jokers in the pack

JOKER fangirl starter pack:

  • red lipstick
  • an insatiable urge to write HA HA HA on other people’s belongings
  • playing cards; it is ideal that you carry them in your purse at all times
  • green temporary hair spray
  • a rubber chicken filled with cement
  • jokes that you don’t realize are inappropriate until after you’ve already told them and everyone else looks uncomfortable; laugh anyway
  • purple clothes
  •  a fondness for women in tight pants 
  • a switchblade; you are welcome to use it as a fashion accessory
  • a whoopie cushion 
  • a photograph of Batman defaced to look like Groucho Marx 
  • a mirror to daily worship your own reflection
  • pie

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So how would all of them panthom thieves react if their S/O ( a persona user too) got hurt for protceting them against a very porwerful shadow (like jumping in front attack meant for them) ?

That shadow would not live to see another second. I didn’t include Crow because he’s technically not a Phantom Thief, but if you want him added, let me know! Thank you for the ask!

Edit: I forgot to add gifs because I’m a big dummy, so here’s the revision!


  • This would be the one time he loses his composure. He would immediately heal them but he would break out in a cold sweat while doing so. The rest of the team covers for him while he patches up their wound. He would not hesitate to issue an order to switch them out with someone else, even if they still wanted to fight.
  • Joker silently faces the shadow, and if the look in his eyes didn’t kill it then his most powerful attacks will have to do the job.
  • He becomes more reckless trying to ensure that the shadow suffers a hundred times the amount of pain that s/o did. He forgets to heal himself so that’s left up to the rest of the team.
  • The battle’s over shortly, and he hastily rushes over to their side.
  • “Are you all right?”
  • They reassure him that they’re fine, and he nods in response. The team is exhausted, so everyone decides to pack up and head home. Joker doesn’t take his eyes off his s/o for the entirety of the trip back to reality, and then he escorts them to Leblanc for some coffee.
  • “Thank you, by the way.” He sets the freshly brewed coffee in front of them. “And I’m sorry. As the leader I’m supposed to protect my teammates, and I failed.”
  • “Even you can’t do everything by yourself,” they said. “Let us protect you once in a while.”
  • Akira smiled sweetly and nodded. He never once left their side until he reluctanly had to send them home.


  • He was taken by surprise when they shoved him out of the way. He was even more speechless as he watched them hit the ground with so much force. He abruptly rushes over, and his panic causes him to trip over himself as he desperately tries to approach them. 
  • “You okay?! Say somethin’, dammit!”
  • He fumbles around his pockets for healing items and practically jams a Muscle Drink down their throat. Once he’s sure they’re okay he returns to battle, more violent than ever.
  • “You son of a bitch!”
  • The blows from a shotgun, accompanied by Skull’s profane shouting, reverberated throughout the room. After the battle, he’s at their side in an instant and helping them stand.
  • “Don’t do somethin’ so reckless ever again. ‘Kay?”
  • His arm is pasted around them for the rest of the journey home.


  • She was fuming when they suddenly pushed her to the ground.
  • “Hey! What gives?!”
  • She noticed the gash on their chest and felt all the color drain from her face.
  • “Oh my god…”
  • Ignoring everything else, she crouches down to her s/o and utilizes Carmen’s healing ability. She strokes their cheek and silently trudges back to battle.
  • “…Carmen.” 
  • The shadow is engulfed in powerful flames, and it doesn’t take long until it disintegrates from the scalding licks of fire. Panther then dashes to her now standing s/o, their mouth agape as they stared at her in awe.
  • “What?” Panther asks, a faint blush creeping on her cheeks.
  • “That was really hot,” they replied.
  • Panther retaliated with a light smack on their shoulder and then proceeded to pout.
  • “It’s not funny! You really had me worried!”
  • Regardless of her ‘anger’, Panther still laced her fingers with her s/o’s, and the two regrouped with their fellow thieves.


