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More merch coming at you, here are some previews of the designs up close!(drag them out of the post to see the complete pic):

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Hey I’m planning to print these as acrylic charms so please fill this survey HERE to help me decide how many to print! The details are in the survey description. Thank you so much!

*Since some are still in the draft stage, I will be updating this post constantly.

If there’s any batman rogue who deserves the attention and merch, its Jonathan Crane. I’m kind of tired of walking into a store like Hot Topic or Spencer’s only to see the walls littered with Harley and Joker merch. Comic book shops are usually a bit better about this, but no everyone lives near one.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re popular characters and it’s to be expected. DC loves it’s cash cows after all. It’s just nice to see the the more obscure villains shinning in the spotlight. (I suppose Jonathan isn’t really obscure, but merchandise for him sure is) Every time some new figure or to is announced, I’m genuinely surprised, and very excited. I love seeing my collection grow.