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Whoever wrote the injustice 2 intros and story dialogues ! you are savage, love you !

just brillant trash talking get me like :

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The reads and shades got me like : sick burns, please MORE !

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After you finished writing an imagine that you stopped working on about a year now because you ran out of ideas on what to write for it and you just felt too tired to put in the effort until now and will probably most likely be shitty anyways.

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Suicide Squad – The Joker Statue by Prime 1 Studio:

The Joker is an extreme and infamously formidable psychopathic criminal from Gotham City, being at the very top of the city’s criminal underworld, greatly feared by other crime bosses. Devoid of empathy or pity for anybody taking part in his wicked schemes either by intimidation or fraud, the Joker does, however, adore his girlfriend and partner in crime Harley Quinn, doing his utmost to rescue her from the Suicide Squad and clutches of Amanda Waller, with eventual success. The Joker is also the long-time archnemesis of Batman and the murderer of the latter’s protegee Robin, Jason Todd, alongside Harley.