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Suicide Squad (2016)
Sausage Party (2016)
War Dogs (2016)
Finding Dory (2016)
Pete’s Dragon (2016)
Me Before You (2016)
Jason Bourne (2016)
Bad Moms (2016)
The Secret Life of Pets (2016)
The Legend of Tarzan (2016)

Suicide Squad (2016) FREE HD

Suicide Squad (2016) FREE HD

Sausage Party (2016) FREE HD

Jason Bourne (2016) FREE HD

Star Trek Beyond (2016) FREE HD

Ghostbusters (2016) FREE HD

Nerve (2016) FREE HD

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Mechanic Resurrection  


Pete’s Dragon

Sausage Party 

Florence Foster Jenkins   

Nine Lives  

Jason Bourne   

Bad Moms  

The Secret Life of Pets  



Lights Out   



“You think I’m just a doll. A doll that’s pink and light. A doll you can arrange any way you like. You’re wrong. Very wrong. What you think of me is only a ghost of time. I am dangerous. And I will show you just how dark I can be.”

Daddy Doesn’t Share His Toys..

Request by desertwolfpack : Could you make a jealous imagine where you’re at the club, guy hits on you, joker doesn’t like it bc you’ve been together for 2 years.

Warnings: Language, Violence, Death …


awwwww puddin’! Come on! Let me go with you, I miss going! Getting all dolled up and enjoying the music and a few drinks. I promise I’ll be good!”

You haven’t been to one of J’s clubs in months, since the last time you went you got a handful of henchmen killed along with a group of party goers. Why? Well J doesn’t like anyone hitting on his girl, and these party goers were hitting on you to say the least… and the henchmen? Didn’t do anything about it and when questioned stated you asked them to… 

Let’s just say J couldn’t afford losing anymore henchmen, or causing too much trouble, he was trying to stay away from Arkham after all..

“No Y/N, I told you already it’s not happening, you’re going to stay here and I’ll be home as soon as I finish my business meeting..” he sighed

“Oh bullshit you’re probably going to hit on some girls and pretend I don’t exist!” you were fed up now, yelling as he got dressed.

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“Careful doll, it’ll getcha hurt if you keep talking to daddy like that..” he cocked his head as he looked at your angry expression, as if testing you 

“Fuck you J, you suck sometimes” you stormed off and he just laughed, you knowing you’ll pay for it later.

J came to the door of the spare room you had locked yourself in and sighed “Y/N I’m leaving, are you going to give daddy a kiss goodbye?”

You didn’t answer, earning a pound at the door as he snarled. “Y/N!”

Nothing… “Fuck, fine then, be a pain in the ass.. you’ll regret this Y/n”

You heard his footsteps leave as he walked away, the Lamborghini outside starting as he drove off. If there was one thing you weren’t, it was easy. You were not going to let him tell you what to do, even if it took a few sessions of rough sex to get him to be okay with it - I mean it wasn’t a terrible  punishment in hindsight.

You ran to your room, ignoring the henchmen probably told to stand by the door as you locked yourself in the master bedroom. You looked through every dress you had, all already had been worn to the club before, you needed something more… eye catching.. you found a box - a gift J had gotten you weeks ago for Valentine’s, but you didn’t manage to get it on before he ripped off the lingerie that came with it.

You opened the box, gasping at the beautiful gold silk dress that laid in it, neatly folded and covered with white tissue paper, you grinned wide as you slipped it on, it hugged each curve beautifully, the back a deep v-cut that ended right below your bum. You smirked as you picked out your favourite black heels and did your hair and make up.

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You drove your way to J’s club, you had snuck out the window, grabbing the keys to the Aston Martin he had given you not too long ago, but since J loved to drive around, you never really got the opportunity to test it out. You drove off, knowing very well which club J had gone to, making sure you’d be making your point tonight,

As you got to the club the valet recognized you instantly, offering to take the car with a smile as he helped you out, the same treatment from the bouncer who just smiled and cleared the way for your entrance.

You didn’t plan on jumping in and going to sit with J instantly, so you stopped by the bar to get a few drinks, figured you’d need them if you were going to face an angry Mistah J soon.