  • Fox would be severely injured at this rate. His agility was second to none but the blows he did receive were potent. Just as the shadow was ready to strike again, Fox felt a pair of hands shove him away, and by the time he turned around to observe what happened his s/o was already unconscious on the ground.
  • “No!”
  • The shadow was relentless as it struck at Fox yet again. In the blink of eye, the shadow fell to the ground. Slowly, Fox turned to the helpless shadow that was now pleading for its life. A sadistic grin tugged at the corners of Fox’s lips.
  • “And the curtain falls.”
  • When he sheathed his katana the shadow dissipated, and the battle was over. Fox heard coughing behind him and redirected his attention back toward his s/o. He threw himself to the ground next to them and held them in his arms.
  • “Are you all right?”
  • They nodded weakly.
  • “That was very foolish of you. How could you be so careless?” They dropped their head apologetically. Fox sighed.
  • “I apologize as well. Had it not been for my own impetuousness you would not have needed to shield me.”
  • His s/o took Fox’s free hand and kissed it. “Don’t be sorry, I wanted to protect you.” They glanced over at the nearby sketchbook.
  • Fox followed their gaze and eyed his drawing. 
  • “Perhaps we should take our art study ‘date’ to a more secure location.”


  • Even though Queen was tough as nails, she wasn’t invulnerable. She had become fatigued from using so much energy and her movements became slower. If she suffered a critical hit, she wasn’t sure if she could muster enough energy to heal herself. 
  • As the shadow swung at her, she saw her s/o leap right in front of her. The impact was enough to knock the couple down. 
  • Queen pried herself out from under her s/o to get a better look at their injuries. They weren’t fatal, but they weren’t exactly minor either. Queen manifested first aid from her pocket and gently assisted her s/o while the sounds of battle echoed behind her. She stood up as soon as she finished.
  • “Wait here. I need to take care of something first.”
  •  S/o grabbed Queen’s wrist and rose. “I’m coming too.”
  • “Don’t be ridiculous. You’re staying here.”
  • “Please,” s/o pleaded.
  • Queen hesitated for a moment before averting her gaze from them and abruptly summoning Johanna.
  • “Hop on.”
  • S/o smiled and did as they were told. Even though they were still wounded, they could still operate their gun. They squeezed Queen’s waist.
  • “Ready when you are… my Queen.”
  • She felt her face heat up upon hearing the nickname. 
  • “Charge, Johanna!”
  • Their teammates jumped out of the way as the duo approached the shadow, the sound of gunshots ringing in their ears. Their combo attack had defeated the weakened shadow. A moment of silence followed.
  • “Damn…” Skull’s voice pierced through the quiet. “Those two are scary.”


  • It was just their luck to encounter a flying shadow. The beast kept swatting at Necronomicon instead of paying attention to the thieves that were on the ground shooting bullets at it. The shadow finally managed to land a hit, and both the Persona and its inhabitant crashed to the ground.
  • Necronomicon faded away, leaving an exposed and vulnerable Oracle. The shadow procured its claws and was getting ready to swing. Oracle feebly attempted to shield herself, but the impact never came.
  • “Huh? Is it game over?” 
  • She dropped her arms to discover her s/o clutching their stomach, blood painted all over their thief outfit.
  • “N-no… hang on, I can fix this! Mona, take over for me!” 
  • Oracle once again summoned her Persona and briskly tapped away on the keyboard-like holograph. S/o had collapsed at this point, and they were gradually losing consciousness.
  • “Okay! That should do the trick. I’ll talk to you later.”
  • A wave of tranquility overcame s/o, and their broken skin had started to converge. Their attire had also repaired itself.
  • After the Phantom Thieves crushed their opponent, Oracle sped over to her newly revitalized s/o.
  • “I’m really sorry! You almost died because of me,” she said, her voice laden with guilt.
  • “You saved my life, Oracle. Thank you.”
  • They patted the hacker on the top of her head.
  • “E-eep! N-now I feel like I’m gonna die!” Oracle exclaimed with a face as red as her hair.


  • Noir had become quite accustomed to battle. However, she had her weaknesses too. The enemy hit her with a nuclear attack, and she instantly hit the ground with a cry of pain. Just as the shadow launched another nuclear attack at her, s/o swiftly hurled themself at the incoming fatality. They were brought to their knees. 
  • The shadow reared back once more to deliver the final hit. Dazed, Noir gathered the last portion of her strength.
  • “Milady!”
  • The Persona manifested, and the guns beneath her skirt fired instantaneously and brutally. When the shadow gave way and collided with the floor, it started to offer money and goods in exchange for its life.
  • Noir advanced toward it, dragging her ax behind her. 
  • “I will take… your life.”
  • She swung her ax down and split the shadow in two, causing it to fracture and turn to dust. Noir composed herself again, adjusted her hat, and made her way to her savior.
  • “Are you all right, my dear? You must be more careful.”
  • She wore a slight pout on her lips. S/o couldn’t help but grin. They procured a used Bead from their pocket and flaunted it as if it were a trophy.
  • “I had it covered,” they stated, provoking a sigh from Noir.
  • “You are quite the handful… but I’m glad that you’re safe. Thank you for saving me.”
  • Noir smiled bashfully, and s/o brought their forehead to hers, ignoring the gagging sounds that the rest of the group were producing. How could someone so cute simultaneously be so dangerous?

