine. 

Tonight, tune in for the first episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, 11:35pm EST on NBC

I want to edit this show! Hi Jimmy…

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Case of the Mondays - Comedic Timing. 

Better late than never! I hope Tuesday is amazing for you. I was thinking about timing…and nothing is better than comedic timing, especially when POTUS Barack Obama schools Zach Galifinakis. 

Happy Mondays and keep laughing!