As you were throwing back a few shots, the songs got better and better as the night died out. You found yourself dancing in the crowd of bodies as they swayed to the rhythm, now it could have been the tequila, the vodka, rum or the anger you were holding back from J, but you needed to feel like you were getting him back..

A young man, beautiful hazel eyes, dark black hair and a killer smile came up to you, winked as he tried to dance, to which you happily agreed, as you wrapped your arms against him and swayed to the music you realize how close he looked to J.. no,.. maybe it was just the alcohol.. but he looked like J just with black hair.. hmm..

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You smirked and followed as he pulled you aside, getting you another drink as he flirted with you, his hand gently rubbing your knee as he laughed and complimented your appearance

“What is a beautiful young lady like you doing here all alone hmm? pretty girl like you could be swept away to better places..” to which you just smirked “I could say the same, attractive young man like yourself could get any girl here..”

He chuckled. “Oh doll, only you caught my attention, these girls don’t stand a chance against you.” You beamed at the choice of name, “doll, huh? Who taught you that one?” 

His expression turned confused, “no one love, just a word I use normally,” you chuckled, if doppelgängers were real, this was definitely J’s  “Well I like it” you managed through your giggles, earning a smile from him.

As if time managed to stop itself just on time for you to notice.. J had finally realized the young lady at the bar being chatted up by this young man looked familiar, he walked by on his way home, watching you as he did, not quite convinced he didn’t know you.

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You gasped softly as you managed to finally make eye contact with the man who you so lovingly called yours. His eyes widened as he stopped dead in his tracks. Damn.

“Well Well Well, what do we have here, Y/N, want to explain to me why you’re here? and with… this man?” His eyes pierced through the man, who’s expression was now one of terror,, how could he have not noticed you were Missus J, the one and only Queen of Gotham…

“J puddin’ it’s nothing, he was just letting me have fun, it’s just innocent fun, besides I just wanted to unwind, you weren’t letting me leave that damned house.” you stood, stumbling towards him, as you giggled, grabbing his arm

“And he gets you drunk?” He’s pissed. 

“I’m fine! See!?” you lift your arms above your head as you spin, falling back into the arms of Frost who decided it’d be best to catch you before J really got upset.

“Take her to the car” he demanded, stepping closer to the man who was beyond terrified at this point, Frost leaving with you as you stumbled along.

“That’s my baby doll… mine you know, I can look at her, touch her.. and quite frankly I hate when other people take whats mine… No one else can touch my things … I hate … sharing!” He growls as he grips at the mans shoulders, the man jumping as he does.

“S-sir I didn’t mean.. I - I mean I didn’t know she was your girl sir… Sh-she just… Sir I didn’t know.. I’m so sorry”

J laughed - “ oh I believe you, trust me I do, you know I’m not as bad as everyone makes me out to be.. I’ll let you go.. just because I believe you really didn’t know..”

He sighed in relief. “th-thank you Mister J…” as he turned he was met with J’s gun barrel, his eyes widened but before he could utter a word J had pulled the trigger, his limp body falling over the counter.

When J finally met you in the car as you complained and yelled at Frost to let you out of the car, he climbed in, grabbing your chin as he made you look at him.

“No one. No one touches what is mine. You understand, Daddy doesn’t like sharing his toys. This will never happen again, why? Because you will never leave daddy’s side again.. do you understand me?” he growled into your ear, earning a giggle from your drunk self.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d say you’re jealous..” you smirked, only to be met by his piercing blue eyes, he was upset and you realized that.

“I’m sorry daddy, it won’t happen again…” you whispered.

“Damn right it won’t” he growled, his lips roughly meeting yours.

Lunch Date with Mistah J

Requested by unicornsprinkle: Could you make an imagine where you’re making The Joker lunch in the kitchen and he takes you over the table and just smut?

Song Choice: Pretty Baby - Lana Del Rey

Warnings: Smut, daddy kink, some swearing??


It was late morning when you woke, the sun started streaming in through the blinds as you laid in your large shared bed, the silk sheets wrapped around your body, still tangled from last nights events..

You smirked as you remembered, the warmth of the sheets still there as you slowly started to stretch, the sudden cold snapping you out of your memories, reminding you that J was no longer laying beside you.

You sighed as you roll onto your stomach and looked at the clock on the night stand. 11pm.. Damn, well I guess he’s already started his day and probably achieved so much more than you by now.

