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LEGO BATMAN: The multifandom villain team

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Someone has been watching a lot of memes and that someone is me lol.


Lord Voldemort: We’ll do it.

The Joker: I’m sorry?

Voldemort: You were going to say something about “recruiting the universe’s greatest villains to conquer a superhero,” am I right?

The Joker:  Uh, yeah!

Voldemort: Well, we’re in.

All Villains: Yay!

-”The LEGO Batman Movie”

My thoughts on each super form from the current era in Kamen Rider:
Tajador: Looks cool
Magnet States: Interesting concept but seems very bulky
Flame Dragon: honestly really damn awesome
Kachidoki: my favorite form in all of Gaim
Type Formula: actually really cool and I believe faster than his final form
Grateful: Should’ve been the final form personally
Level 99: It’s basically a Sentai mech just without all the parts. Could be compared in Kamen Rider terms to Suika Arms from Gaim.

Imagine #120

Imagine you and Draco become the equivalent of Harley Quinn and The Joker in the wizarding world

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duh ...

I atended Comic Con last weekend … it was amazing <3 i took pictures with Garrus Vakarian and Jack, Dr. Strange … and … MR. J!!!!!! … Also I saw and spoke with real LARP PEOPLE!!!!! … and I might got a slight lil crush on one of their wizards xD … nothing new … 

I wasn’t active, because I stalk all the cool cosplayers online … *innocent laughter* /definetly the “was Mr. J” and the wizard … btw I know the wizard from somewhere, but can’t remember … / 

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Me tryna’ figure out what I want Deku’s wizard outfit to look like and finally just settling on the light green one (eh, it grew on me, haha).

For the Magical MHA AU I’m currently working on where instead of quirks, people are born with magical prowess!