joker's make up


damn capes always getting in the way of memes!

“When he pulled the now pale skinned platinum blonde from the chemicals he felt an odd sensation… It wasn’t hatred, it wasn’t irritation. So what could it have been? When she flashed him a grin it hit him, it was much more than he had realized he could feel. It ran deeper in him than his negativity, it was more consuming than his hatred. This woman was not who she once was, she was someone else. Someone more like him, someone he could relate to. And it was all his own doing, he knew that. He’d cracked the shell of the Harleen he’d once known and unleashed something else. The woman he held in his arms now was his creation, and for this, he was proud.”

Joker X Harley Week: Day 1- Pride

you know that episode with the double punishment for Murr and Sal, when Sal beat Murr in the foot race so Murr had to sit on the side of the helicopter as it flew?? Sal was holding on to Murr the entire time!! Even though he wasn’t the one who had to sit on the side, he was so nervous for Murr the entire time that he was holding onto him for dear life ❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭

so I just had a thought don’t ask how this came up but you know how it’s like ‘they get trained in the art of seduction’ or whatever and then everyone’s like ‘they don’t need any training they’re doing perfectly well already *sWOON*’… well what if that’s the result of the training??? what if every last one of them walked in there completely useless in that department. embarrassingly so. and yuuki was like ‘get these boys some help before they blow a mission with an awful pickup line’