Joker Imagine - Singer Shot

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Your P.O.V.

The club was packed with people, once again. I was happy that Joker’s club was so successful. It was Saturday and we were here after a heist gone well. He was wearing his golden jewelry, a white button up and a fancy red jacket. I was in a body hugging short black dress with red lace on it. Things were pretty great.

J’s hand was on my thigh and I smiled because I enjoyed his touch. ‘’The music is bullshit’’ He growled suddenly. I hadn’t even listened to the live singer. I decided to listen and I realized he was right. Some brunette woman stood on the scene in a white glittery dress. Her pink lips were moving and letting out sound that hurt my ears. 

‘‘You’re right J’‘ I muttered and looked at the woman, sneering. J chuckled and looked at me closely. ‘‘You should go there’‘ He told me. At first I thought he was joking, since he was the Joker. But the look he gave me let me know he was serious. ‘‘Oh Puddin ya know I can’t sing’‘ I laughed nervously. He clenched his jaw and let go of me. Then he whistled and pointed at the singer, telling her to go. The music stopped and she ran off, embarrassed or scared, perhaps both.

‘‘Go on kitten’‘ He purred to me. I couldn’t just sit here, so I did as told. All eyes were on me as I nervously walked to the stage. The lights shone on J so I decided to focus on him. I grabbed the microphone and looked at the man who played the karaokes. ‘‘W-what do you want to sing?’’ He stuttered, obviously afraid of the queen of madness and Gotham. It gave me a little confidence.

‘‘Mad Hatter’‘ I said and looked at my boyfriend. He was looking at me very intensely while holding his purple cane. ‘‘By Melanie Martinez’‘ I added and then took a deep breath. The music started playing and I got ready to sing. 

‘‘My friends don’t walk they run..’‘ I started to sing. My muscles were tense and I was really nervous but I kept going. Somehow it wasn’t as bad as I thought. J grinned, flashing me his beautiful smile. I sang more and then forgot the audience, almost entirely. I focused just on J, no one else.

‘‘Where is my prescription? Doctor doctor please listen..’‘ I sang more confidently by now. Everything was fine. Damn, I even had fun. ‘’So what if I’m crazy, the be-’‘ I got to the higher parts. I shut my eyes and tried to sing, but it was cut short. I tried to make a noise, but I couldn’t breathe. The music had been so loud but now everything was dead silent. I opened my eyes and that’s when I felt a stinging pain in my abdomen.

I inhaled sharply and then looked down, seeing blood. A lot of blood. It was running down my legs but most of it squirted out of my abdomen. My trembling hands touched the wound and I felt the warmth of the blood. I was so shocked. Everything happened so fast and I wasn’t even sure what happened. Then I collapsed on the stage,  spasming in pain.

The silence disappeared in gunshots. I heard multiple gunshots and people screaming. I tried to move my head weakly so I could see, but the pain had made me too weak. I could barely keep my eyes open. I was scared. What if I’d die?

I wasn’t sure how much time passed but suddenly J was by my side. He pressed his shirt against my abdomen and he looked quite mad. He had blood splatters on his pale skin, but God knows whose. His mouth was moving but I couldn’t make any sense of his words. I was in so much pain that it was impossible to focus on anything else. All I knew was that I was shot and J tried to tell me something.

‘‘Y/N!’‘ He yelled my name. For some reason, his voice got clearer. I tried to breathe, but it was hard. I had no idea what to do. ‘‘Breathe, goddamnit’‘ J growled at me.Oh, if he knew that I was trying. ‘‘Boss’‘ Another deep voice said. J didn’t even budge. He looked like he could kill, yet he was trying to keep me alive.

The thought of dying now and never seeing him again made me sad. I was crying, of course but now I noticed it. I tried to move my hand on his but it took a lot of strength. ‘’I..l-love you’’ I muttered, not sure if he heard me. Luckily, he did. He stared at me in disbelief. ‘’Don’t you fucking dare to die Y/N’’ J told me so angrily it almost scared me.

