Watched the LEGO Batman movie a few days ago. It’s one of those movies where I like the characters more than I like the movie itself. A lot of the jokes fell flat for me and it had some really out of place emotional scenes that were a bit cringe, but watching the characters just mess around and do stupid stuff was fun.

The only “emotional scenes” that worked for me were the Batman/Joker ones, and yes, the slash is entirely appropriate. With sentences like “I don’t currently have a Bad Guy. I like to fight around” from Batman, to the Joker fondling himself when telling Batman that he “can’t fight any of thiiiis anymore” it’s clear what the movie makers were going for. Heck, Batman even says “I don’t do ships!” when the Joker talks about their “special relationship”. All those scenes just get better the more ridiculously emotional they get.

My favorite part was the K-Pop music video at the end, specifically Robin and Joker’s costumes, hence the white glitter. (Apparently Joker is part of the Bat Family after he and Batman makes up?)

Lego Batjokes Prompt #166

A: Master Bruce…I believe it’s time that we talk about your feelings.

B: Batman doesn’t have feelings, Alfred. And, if he did, it would only be determination…and rage…and love for you, Robin and my friend girl coworker buddy.

A: And…

B: And?

A: What of…the Joker, sir?


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The Watcher (Joker x Reader)

“Your life changes after a bank robbery sends you into the arms of Gothams most dangerous criminal. Little do you know, he’s had his eyes on you for awhile.”

Requested by Anon: “Can you write an imagine where the reader is black and is a loner who doesn’t get out much and is very shy and nice and unbeknownst to her is being watched by the joker who’s formed a slight obsession with her can you also make it so he’s actually been in her apartment before but she has no clue how they meet can be up to you and what transpires after they meet can be up to you just make it romantic and cute but not over the top thank you so much ❤😘”

A/n: This took me FOREVER to write xD I hope I did alright. I didn’t want to go too far with it and end up with something offensive. I’m still too inexperience for this stuff, I’m sorry. But I decided to split this into two parts, the second part is done already and it’ll be posted tomorrow probably.

Warnings: Death of Hostages, violence, gun shot wounds.

The sound of vibrating and the chorus of your favourite song blared through out your apartment, pulling you from your deep sleep. You quickly silenced it and let out a sigh. You’d been so happy when you downloaded that song as a ringtone, and now you were starting to hate the very sound of it. Guess all good things have to come to an end eventually. You pulled your ass out of bed, groaning from how groggy you were. It was your first day off and you wanted you wanted to do nothing but sleep the day away. Unfortunately there were a lot of errands you had to run. So sleep would have to wait.

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a conversation from my comic store job
  • me, talking comics with a coworker: yeah i just can't ship Batman and the Joker, he killed batman's son after all
  • bearded coworker: *confused look*
  • bearded coworker: the Joker didn't kill Damian
  • me: no, Jason
  • bearded coworker: Jason wasn't Batman's son, he was just another Robin
  • me: *in disbelief* I'm too far into this

anonymous asked:

Wow I love your description of the characters and how they look, I especially love crane's. But as a major fan of joker I really wish you could give me example of how he looks in your version? I'm sorry if this is asked before.

Who ever would have guessed that something so evil could dwell within someone so beautiful?

A lithe, pale, strong-featured man, looking down at you with his emerald eyes, smiling with his blood red lips. You would almost forget he was killing you, were he not crushing your larynx with his bare hands.

There’s also no one alive who can pull off the purple zoot suit like The Joker.

It’s all about the 40′s for Joker’s attire - high-waisted pants, crisp shirts, big jackets, and spats (that he swears he was wearing before Eddie was - should Eddie ever beat him to a function, however, Joker keeps some Black and White Oxfords in the car. One time they both wore spats to the same event, and Harvey asked if they were on the same, losing, team. Very embarrassing). The ties change, from the western (his usual go-to tie), to a bow, to the standard. Hell, one time he wore a bolo (just to piss off Slade).

He starts his day with his dark green hair slicked back, but never touches it again until the next morning. If the cowlicks come back, it’s how it was meant to be. If he falls down a flight of stairs, it’s stair hair for the day.

The only imperfection would be his nose, which has been broken several times, but always from the top down (Batman always strikes downward, flying out of the shadows like some sort of… bat). The breaking has added some length to the bridge, but Joker likes it - makes him look tough.

Yeah, my Joker is beautiful, but it really doesn’t matter - he’s still an absolute lunatic.
(I tend to picture the Anthony Misiano cosplay when I think of my Joker’s looks - now that is a pretty man.)

  • Q: If, after the safety car leaves the circuit, coming back to this subject of tyres, do you think it will be an issue to get temperature after the safety car (...)?
  • Sebastian Vettel: Who knows if we will have a safety car but if you know already then maybe you can tell me afterwards which lap.