“Compared to its ilk, Suicide Squad is an excellently quirky, proudly raised middle finger to the staid superhero-movie establishment.“ (USA Today - Brian Truitt)

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Come Play With Me (Joker x Reader)

Word Count: 939

I walked into the club that apparently was renowned for its atmosphere and its high quality music, dance floor and general taste. It also happened to be quite close to where Jenna, my best friend, and I were staying, making it easy for us to get back later.

I smiled as I walked through, happy to be seeing the club in all of its glory. It was all dimmed lights, bright dance floors and marble with gold. I wondered how expensive it was to run.

Jenna kept a firm grip on my hand, having been here before and knowing more of the whereabouts.

She kept me close to her as we went down to the VIP section where her friends were already partway through their night, having started early.

There were glasses and bottle of alcohol littered everywhere, but the shots party hadn’t started.

She shouted her name to the bouncer before he let us through and I found myself sitting with people I didn’t quite know in a booth that was actually rather nice.

I smiled at them trying to make small talk in the slightly more quiet area.

Waitress after waitress asked for our orders and we ordered quite a bit, most of it being the ten guys that were part of our group. They all seemed to be heavy drinkers and smoking weed seemed part of the gig too.

“So, (Y/N),” I heard one of the boys call. “Your accent isn’t from here,” he said. “I love it. Where are you from?”

I smiled politely. “______.“

“Ah,” he said before trying a completely failed accent. He laughed at himself and I laughed out of the social need to fit in. He stopped laughing and held his hand out. “I’m James, by the way,” he said.

I shook it. “Nice to meet you, James.”


In the next five minutes from then he’d moved to sit next to me and we began a conversation that felt like an eternity of making up things on the spot and laughing falsely.

I tried my best to entertain him and myself and kept chatting about random things that happened to interest the both of us. I was absolutely relieved when he said he needed to use the bathroom, having drank many, many drinks.

“I’ll either be here on on the dance floor,” I informed, smiling.

He leaned in for what looked like a slobbery kiss and I turned my head. He got my cheek but still didn’t seem to get the message. He stood up straight and grinned at me. “I’ll come find you,” he said.

I smiled politely and he walked off.

I took in my first breath of fresh air and sat back, rubbing my temples. Jenna looked at me and grinned.

“No,” I replied, laughing from the pain of the conversation.


I pulled my phone out to check my social media, bored out of my mind in this club. I wanted to dance but it wasn’t quite late enough and the dance floor wasn’t quite packed enough either.

I sighed, scrolling through meme after meme and tagging people whilst occasionally softly singing along to the songs that I knew. Whilst obtrusive, the music was nice. Whoever owned this place did have good taste in music.

“Excuse me, miss,” I heard.

I looked up and found a good looking waiter with a drink on a platter. “Yes?”

“This is for you. Courtesy of Mr. J,” he said, putting down a coaster and putting the drink on top.

I frowned. “Who’s Mr. J?”

The waiter pointed at a man behind a curtain of dangling beads sitting at a more prestigious booth. “That’s Mr. J. He runs this place.”

I observed the man. He was strangely dressed with a metallic gold suit jacket and black pants. He didn’t wear a shirt underneath and he flaunted his tattoos by leaving the jacket unbuttoned. But stranger than all of it was his hair that was dyed green. Bright green.

I frowned. What was I getting myself into? Men that looked like that looked like trouble. “Right,” I said, coming back to the waiter. “Tell him I said thank you.” For all I knew the drink could be laced with something. The slightly intoxicated bit of my brain decided that it was impossible and that Gotham had to have the same health standards as most of the Western world. Right?

The waiter nodded and smiled before walking away.

I looked at the drink before looking up at the man behind the beads. He was actually rather good looking but none the less strange. From here I couldn’t really see if he had eyebrows or not. Definitely strange. But alluring. But strange. Ugh, I was a lightweight.

I picked up the drink and my eyes were caught on some writing scribbled on the coaster. I picked it, placing the drink down back onto the table.

On it there was some not so elegant scrawl. I read it and found myself laughing a little.

It read: ‘he’s boring’.

I smiled, looking over to the green haired mess who was smiling back, his teeth glinting strangely with the light.

I put the coaster back down and picked up the drink, holding it out to the man who’d paid for it. He took his and held it out to me and we both sipped.

Then he pointed at table in front of him before twirling his finger around. I looked down at my coaster and picked it up again, flipping it.

‘Come play with me’ it read.

Mr. J smiled at me and beckoned me over.

Hey guys! Thank you for your 400+ notes on my last fic :) You sure know how to make me feel special hehe

Also! All feedback is wanted and appreciated and if you have any requests feel free to send them in!

x K