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Television: A joke about TV.

The Flash scales ten spots to No. 7 after the debut of its musical episode.
RuPaul’s Drag Race (No. 12) lip syncs for its life and returns for the first time since October.

Movies: Something witty about film.

☆ We see London, we see France, we see Captain Underpants debut at No. 6.
⬇︎ The excitement behind The Lego Batman Movie (No. 14) is crumbling like so many neglected Lego structures.

Music: Referencing one or both entities below.

Gorillaz made a giant, silverback seventeen-rank jump to No. 1.
☆ Last week, Tumblr mourned the fourth anniversary of My Chemical Romance’s (No. 12) disbanding.

Celebrities: Famous people are regular, like us.

Meryl Streep returns to No. 8. Sing it out loud if you know why.  
Darren Criss is back at No. 17 thanks to The Flash.

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Games: Observational humor surrounding video games.

Splatoon 2 debuts at No. 18 after a Global Testfire took place over the weekend.
⬇︎ The sun has nearly set on Horizon Zero Dawn. It’s hanging in at No. 20.

Web stuff: The last section.

The Adventure Zone hopped up to No. 1 after the newest episode was released.
⬇︎ JonTron, seemingly intent on saying the most offensive thing at any given time, falls ten to No. 13.


hamlet - Today at 6:35 PM 
i feel   like misas a pimple popper. thsi isnt important but on the topic of weird habits 
like other peopless pimples. she offers. its domesticality. romance. 

ducklington - Today at 6:38 PM
during yotsuba arc fucking misa and light are hanging out and L is just chillin and misa fucking. just shocks them all by going “hey light you need to wash your face better while youre here youre breaking out” and just fucking. DOES THAT

hamlet - Today at 7:04 PM
misa: can i scoop out this blackhead. its gross
light: i dont have those
misa: you do! im looking at them RIGHT now
L, looking into the camera like hes in the office and mouthing Kira


I couldn’t wait to tell you this.


the good wife + zodiac signs


He’s back!

teen titans go is a joke


Eye on the Skullship S1ep76, featuring Andy’s touching interview with his stalwart cameraman Bean, remains a fan favorite.