“I sing the body electric, baby…”

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Play the Ace pt 2

{A/N} I am so, so thrilled that you guys like this series already and I’m very excited to continue it! Thanks again, and requests are always open!
 xo Harley

Warnings: Light cursing. (So is it truly a warning?)

“Oh doll face, you’re gonna regret disrespectin’ me like that in my own club.”

You pull your arm away from his grip in a huff, knowing the only way you’ll be able to escape it is if he releases you himself. To your relief, he lets go. His metal teeth shine behind a sinister grin as you face him again.

“This is your club?” You ask, confused. Why would I of all people have received the offer to play here tonight? Your mind starts racing a mile a minute as you try to piece things together.

“This is my club.” He responds, a smart-ass tone detectable in his words. His body sways as he speaks animately, causing you to recoil slightly. “And when I heard about you through the good ol’ grapevine, I just had to know what all the.. hoopla was about.” A smirk glazes over his features as his eyes trail your body again. “And boy do I see what it’s all about..”

Your face twists into an expression of disgust, despite the sound of his voice hitching your temperature a degree or so higher.

“Well, you won’t be seeing me around here anymore. I thought this offer was.. was genuine. You just wanted me here to eye-fuck me.” Or worse, you think. You exhale, your breathing jagged as you turn to leave. Your heels clack as your dress flows and clings to your legs. How could he be such a dog? How many other girls will he do this to? How many other girls has he done this to already? You make your way to the back where your things are, grabbing your {F/C} clutch and your keys. Suddenly self-conscious about your appearance, you tug the neckline of your dress upwards a bit more.

Keeping your eyes on the floor is your rule as you make your way to the main entrance. You try to be as swift and unnoticed as possible as you walk. When you reach the door, a hand with long, slender fingers adorned with a purple glove holds it open for you. Your heart races while you try to pass through as quickly as possible. You already feel trapped here, even after one short encounter with who the world knows as The Joker.

Just as you walk through the door, you’re suddenly jerked backwards by the fabric of your dress. You look down at your hip where you felt the tug and see the same purple glove. Though your eyes are glued on the floor, you know it’s him. You’re scared stiff, almost too terrified to move again now.

“Don’t think this is the last time I see you, {Y/N},” you can feel his breath on your neck as he speaks, “Whether you play this club, or not.” His tongue clicks on the ’T’ as he lets you go, leaving his hand open and slowly stretching his fingers. You start speed walking back through the doors without a word, hoping to anything and anyone that could ever help you that he won’t decide to follow you out and do whatever he may have had in mind from the start.

You approach your car, using the hub to unlock it to make the easy transition from outside. You quickly throw your clutch in and hop into the drivers side, slamming the door and locking it. Knowing you’re safe and that The Joker isn’t tailing you, you deem it okay to have the breakdown you’ve been concealing from the moment his ice blue eyes met yours. You allow an audible and overwhelmed sigh to spill past your lips, tears welling in your eyes as you break into a few soft sobs.

Not wanting to stay in the parking lot for too long before you get into more trouble, you start your car. You speed off into the night, watching diligently as the club gets further and further away in your rearview mirror.

Your keys jingle in your hand as you walk through the penthouse doors. Still shaken from the nights small but stirring events, you immediately throw your clutch and heels onto the plush white sofa and head straight for the master bathroom. 

Your false, fluffy eyelashes are the first go. You pull a couple of bobby pins from your hair and take a makeup removing cloth to your face, wiping away what’s left after your tears took care of the rest. You immediately draw a bath in the large jacuzzi garden tub, sliding out of your dress and underwear. You glance in the mirror, noticing a bruise on your arm that had already begun to surface to your delicate {S/C} skin. It was dark and purple. Just like him, you think. A quiet laugh leaves your tiers, and immediately you’re unsure of why. 

You slide into the hot water and relax, dropping a fizzy, purple bath bomb into it. A smile places itself upon your lips in a strange daze of amusement as it spreads over the water and around your skin. You snap out of it again, shifting your eyes away from the purple and onto the floor. Your breathing quickens as you throw yourself into the brink of a panic attack. Why are you thinking about him? you think. You clutch your temples and submerse yourself back into the purple water, letting it rush over your mouth and nose slowly while you carefully hold your breath.

You drop your hands and relax, closing your eyes. His eyes from across the room flash in your mind, his metal grin shining against the lights as he smirks at you.. The tight possessiveness of his grip on your arm feels real all over again. It flings you out of your thoughts. 

You quickly sit up and inhale with a gasp, the water falling off of you and splashing back into the tub. Your hand reaches to grab the bottle of sweet red wine next to the tub. Ignoring the glasses, you pop the cork with the bottle opener - also at the ready, thanks to a lush for an interior designer - and take a long swig. 

Partially hanging out of the tub now, the cool air in the room kisses your wet skin, acting as the cold shower you need. You watch the lights dancing in the city below and around you through your {E/C} orbs just through the large windowed wall, trying to catch your breath. 

He’s the only thing on your mind. You feel like your sanity is slipping away from you. What was it about him that left such an impression after such a small period of time with him? You shake your head, lightly tapping the side of your damp face with your free hand as a friendly-reminder-slap while the bottle remains in the other. Catching a slight chill, you sink back into the purple water again gently as you take another drink.

“Baby, are you okay?” a sweet, familiar voice asks from the doorway.

The worst fucking part is that Jared was so excited for this movie and invested so much of himself into it but all he gets out of it is a shit load of hate and most of his scenes being cut. Someone please find this man and hug him and tell him that some of us still love and appreciate him.

Joker and Harley Quinn’s Relationship in Suicide Squad.

Joker and Harley Quinn’s relationship changes with each re-imaginging of the characters. In Suicide Squad - The Joker freaking adored his Harley Quinn.

The Joker is dangerous and hell bent on getting her back, and God have mercy on whoever stands in between him and his reunion with her.

In Suicide Squad, he is even openly affectionate with Harley, and purrs like a revved car engine when the two share a kiss when they are finally reunited. Leaning forward and pushing as much of himself into the intimate kiss as he can. Then in his low, gravelly voice, he tells her that he has drinks on ice and a bear skin rug waiting for them at home.

She is smitten with him, he is mad about her… Basically; do not get between Joker and Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. They are crazy and would burn the entire city to the ground to find each other.