zweivent calendar started on the livejournals! guess I’ll put it here, too. (or the non-gift pieces, anyway.)

[December 1st] [JOKERSDAY]

pic 1: had my Billy Shepard in mind when I came up with the idea for this piece originally, but tried to make it a bit ambiguous as to who was in the photo with Joker in the pic/who Joker was mourning (mainly via a Nonsensical Photo Highlight of Ambiguity), for all your mourning-the-dead-between-games-with-alcoholic-eggnog-and-a-tiny-christmas-tree-and-basically-symbolic-present needs. :V
pic 2: and to lighten the mood back up, tiny!Jokers sledding with the robo-doggy. this cannot possibly go wrong.

@Joker891219Junnie, JunCoke, YongJun, YongPali, Junnie poh, PikaJun,Junhyung, J O K E R; ¡Feliz Cumplea~os! Hace 23 anios naciste ti tan adorable y ahora tan sensualon, hermoso, talentoso, perfecto. Te amo coso hermoso. Todo de ti es tan asafssad. Te admiro, tu pasion por la musica, algun dia quiero ser como Yong producer. Algun dia quiero ser como tu. Tal vez este celosa de Hara, pero mientras tu seas feliz yo lo sere. Te deseo lo mejor y te adoro. Brindemos con unas cokes. Psd: Mi Joker. Joker Joker desde que te conoci siempre te quice preguntar Why so serious? #JokersDay #Junhyung