I finally found his hand and I held onto it. Then I coughed up blood. It hurt to cough because I had to use my stomach muscles. It made me dizzy. ‘’Y/N! No, you’re not going to die!’’ J yelled loudly. I wish I could have kept my eyes open but they got heavier every second. Soon, I was only seeing dark. I heard J’s muffled voice and my own heart beat. It started beating slower and the pain almost faded.

Everything faded.

/Author’s Note: This was requested. I’m not sure if there will be a part 2 which would give the answer to the ending. Do you die or stay alive? Who shot you? Why?

  • someone: [brings up the possibility of lego joker becoming the new onceler]
  • me: [rapidly packing my bags and making my way out the door] no. nope. i will not be on this wreck if it goes down. im leaving the internet, my home, the country, the planet, the entire fucking solar system. if you need me i'll be over in the andromeda galaxy starting up a lovely little space farming business
Joker Imagine - Stone Cold /PART 2

Part 1 is here *click me*

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Your P.O.V.

*2 weeks later*

Harley Quinn was gone, she just vanished. Since I was so fed up with my feelings I had actually told Batman where Joker and Harley were. Why? I was so angry. I hoped that Batsy could separate those two and my dreams came true. Now Joker was free and Harley was somewhere far away. But I knew she wasn’t in Arkham, so Batsy had to take her far away. I was happy.

But Joker was probably sad. I tried not to care. After all this all helped me to rethink my life choices and make me who I am now. A smile spread on my face as I realized how powerful I had become. The same night Joker broke my heart, something happened in my head. I just lost it. Let’s just say that Gotham has a new villain. I wasn’t just Y/N anymore, no..the city had decided to call me the Dark Angel. I was living a normal life during day so I only showed myself at night. It’s like I never slept, but I took power naps. Dark stood for evil, because it was obvious I wasn’t a hero like Batman. Angel had more to do with my outfit.

I wore a black body with a black tutu skirt with white underneath and a white ribbon around my waist. I had lacy pantyhoses, white boots with ribbons, black angel wings that actually did something else than make my outfit look pretty. Also I wore a golden mask with white details to try my best to hide my identity. I kept some toys like guns and knives under my skirt. Personally I loved my outfit. Since I wasn’t stupid, like many other people in city, I wore simple white gloves so I wouldn’t leave fingerprints. My gun wasn’t trackable since it’s the one Joker once gave to me.

Knowing that it would be hard to catch me made me happy. This fear I caused in Gotham pleased my mind and I knew I was way under the line of ‘normal’. I was fucking crazy and I accepted it. I wanted to show Joker what he was missing. It was the fuel to my motivation, him.It was all thanks to Joker. 

I wonder if he knew that the Dark Angel  was me, the girl he replaced with a nutty doctor who ended up behind bars as quickly as she came. How pathetic. Even tho I tried to act like it didn’t hurt, it was useless. I missed him and I had to admit that I wished we still had a chance. But no, I was so angry at him. He changed my life and thought he could leave just like that? It made my blood boil and my heart ache.

Tonight I was out in the city again, jumping from rooftops to another. It was a little past midnight, making it dark enough for me. People were still awake, but let’s face it, when would this city ever sleep? Never. I stopped jumping when I was on the other side of the way from Joker’s club, on the roof of a building. I walked to the edge and looked down, feeling hatred and misery taking over me. Down by the streets I saw people all dressed up, either walking past the building or waiting in line. Some goons were by the doors,making sure to look all scary and tough.

I moved my eyes to the windows. Most were covered by curtains, but not all of them. All the way on top where there was probably a penthouse I saw lights. A person was moving there, but I only saw his silhouette. The man was holding a gun. It didn’t really surprise me. I bet the entire building was full of armed people. I sighed and then thought I should continue. I sped up and jumped on the building next to me. I landed smoothly without losing my balance. The wings somehow made my balance amazing and I could jump longer. I could use that for my good.

A couple minutes later I was at a bank. It was closed, so I didn’t need to spill as much blood as I would have during day. I picked the door on the roof and then calmly walked down the stairs until I was by the first floor. There were supposedly four guards here. Too bad, they would all die or get injured badly. I grabbed my beloved gun and made sure I had bullets before I stepped out from the shadows. The floor was a light marble floor and it fit well with the beautiful brown walls. The main doors were huge and I spotted a guard there. He was facing me with his back. Excitement pumped through my veins and my heart sped up. I lived for the thrill I got during missions. My plan was to get more power and get my own goons, but that could wait.

