joker is bad


So I watched the Lego Batman Movie recently and I have to say that I may have found a newfound love for the Joker. I have to blame @mooplethemarsh for this doodle. 

Pun #5

Joker: Wanna know why Bruce became Batman?

Alfred: I believe I already know.

Joker: But do you know the REAL reason???

Alfred: *sigh* I’m going to regret this, but I’ll do it if it means you’ll stop pestering me.

Alfred: What is the “real” reason?

Joker: Bruce became Batman because

Joker: He didn’t want anyone else

Joker: to die


Joker: in Wayne.

Alfred: Oh for Heaven’s sake.

For @mellie-art whose artwork made me feel all emotional and induced an urge to do a quick Killing Joke tribute before sleep. Ow, and it’s 3 am…

I’m in love with psychopaths

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