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Scorpio Pt 4:

This is my first attempt at smut, I think it went pretty well

Warnings; BDSM, Smut, Swearing

I slowly regained consciousness; a thick hazy fog clouded my mind. I was laid on my front on what felt like a giant marshmallow; there was slight aroma of cherry in the air. It took me a second to process that I hadn’t been blinded that the blackness I could see was due to a silk wrap tied tightly around my head. My hands were bound in hand cuff which were attached to a length of chain. I’m pretty sure most people who have been drugged and bound would be in severe panic; not me, I was not afraid of death and I’m certainly not afraid of pain and suffering. Using the chain I pulled my weight up so I was on all fours apart from my hands being bound in front of me.

    A door behind me suddenly opened; a single pair of soft footsteps walked in followed by a loud purr “Well don’t you know how to wait for daddy” The door closed which made me jump “DON’T you move” he barked. My brain wasn’t functioning enough to muster a response or move. Suddenly a cold hand traced his way up my inner thigh. I took a sharp breath as he reached the top of my thigh, he let out a soft growl and pulled my dress over my behind exposing it and the lack of underwear which I now regretted, damn vpl’s. “Aren’t you a naughty little vixen” he stated. I let out a moan as he quickly moved his hand up my back and yanked my hair pulling my head back. “We need to teach you some rules, you have teased daddy and he doesn’t like that” he released my hair and undid the zipper of my dress and walked slowly away.

      A draw opened and closed and his footsteps came right back beside me. “Now you will count backwards from 3 with daddy, understand?”. I was completely at his mercy and under his control it was intoxicating. “Yes” I responded. “Yes what!” he snarled “Yes da..” before I could even finish I felt a sharp sting on my behind which made me yelp. Any haziness had now dissipated and I was completely sober. “3” I managed to muster “Good babydoll” Whhtssh I pulled on the handcuff chain and let out a moan as the sharp sting hit me. “2” I managed as my breathing was heavy, The Joker’s breathing was also getting faster “FUCK” I cried as he cracked the whip right in between my legs. My clit and the area around it was throbbing which sent shudders up my spine. I heard something drop on the floor when Mister J grabbed my legs out from under me and flipped me over into my back; I Could hear the chains attached to my hand cuffs rattle. He preceded to crawl onto the bed over me and place one leg in between mine just so that my clit could feel his presence, I tilted my hips slightly to increase the pressure but my hips were pushed down hard on my hip stopping my movement “I don’t think so kitten” he whispered seductively in my ear before gently biting my ear lobe. The sensation of his cold silver teeth took my breath away “Now about this” he said as he ran his hand slowly down my breast down to my hip. He climbed off me grabbed my dress at my hips and pulled with both hands.

    He reclaimed his place back on top of me and leaned over me to grab something under the pillow; I could feel his shirt on my exposed skin, his smell was so provocative. Something cold and sharp was sllowly caressing my cheek “I swear if you do anything to my fa..”

“Don’t threaten me babydoll, it won’t be much fun” he paused “for you”. In an instant the knife was gone and was replaced by a hard backhand across my face to which I let out a cry. “This is getting boring now” I remarked. “Well we can’t have that can we” I felt his weight shift on me as he sat back on my hips, the coldness of the knife just above my navel made me jerk. He quickly moved it and pulled at my bra until it released and cut through. “Now this is more interesting” he said as he ran his cold hands over my now exposed breasts. “This is particularly sexy” he ran his hand over the top of my right breast and delicately moved his fingers to underneath. I have a large scorpion tattoo on my side; it’s pincers above and below my breast as if to hold it, the body wraps around my ribs with the tail finishing on my shoulder blade.

 The Joker leaned back over me and softly kissed my lips and neck which sent shivers down my body. I was surprised at how gentle he could be. He planted kisses all the way down my yearning body. He crawled back slightly and started kissing up my thigh until he was near the top and bit hard which made me yelp with surprise. He climbed off the bed as my breathing slowed. I heard nothing, his presence was beside me. My body was crying out for more stimulation, I had a thirst which needed to be quenched. Every sense but my vision heightened. I wanted no fuck that needed his touch. “Fuck” I cried out. I took in a deep breathe through my teeth, a burning sensation rippled out from my navel area, it quickly cooled and felt a slight pinch as the substance solidified.

     "I think you have been good enough to see me now" Mister J reached behind my head and untied my blindfold. Everything was too bright my eyes were flooded with the red and black colour scheme of the bedroom. J slowly got off me, his shirt was undone giving me a clear show of tattoos. A large uneasy grin was all across his lower abdomen which if I must say failed to cover his toned 6 pac; in large writing “JOKER” was spread across the top of his stomach, so self obsessed I thought. The view was a sexy one though, somehow. He walked over to a black chest of drawers at the other end of the room my eyes appreciating his behind and muscly shoulder blades. The bedroom was plain yet luxurious, I quickly noticed there was nothing personal; no photos; books; games. To the left of me was some double doors which I’m assuming and or hoping is a large walk in wardrobe, just to the right of these was an open door leading to a gleaming white en-suite and from what I could I see a large bath tub. Everything was so immaculate his cleaner was good! Directly to my right was the source of the cherry aroma and my intense burning sensation a red candle was centred on a small bedside table, the flame was still slowly dancing which kept reflecting off the knife placed beside it. My body was in sensory overload I couldn’t think clearly, my body was desperate for him, I was completely at his will and I didn’t even want any control back.

