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Jackson as your boyfriend

When you reunite.

During a tour or when you are in a long-distance relationship, you hardly get so see each other. Even though you keep close contact via video chats and texts, it’s never the same than having Jackson there with you.

Whenever you visit each other you can hardly contain yourself at the airport after being apart for months.


“I’ve missed you so much! You’re still as beautiful as the last time.”

“Have you become prettier, jagi? How is that possible?”

“You’ve been taking care of yourself while I was away, right? You’ve eaten and slept well?”

“I’m home now, babe.”

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When you fool around.

Jackson is a very energetic, bright and positive person and his behaviour is contagious, as is his smile and his laugh. Sometimes his good vibes rub off of you and you two start joking and fooling around.

“Ring, ring, ring, banana phone!”

*shoe as speaker* “Can you bring me a sneakers? I’m really hungry jagiya.”

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When you visit him on set.

You love Jackson as much as you love his job as an idol and his fellow members. You support him the best you can by giving him space when he’s got a lot to do and being there for him as things aren’t always easy.

You like to show your support by showing up at fansigns or on set and bring homemade food for the boys and your boyfriend.

“AH! You could actually make it, baby? You’re came!”

“Welcome! Do you want to say hi to the others? They’re excited you’re here!”

“Oh, you made a lunchbox? For me? Aww, thank you baby, I love you!”

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When he’s jealous.

Jackson loves you a lot and is very protective over you and only wants the best for you. He can get jealous when he sees other men looking at you for too long when you’re out in the city together.

“Who is he?”

“What is he saying to Y/N?”

“Are you comfortable with him, jagi? Are you sure?”

“I’ll make him go away.”

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When he wants your attention.

Your boyfriend can be very clingy at times and just wants  to spend time with you, cuddle and kiss and hold you, because you’re his and he loves you.

He wants you to pay attention to him when he feels left out and he shows that in a lot of different ways.

“Hey, baby, look. I’m going to the gym more frequently. Can you see it?”

“My arms are getting bigger, right? I’m gaining muscle.”

“Do you know how much I can lift now? Take a guess.”

“Jagiya~ Come here, I want to hold you.”

“Let’s cuddle.”

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When you video chat.

Dating an idol comes with a lot of challenges, one of them being apart for far too long. Although Jackson takes his job seriously and wants to improve his perfomances for fans, he still wants to be attentive towards you and wants to pay as much attention to you as he does to his passion.

He calls you as much as possible, almost every night when he’s away and sends you all kinds of texts and every time of the day to ask how you are and if you’re doing okay or to tell you some funny stories of the members backstage or on set.

“Hello, babe. How are you? How was your day?”

“You won’t believe what happened today! I really think Jinyoung will kill Yugyeom one of these days. I’m worried.”

“Did something funny happen at work today, baby? Tell me, I want to know.”

“Why? Why are you laughing? Do I look funny? Did I do something? What?”

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When he acts cute for you.

“Don’t you love your cute boyfriend Y/N?”

“Jackson is hungry~ You should feed him.”

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When he flirts with you.

He knows how flustered or embarrassed you can get when he does some bold moves or says something. He loves to watch your reaction and to see how much you affect him when he flirts.


*licks lips*

*bites lip*

*brushes hair back with hand while staring at you*

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When he seduces you.

“Come here baby.”

“I want to show you a good time.”

“I want you.”

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Tumblr user 1: “Haha look at this extremely annoying and unfunny joke that I will post all day.”

Tumblr user 2: “You are all fools. I am going to make 37 posts about how stupid you all are.”

You’re the head of a software conglomerate, and as an April Fool’s joke you updated your TOS to include a clause that grants you sole ownership over the users’ souls. Upon your death you find that the clause was binding, and you’re in possession of thousands of extra souls.


( because the world needs more salt && complications. feel free to change up the context or pronouns! )

❛❛ No. No, no, no — you really don’t want me as a soulmate. ❜❜
❛❛ So, you’re the unfortunate soul stuck with me. ❜❜
❛❛ Can we just - forget about this? ❜❜
❛❛ We’re not meant for each other. Trust me. ❜❜
❛❛ You’re my soulmate? Wow - talk about a let-down. ❜❜
❛❛ We were only supposed to be friends. ❜❜
❛❛ Something’s wrong with this shit system. We are not soulmates! ❜❜
❛❛ How is that I love them more, when you’re my soulmate? ❜❜
❛❛ I know how you look at him - even though you’re not his. ❜❜
❛❛ Please, believe me. You are not my soulmate. You can’t be. ❜❜
❛❛ I don’t want a soulmate. ❜❜
❛❛ Find someone else - I don’t need this in my life. ❜❜
❛❛ No way - I can’t have TWO soulmates. ❜❜
❛❛ I’m not very good with commitment, or soulmates, or love. ❜❜
❛❛ Oh - this. This is a joke. Very funny. You can call April Fools now. ❜❜
❛❛ I’m not good enough for you. This is wrong. ❜❜
❛❛ Life is cruel, huh? Pairing us together like this. ❜❜
❛❛ To think we were fated to grow old together makes my stomach turn. ❜❜
❛❛ Why is fate such a bitch? Why are you a bitch? ❜❜
❛❛ This wasn’t supposed to be real. It was a joke. ❜❜
❛❛ I don’t know what’s worse. The fact you love them, or the fact I love you. ❜❜
❛❛ I’m not suddenly trusting you with my heart! Or anything! ❜❜
❛❛ I wish I could clean this mark off with some fate-Windex or something. ❜❜
❛❛ Scary, right? Tied to a person you might not even know. ❜❜
❛❛ I can’t trust you to love me. Not fully. ❜❜
❛❛ We weren’t supposed to fall in love like this. ❜❜
❛❛ I’m going to be frank, && say I have zero attraction to you. So this is a mistake. ❜❜
❛❛ We’re rivals. Not soulmates. We’re supposed to be at each other’s throats. ❜❜
❛❛ Things were better before this stupid mark, & stupid fate. ❜❜
❛❛ I’ve tried. You can’t cut the string. I’ve tried, trust me, I’ve tried. ❜❜
❛❛ This mark. It appeared this morning. I don’t want it - I. Don’t. Want. It. ❜❜    

