joker and harley wedding theme

Romeo and Juliet is widely recognized around the world as the pinnacle of romance. It is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a Love Story. it’s a cliche actually. A trope. Star crossed lovers, love at first sight, against all odds, it’s beautiful right?
Except it’s actually the story of a 17 year old kid that gets dumped by his girlfriend and hooks up with a 13 year old rebound girl at a party. They have sex, get married and kill themselves all within the span of 3 days while getting 4 other people killed along the way…so romantic?
If I were having a Romeo and Juliet themed wedding, people would Ooo and Ahh and think it was sweet. But I’m not.
Yes, my color themes for my wedding are based on Harley Quinn and the Joker. Yes, my engagement photos will be highly influenced by these two characters that Rob and I have bonded over for the last 6+ years. Yes, Joker and Harley are both extremely abusive to each other and their relationship is far from healthy or anything to strive for in a real partnership…
…they are also fictional murderous clowns, but no one seems nearly as concerned about that aspect?
We are nerds. We are cosplayers. We are not the typical wholesome couple and this will not, in any way, be a traditional type wedding. This is MY day. OUR day. And it’s going to be a fucking blast. We didn’t choose this theme because we thought what a wonderful, loving couple these characters are. We chose it because our love for them made our love for each other stronger. So if I hear another word about how inappropriate it is to base my wedding on them, you can keep it to yourself, Because I don’t really care.