joker speaker

Nonsense Speaker

These crammed feelings

destroy me

one by one

The smile that I

Managed to produce

I hate it

I hate

And then I cry

These crammed wounds

They hurt, but I can’t say that

Therefore it’s because

You don’t realize

Your words are what kills me

You do not know what my heart is like

 The light that disappeared

Does not emit light anymore

“I” am able to “lie” about “I”

If the day begins and you are



That’s all right with me

But you left behind



That will never heal

Just like always, even you are laughing

But in the depths of my heart, I can’t allow it

Something like “it’s painful” isn’t so easy to say

“I” am like a “jokester”

I laugh

I laugh

Have they disappeared now

My lies

 My lies

Your words are what kill me

It can’t be allowed

This me also believes that

If you are good, I am destroyed

 "I" am able to lie about “I”

Because I am I