joker punk


I emerge from the woodwork and bring you a punk Harley Quinn! Inspired in part by @babsdraws ‘s absolutely flawless rendition. T_T

Anyway, this was my first serious crack at Copics, I think? I like them. Much smoother than Prismacolor Markers.

Listen to this song for the full effect.



All Green Day pins are DIY

The black and white pins in the top right are from the National Gallery of Australia, souvenirs from the Feature Exhibit ‘Defying Empire’ celebrating the 50th anniversary of the referendum that granted Australian Aboriginal peoples the right to vote, amongst other basic premises of humanity.

The Rancid and Bad Religion pins are from Canberra’s only true remaining record store, Landspeed Records. The same store I purchased the patches from.

The Amnesty international pin is from an antique store in Bowning, run by a couple whom are wonderful people.

The “Make America Read Again” pin I found at a bus stop, in Belconnen. According to the small text on the side of the badge, its origin is a bookstore on Broadway, in New York. I put up posters in the same location, no one claimed it.

Harley and the joker pins are just that. Why the fuck not. lol.

Then, the Supabarn trolley token. That’s my story so message me about my childhood this post is long enough already.

I never did anything with the punk au for the holidays or new years so here’s a couple of last minute ideas:

- Harley teaches Jack and Pam how to play dreidal and Jack wins three times in a row somehow

- A menorah in a dusty old warehouse filled with stored items and chemicals sounds like a firehazard but miraculously there are no incidents

- on the 23rd the girls kick Jack out of the warehouse so they can have a date night. It’s kinda pointless because they spend their evening walking around the park and eating cold chips, but Jack doesn’t need to know that. Pam gives Harley a rose tattoo at three in the morning when they’re both kinda drunk and kinda high, and Harley shares her giant scarf. Jack thinks they’re grossly cute together.

- they don’t have a Christmas tree even tho Harley rlly wanted one because they’re pretty. Jack argues that they don’t have room for one and Pam doesn’t want to chop down a tree. They compromise and steal a shrub from a street in Gotham, and they decorate it with jewellery cause they don’t have any real decorations.

- they don’t properly celebrate Christmas cause none of them are Christian and it’s kinda just the celebration of consumerism, but they do steal some alcohol and get completely drunk and stuff themselves on chocolate.

- selina comes over for new years eve cause they’re protesting against a new treatment being used at Arkham. It’s not the conventional way of celebrating new years but Jack argues that time is meaningless, and they can see the fireworks from where they are anyway. Pam calls him a fucking hypocrite when he sneaks away ten minutes before midnight to break into Wayne Manor.

- Bruce almost has a heart attack when Jack comes storming into the small party that hes holding in the manor but he guesses it’s forgivable when J kisses him for the first time at 12 am on the dot.