I looked around, behind couches and plants before I was sure the other guards weren’t around. Then I walked to the cash register quietly. My plan was to steal the keys and then go to the backroom where they had personal boxes full of very rare and expensive things and papers. The money was like air compared to the personal belongings the rich had here. The guard turned around so I got down on the ground quickly. I waited in silence until I was sure he hadn’t seen me.

I got into action and looked around every once in a while. I managed to open the small box where they kept the keys. I wanted to laugh in victory as I held the grey boring keys in my hands. Easy as stealing candy from a kid. Then I heard footsteps coming closer. I acted like I didn’t hear the guard, but little did he know what I had in mind. ‘’Hey you, hands up!’’ An old man growled at me. I rolled my eyes and slowly turned around. ‘’Drop your gun’’ He added deeply, but I saw the fear all over him. ‘’This?’’ I asked him innocently, ignoring the fact he held me at gunpoint. Before anything could happen, I shot him quickly. my bullet pierced his stomach and then he fell on his back. Blood pooled around his body and then i was free to go.

The other guards ran towards the crime scene, but they couldn’t catch me. As they hurried to their bleeding friend, I was already in the shadows.  I had about two minutes because the police was on the way. So I hurried to the door and I opened it carefully. I literally ran inside and put my bag on a wooden table.The room was huge, but I didn’t have to go through absolutely everything. Although it was dark, I saw well. So I dragged out five metal boxes and put them in my bag. Then I put the bag around my shoulder and ran out with a gun in my hand.

Adrenaline was pushing me to run faster. ‘’She’s there!’’ One of the guards noticed me climbing up the stairs. I turned around seeing all three. ‘’Sorry i couldn’t stay longer..and about your friend’’ I giggled and found this hilarious. Then I aimed at the middle guy and shot him. They tried to shoot me, but they didn’t hit me. Then I shot the one on the left in both of his knees. He shrieked out in pain and made the last guy standing scared. He was trembling, even I saw that from so far away. ‘’Ta ra!’’ I waved at the guy who would be left scarred for life. Then I escaped the scene.

Instead of running the stairs and wasting time, I opened a window and looked down. I’d fall down three floors if I didn’t reach the balcony of the building on my opposite. I wasn’t  scared tho. So I took a deep breath and jumped, spreading my arms along the wings and keeping my legs stiff. Air ran through the feathers, my fingers and my hair. Then I got closer to the balcony and I bent my legs so I could land smoothly. Perfect.

Police sirens came closer and they would take time to go inside the bank. I was already long gone. I climbed up the tall building until I was on the roof. It was a little cold, but it was good. I liked it. So I escaped the scene. I kept jumping from rooftops until I was panting. I knew the police wouldn’t find me. I hid behind a big chimney where I sat down and put my new things on the ground. Five metallic boxes with locks very easy to pick. Just as I got stared, someone walked up to me.

‘’I have to say that you were really impressive’’ A raspy familiar voice purred. My body froze and my breath hitched in my throat. Then, slowly, I looked up into the familiar blue eyes. How the hell did Joker find me? ‘’Oh I’m sorry let me introduce myself, I’m Joker’’ He told me with slight amusement in his voice. Even tho he was smiling evilly now, I noticed something about him. He had slept little and he was stressed out. ‘’I know who you are’’ I spat at him and tried to hide my gun without him noticing. Honestly I wasn’t sure if I wanted to reveal my identity to him.

Joker stroked his silver jacket and cleared his throat. He wanted something. ‘’What’s your name?’’ He asked me bluntly and then kneeled down so he could look at me better. He made me nervous. I still had stupid feelings for this guy. ‘’I’m the Dark Angel. Do you ever read the news?’’ I asked him a little angrily with a weird voice so he couldn’t recognize me so easily. Surprise washed across Joker’s face. ‘’Wow feisty, we don’t have to be so angry around each other or do we?’’ He raised his arms playfully. Then Joker laughed a little. I just rolled my eyes.

‘’I just came to see what the big fuss is about. Maybe we could make a deal?’’ Joker spoke again. It’s like he was another person than two weeks ago. My anger and pain took the best of me. ‘’I thought you never wanted to see me ever again!’’ I muttered at him ,but regretted it immediately. Joker’s expression turned from rather neutral to dark. He leaned closer and touched my face softly. I clenched my jaw and slapped his hand away. ‘’Get lost J’’ I spat, sad that I revealed myself so easily.