Sent me a jjba stand name!

Star Platinum – Your thoughts on the stars?

Magician’s Red – Do you know any magic tricks?

Hermit Purple – Show a photo of yourself!

Hierophant Green – What’s your favourite shade of green?

Silver Chariot (Requiem) – How much sleep do you need on average?

The Fool – Tell us a joke!

The World -  A place you want to visit?

Crazy Diamond – What do you treasure the most?

The Hand – Do you like your hands?

Echoes – Your favourite sound?

Heaven’s Door – Share a secret!

Killer Queen – How would you like to die?

Bad Company – What kind of character trades do you dislike?

Red Hot Chili Pepper – Can you handle spicy food?

The Lock – Anything you feel guilty about right now?

Love Deluxe – Are you secretly in love with someone right now?

Pearl Jam – Your signature dish?

Achtung Baby – Do you want kids?

Harvest – Do you pick up coins in from the street?

Cinderella – Which part of your body do you like the most?

Atom Heart Father – How is your relationship with your father?

Enigma – What is puzzling you currently?

Earth Wind and Fire – What’s the best classical element?

Stray Cat – Cats or dogs?

Gold Experience – A precious experience you have not shared with your followers?

Sticky Fingers – Zippers or buttons?

Moody Blues – A song that makes you sad?

Sex Pistols – Have you ever shot a gun or riffle?

Aerosmith – Are you afraid of flights?

Purple Haze – What makes you really anrgy?

Spice Girl – Your favourite spice?

King Crimson – Is it possible to predict the future?

Black Sabbath – How easily do you trust people?

Man in the Mirror – Do you like looking into the mirror?

Beach Boy – Have you ever been fishing?

The Grateful Dead – What do you want to be remembered for?

White Album – Your favourite CD?

Talking Head – Are you a good liar?

Baby Face – Your thought on babies?

Metallica – Do you like listening to metal?

Green Day – Ideal way to spend a day off?

Oasis – Best place for a holiday?

Stone Free – Are you a indoor or outdoor person?

Kiss – Who would you like to kiss or get a kiss from?

Burning Down the House – Ever destroyed something and then regretted it?

Foo Fighters – Your favourite drink?

Diverdown – Your thoughts on diving?

C-Moon – What would you do for your friend’s sake?

MadeinHeaven – What do you believe happens after you died?

Weather Report – Your favourite weather?

Whitesnake – Your thoughts on snakes/reptiles?

Tusk – Tea or coffee?

Ball Breaker – Your favourite ball game?

Oh! Lonesome Me – Do you feel lonely right now?

Scary Monsters – Your favourite dinosaur?

Cream Starter – Do you usually wear make up?

Catch the Rainbow – Your favourite colour in the rainbow?

Ticket to Ride – What was the last ticket you bought for?

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap – Do you believe in the multiverse?

In a Silent Way – Do you enjoy complete silence?

Soft & Wet – Shower or bath?

Paisley Park – How good are you with reading maps/directions?

Nut King Call – How good are you at assembling/constructing things like Ikea furniture?

Paper Moon King – Can you do any origami?

King Nothing – Your favourite smell?

BornThisWay – A strange habit you have?

Les Feulies – Your favourite plant?

Fun Fun Fun – Something you really enjoy doing?

California King Bed – What size is your bed?

(add more stands/questions if you like)

mister13eyond  asked:

the idea originated from a friend, but.... zenyatta is a gentle prankster. he totally gets genji early on in their mentor/student relationship by putting a whoopee cushion under his meditation pillow. and he's excited because he could never pull that on mondatta as mondatta just.... floated above his meditation pillow......

He is VERY proud and proceeds to tell everyone about this LOL

【ARIKA】Fighting EX Layer - Kazunoko(GARUDA) vs. Akira Nishitani / NIN(KAIRI) - プロゲーマー・かずのこ vs. ストリートファイターIIの生みの親であり現株式会社アリカ代表取締役社長・西谷亮

So just in case you missed the memo, Arika’s April Fools joke is actually a Real Game That Exists (in very early nameless tech demo state) and they’ve been streaming it for the past few hours

So in overwatch, their April fools joke is that if you play Reinhardt and talk in the general chat, it adds on a Reinhardt quote in capitals and exclamation points to the end of it lmao

So imagine my surprise when I said ’ I got u bb’ to someone I saved from road hogs hook by charging him and it came out like ‘I got u bb. I AM THE ULTIMATE CRUSHING MACHINE!!!!