    I was watching The Joker take off his cufflinks and return my stare. “I thought a guy like you would have a collection of soft toys” I remarked sarcastically. “ I donated them to a children’s home” He laughed out loud as if almost finding it funny that some children didn’t have any toys. He walked over and climbed on the bed and made his way up to me like a hunting panther, his movements just flowed flawlessly. His legs were in the same place as before only this time It sent a shiver up my body and I could feel how wet I was for him. He leaned over me and released me from my handcuffs, my hands just dropped above my head to achy to move. He kissed me hard on a lips with an explosion of passion. His hand was moving slowly up my thigh to my now throbbing clit; which was made worse by the loud purr J let out “You’re so wet for daddy” he whispered in my ear his warm breath left my neck tingling. One soft kiss before his lips left mine and started trailing bites down my body. I dug my hands into the bedsheets as small moans escaped my mouth. My hips started to move in rhythm to his fingers my moans getting deeper and my breathing heavier. His tongue started caressing my left nipple as I ran my hands through his slicked back hair and lightly dug my nails at the top of his neck and he let out a deep purr as he bit hard on my breast and thrust two fingers inside me at the same time. I arched my back and dug my nails into his neck so hard I broke the skin, a loud low moan left his mouth as the waves of pleasure flooded through me each time he beckoned with his fingers to the ceiling. “You like that baby?” As if my body wasn’t telling him “Yes daddy” I breathed.

     He looked into my eyes and for a brief second I just saw him as a man and not as crazy psychopath with no emotions. “You feel so good inside, I hope you taste as good for daddy”

“ Well only one way to find out” I replied with a cheeky smile on my face and slightly out of breath. My body was flooded with pleasure, I dropped my hand to my side and gripped the sheets as he slid his fingers out of me and brushed them my clit and grabbed one of my hands and forced it over my head. He kissed me passionately and I kissed back as he let out low purr and ran his hand down my arm and the side of my breast. His body then joined and started to make his way down my body kissing me alternating between gentle kisses and hard bites. The anticipation of waiting for his tongue was making me slightly fidgety; something he obviously noticed as he slowed down and took even longer teasing me and then slowly planted soft kisses up my thigh. When his mouth finally reached my clit I thought I was going to explode there and then as the cold sensation of his silver capped teeth took my breath away. My hips again were automatically pushing into his tongue with every few circles my moaning getting deeper; he let out occasional growls which vibrated out. I was reaching my limit, I could feel the pressure build up in the pit of my stomach “Don’t stop” I moaned louder than I intended. So what did he do? Stop. “Bastard” I breathed, he lifted his head up with a giant smirk on his face knowing full well what he’d just done. “You’ll cum when daddy lets you” he sat back on his feet “Now be a good girl and get on all fours” I smiled.

 I slowly rolled over onto my front and pushed myself up slowly letting him enjoy the view. Still sat he purred “You look perfect for daddy” he smiled as he crawled behind me on his knees; I could feel his large bulge press into me through his trouser. I. Couldn’t help but let out a sigh and push back into him which made him growl “Baby you just wait” he unbuttoned and unzipped his trouser as he stood of the bed and let the fall to the floor. There he was, The Joker stood in black boxer shorts. I watched out the corner of my eye as he slid them off; only briefly catching a glimpse of what’s in store as he quickly took his place back behind me and positioned himself before slamming himself into me. “Fuck” I cried out accompanied by a loud moan by him. “Is that what you wanted baby?” he asked. “Yes” His length filled me up and hit the spot with every thrust. His thrusting getting faster I could feel the pressure build up again so I started to rub my clit; as soon as I did he completely stopped and pulled out and tutted “All of your pleasure and all of your pain is now mine to have, do you understand?” “Yes” I cried in frustration “Good” He pushed back into me so slowly it was painful and he pulled out again at the same pace “Please..” I cried out “Please what?” He asked. “Fuck me!” I said in desperation “Anything for you baby” he replied thrusting into me hard. I Could quickly feel my muscles start to tense again “Let me cum daddy, please” I pleaded hoping he would not stop and tease me again. “Such a polite kitten” he said breathlessly and started to move even faster “Cum for daddy babydoll” and as if on command at the sound of his words my body released; I moaned so loud as my walls clenched around him inside me which in turn made his movements sloppy before letting out a low loud growl as he came inside me. He pulled away and we both collapsed on the bed breathless.

  After what seemed like forever and my legs finally regained some strength I risked it and moved to lay on his heaving chest. “Babydoll that was incredible” he remarked as he moved a hand which for a second I flinched at, he gently stroked my back “You can say that again” I laughed. I was now in pure shock that I was just laying on him; before I could think anymore my body gave in to some well needed sleep.