‘’Y/N..’’ He said my name like he had never said it before. What a fucking twat. ‘’I knew you were different, but I never thought you’d actually have enough evil in you to become the Dark Angel’’ Joker told me and stood up straight. I collected my treasures and packed them before he could take them away from me. I just stayed quiet because I knew that I could screw up. ‘’What inspired you? What pushed you over the line darling?’’ Joker growled and pushed me against the chimney. I grunted angrily, but didn’t stop him either. His face was so close to mine that it made something as simple as thinking hard.

‘’Fuck you Joker, now leave me alone’’ I hissed at the man I partly wanted to stay. He didn’t like my behaviour at all. Suddenly he put his hand tightly on my jaw and tilted my head so he could look at me more intensely. ‘’Tell me what made you like this baby’’ He whispered darkly and so close to me that I felt his breath on my skin. I could use my arms to grab my gun and shoot him, but I couldn’t. ‘’You did it’’ I admitted quietly and closed my eyes. Even tho I didn’t see it, I knew he was smiling. This pleased his ego so much.

‘’What an honour’’ He giggled and made me look at him again. ‘’Where’s your bitch?’’ I asked him something for once. His smile faded and he sighed deeply, making a shiver run down my spine. ‘’I don’t know’’ Joker told me weirdly. I wanted to make him angry. This was my chance. ‘’Did Batsy take her?’’ I questioned him and now it was my turn to smile. Joker’s irises shrunk and he looked angry, like a cat. ‘’She was too weak, I don’t need weak people in my life’’ He let me know mysteriously. ‘’Too bad’’ I shrugged and then pulled my face away from his touch.

‘’Now will you please let me go? I’m a busy lady’’ I broke the silence that would be longer if I didn’t speak. Joker was in deep thoughts, his face said it all. ‘’You told Batman’’ He growled and looked at me. ‘’Possibly’’ I sighed, but to be honest he started to scare me.’’Okay I did it, I just wanted to see if she was good for you damn it’’ I raised my hands innocently. Joker growled like a dog and then squinted his eyes. Oops.

‘’I think I should go. It was nice seeing you a-’’ I started, but he cut me off. Joker pressed his face on mine, closing the gap between us by pressing his crimson red lips on mine. Shock froze my body. My eyes widened and I felt like I had been struck by lighting. But soon my muscles relaxed and I shut my eyes, kissing him back. It felt so good to have his lips on mine, making me feel like a teen girl again. My heart started beating harder and to be honest I felt dreamy. But also confusion bugged my mind. One second I thought he would throw me down the roof, but then he kissed me?!

Joker pulled back and breathed deeply. We looked into each other’s eyes silently. All traces of anger were gone. I knew I should be angry at him, but he had me wrapped around his finger. ‘’I do need a strong woman by my side if anything’’ He was the one to speak first. ‘’And you’re strong. You told me exactly what I wanted to hear’’ Joker continued mysteriously. I couldn’t help but to smile. ‘’Well I’m glad I did so’’ I shrugged more calmly than earlier. 

‘’To be honest when you let me walk away two weeks ago I thought that you were weak. Did you know that I wanted you to go over the line? Did you know that all this time I just wanted you to go mad, kill people, get blood on your hands and lose that innocence?’’ He growled deeply, but not angrily. Once again I was a little shocked. Did he break my heart just to break my mind? Had he actually wanted to be with me all this time? ‘’You’re perfect’’ He whispered and put his hands on my hips. My mind was running in circles and soon I felt funny.

‘’You’re driving me crazy J’’ I giggled and soon that giggling turned into laughter. J smiled at me darkly. He was proud of his work, he was proud that he had made me like this. Then he started laughing too. Our little laughing session was anything but normal. We were fucking crazy, both of us. ‘’Now what do you say doll, finally leave your boring life and come by my side. We can wake terror all around Gotham together’’He suggested and then waited for my answer.

Well fuck I had nothing to lose. ‘’I hoped you’d ask me sooner’’ I purred and then pushed my face closer to his, ignoring the rule of him being in control. I kissed him rougher this time and he lowered his hands so he was squeezing my bum. What could I say, I guess we were crazy in love. Normal wasn’t our thing. Normal people would call our love wrong. I didn’t care. We’d make those people terrified of us.

‘’What if Harley comes back?’’ I breathed out above his lips. Joker faced me with a dirty look. ‘’Let her, she was just a brick in this wall. She’s nothing to worry about’’ Joker reassured me. 

We were going to be stone cold to everyone else but each other. Funny how a few minutes earlier I felt so miserable, but now I was so happy. He truly had a good grip on me.