some1: warning the deadpool movie is bad it has violent themes!

me: its rated R

some1: it has rape jokes

me: idek if thats true but its rated R

some1: it has a gross puke scene

me: its rated R

some1: its very sexual stay safe!!


now stop trying to be all fking “PC” over a fking rated R movie , you wet cottonball

someone: lmao komaeda is trash right

me externally: Yeah haha bring on the garbage jokes

me internally: do you realize what this child has been through he literally saw his parents die in front of him and blames himself partially for it because of his luck like can you imagine what that does to a person no one in his entire life has ever been friends with him and the ones that did probably had something terrible happen to them bc of his luck, bc of this he has an intense self loathing complex that is only increased by his society’s focus on talent that he doesn’t believe he has, he wants to be useful and viewed as important in the world so bad when he sees a chance to become what he believes in shsl hope after death by eliminating the remnants of despair (which a lot of other people agree with in this world buddy) and himself he does it almost without hesitation, the only reason he hesitates at all is bc he’s attached to who he believes is his first real friend that he loved who also rarely thinks of him at all after his death and u have the audacity to call this child trash even as a joke he deserves better

me externally: lmao he can sleep in the can tonight where he belongs

someone: lmao

me internally: I hate myself I need to stand up for this child

straight person: im always self concious when people make straight jokes

me, a queer: im always afraid to hold my partners hand while walking in the city bc we might be beaten up by a group of people or even murdered lol

The Girl Who Lived

wow, okay, firstly Clara Oswald…those year sevens can cope fine without you. your husband cannot. get the fuck back in the TARDIS where you belong

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and ashieldr the nightmare me…badass highwayman having the adventures

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timey wimey curo-scanner

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Me lost a baby…

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“how many Claras, Doctor?”

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Twelve babysitting ashieldr Me :3

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where is my whouffaldi loving?

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ahh, dick jokes

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oh my god the rift suspense and Me’s realisation

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CLARA’S BACK! seriously, spend more time away (but not too long, mind) because that conversation was sizzling with sexual tension, amirite?

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but then…

“Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.” and that motherfucking look

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overall: not the strongest episode of the series but it gave us a glimpse of life without Clara…not sure how I feel about that yet