jokes i don't think this is considered art

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Ok ok so you've had Shiro with Jason, Allura with Kori, now I must know who you'd draw with Roy. I feel like both Keith and Lance could match with Roy pretty well personality-wise, but I truly just don't know and want to know what you think!

i agree with both of these ideas but have you considered this

(but yeah i would also die for him to talk with Lance about sharpshooter stuff and exchange terrible jokes for hours)

It was about time for me to draw this handsome boi. The cute Penny is saying “Eu moido”, which is a cute version of “Eu mordo”. Translating to English is “I bite”. It’s just a Brazilian joke that I think works very well with Penny.

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those sisters

this was originally a silly joke but then I considered removing the funny part, and maybe it’s more ambiguous now!

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you really like when people portray Chara as The Devil™ don't you (welp it's evident)

ok but I don’t think you’ve considered the joke potential here

I even found a red pen just for you, Anon-kun!~

[ I answered this seriously too, but jokes are more important. ]