jokes that everyone has probably made by now

honestly its about time i made a post like this?? excuse me for the long post but feel free to give it a read.

i just wanna start off by saying: thank you. literally, thank you, everyone. no amount of “thank you”s though could probably express how exactly i feel.

over these past weeks-and-a-month or so, i’ve made more friends and received more support than i ever could have thought imaginable. i know the tag has its ups and downs, believe me, ive been here for months now. but, i gotta say theres far more positives than negatives. i believe each and everyone of you thats apart of this community is bound for great things, and it shows! to come on every day and see everyone’s art and writings and jokes is wonderful, and the friends ive made and people ive interacted with just make the whole thing even better.

sure i might sound like a sap and, yes, im crying while writing this, but i really do mean it. to have this kind of support and friends to talk to each day means the world to me, and i hope everyone succeeds with whatever goals they might have.

once again, i just gotta thank everyone. really.