jokes that were probably made last summer

Teen wolf 6A was not a good season!

Reasons include:
1) Stydia. Enough said already, but they are not the cute couple that is goals. Lydia in season 5 literally attempts to break out of Eichen house to save Malia, but then cries and does nothing all throughout season 6 and rolls her eyes when Malia attempts to remember Stiles, and don’t even get me started on season 6 Stiles and the lack of an apology from him to Malia, I mean that is so OOC. And all those scenes and relating back to that kiss in Season 3? What the hell? That could’ve killed him!
2) No Kira- Where the hell she at? She is a beautiful character, who would’ve fit in so nicely with the Ghost riders as surprise they use storms to get around. What do storms have? Thunder and lightning. What is Kira? A thunder kitsune. She would’ve been a great addition to the Series. Had it not been for the “Stydia is Teen wolf relationship goals we probably could of had an appearance(s)
3) Peter Hale & Theo Raeken- What did they have to do with the story. Absolutely nothing, but let’s add them anyway. What were they even there for? We got nothing from them and lost some potentially good storyline on them and this brings me to my fourth reason
4) The disrespect of Malia- I’m not going to lie, she is my absolute favourite character, however the disrespect that she was given. Not only does she have to go to summer school, they had to play that joke one last time at her expense, they made her relate to Peter. We all know that she is a Tate. Malia HALE is a not existent I don’t care how many people say that, you do not truly care about Malia if you want her to be a Hale and relate to Peter. And to add I swear to god if they add Maleo I will shank a bitch.
5) The loss of character development- In my opinion this is the worst point. Not only did Lydia go from a snake, popular cliche girl to a compassionate young women whom would do anything to her friend, where we left off in season 5 that she was interested In Parrish, and Stiles who went from unhealthily stalking Lydia to having a healthy relationship to Malia, break all their character development and go back to being Season 1 character. Look season 5 Lydia straight in the eyes and tell me that she would want to date Stiles. She wouldn’t because it’d hurt Malia. What happened to this? You can add to this if you want
To conclude season 6 of teen wolf really made me dislike certain aspects of the entire show. I don’t look at Stiles or Lydia as the same. To me Stiles is a fuckboy who used Malia when he wanted to be with Lydia and honestly Lydia isn’t as bad as she made the conscious decision not to be with him but what the fuck happened? Anyway I really hope teen wolf 6b changes some things *cough cough* Stydia* But it looks unlikely, all they seem to be interested in is boring us with Stydia and making us gag at those ugly kissing scenes. By the looks of it their trapping Malia in beacon hills and making her watch Stydia, much like how they’re trapping us with watching the last ten episodes and watch Stydia. I don’t hate Lydia or Stiles I just hate season 6 and the way that they abused all the characters. Jeff Davis fix your show for the last teen episodes