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Sequel Friday #1

So this is something I thought of last night. There are a few stories that you guys liked and want a second part, so I figured, why not?

I’m going to post weekly the list of fics that can be “sequeled” and ask you to vote for which one you’d like to read. This will only be when there’s more than one to be sequeled.

Today I’ll try to post Miss Everything (Dean x reader) because it’s been the most requested one, however here’s the list so you can vote for the next week’s Sequel Friday:

1. Assault on Christmast Eve (Joker x reader)

In which Joker assaults the bus in which reader is, kills the driver and then takes her with him.
Requests so far: //////
Type: Not specified.

2. Curious Man - Curious Man #2 (Sherlock x reader)

In which Sherlock impresses reader by showing off his deduction skills, leading to a small date and an invitation to the theatre.
Requests so far: /////
Type: Fluff.

3. Worried - Worried #2 (Sherlock x reader)

In which Sherlock returns bloody and bruised from a case and reader takes care of him. Sherlock doesn’t udnerstand why because he doesn’t understand human emotions.
Requests so far: //////
Type: Fluff.

4. Experiment (Sherlock x reader)

In which Sherlock wants to prove that someone can’t get aroused by getting another person off.
Requests so far: //////////////////////
Type: Smut & fluff.

5. Miss Everything - Miss Nothing (Dean x reader) (Recently Added)

In which Dean was married to reader, then broke up with her when she told him she was pregnant. Years later, while marrying another woman, Dean realizes he needs to go back to reader and his child to form a family.
Requests so far: ////
Type: Fluff & angst.

**If there’s any other fic you would like me to write a sequel too, feel free to let me know. ;)

To vote for your favourite fic or add another one to the list, send me an ask!


*This post will be in constant update.*

and in that moment, Ray disappointed everyone.

🃏 The Joker has a very strong attachment to Harley. No one else really matters very much, but why would they when you’ve got her? What’s the rest of the world? It’s just a game. We’re sharing a wicked dream and having a good laugh.

-Jared Leto💚☠🌹


Today’s Look: Carnival Games. I had more time than usual to get ready, so I got to break out some of the party-store accessories I’m obsessed with, as well as my newly re-laced DIY boots. Seems like no matter what I wear, I still end up looking like the Joker on Casual Friday. 🎪💚🎉💜🎈