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You sighed softly as you started to sit up, yawning as you tied your messy hair into a bun, rubbing the sleep from your eyes as you wrapped your silk robe around you, climbing out of bed and to the bathroom. To your surprise a small not laid there.

“Be back home for lunch doll - don’t miss daddy too much” was attached to a single purple rose placed in a vase by your mirror. A smile creeped it’s way across your face, gasping as you remembered you woke at 11; quickly going through your daily routine you run down to the kitchen and start to pull out everything you needed to make his favourite.

You hummed as you cut, steamed and fried the many components, swaying slowly, still in the silk robe, as you listened to the collection of music both you and J managed to collect through the years.

“Pretty baby, if you don’t like the way that I touch you, then I won’t touch you no more, yeah…”

You sighed softly, glancing at the clock as you cooked, it was amazing how much you could miss J.. he’d be gone for 15 minutes and you’d miss his touch…

“Pretty baby, if you don’t like the way that I love you, then throw my love on the floor…”

He wasn’t one for showing affection, nor was he one for showing his feelings.. quite frankly you didn’t know if he felt anything other than anger, happiness and lust… but you knew somehow that all the times he’d look at you with his beautiful blue eyes, wide and in awe; there was a part of him that loved you.. even if he didn’t want to admit it.

“My mean daddy, my bad baby, don’t you want me? I don’t believe you when you say you want to leave”

You sang softly as you plated the food, unaware of the presence in the kitchen as he stared at you, smirking as he took in your legs as they padded across the kitchen, he leaned against the door frame and moaned softly.

“Mmm… did my doll face miss her daddy?” He purred as he kissed up your shoulder, his arms now snaking around your waist as he pulled you close.

You smirked as you leaned against him “that she did, she was starting to feel awful lonesome…” you kissed his finger as it traced your lips, his hand gripping your jaw as he tilted your head, kissing at your neck, no doubt leaving his mark as he went.

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“Mmmm.. I made you something special daddy… why don’t you sit down to eat…” you could feel the smirk spread across his face as the idea filled his head, sending a shiver down your spine.

“Daddy was just thinking the same thing…” he sat you on the counter, spreading your legs as he knelt, slowly kissing down your thighs, his metal grill grazing your skin as he left goosebumps and marks as he went. A small moan was all that could escape your lips.

“Mmm.. is that what my princess likes..?” before you would answer his fingers were already massaging circles on your clit, causing you to moan out louder.

“Say it” he growled as he worked your new found wetness with his tongue, sucking and licking, his metal grill sending shivers down your spin every time the cold metal touched your clit..

“please..” you mustered a whisper and he smirked, slapping your ass. 

“What was that princess?”

“Please…please…. daddy…”

“pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty…” he growled, kissing up your stomach, his finger pumping in and out of you slowly, agonizingly as you thrust your hips, desperate for more contact.

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“Oh fuck! Please daddy! Please! Fuck me like the little whore I am for you, I need you inside me! Let everyone know I’m yours!”

And with that he’s flipped you over, your robe now wrapped around your wrists as he bounds them behind your back. “That’s my girl” he growls in your ear as he immediately slams into you, not giving you the chance to adjust he starts to thrust deeply and roughly, pulling your hair back as you scream.

“Tell them who makes you feel like this, tell them who the only person is that could make you scream like this” He purred as he tugged.

“You Daddy! Only You!” You managed to gasp out as you screamed in pure bliss, his tongue snaking down your back as he leaves his mark, kissing your shoulders as he bites down, making you scream as you climax, gasping as it makes your legs shake from the sudden impact.

He picks you up, laying you on your back as he wraps your legs around his neck, the devilish smirk you’ve grown to desire spreads across his mouth.

“oh - I’m not done, daddy’s not done showing you off.” He thrusts in again, rubbing your clit with one hand, his other massaging your breast as he watches his baby doll in awe, smirking as he watches you melt in his touch, knowing the impact he has on you.

His thrusts become sloppy as he comes closer to his release, you moan out as you replace his hands, his finding a new spot around your waist as he grips them, thrusting rougher than before.

“Come for me daddy, show them I’m only yours” you moan out, and as if on command he pulls out, pulling you down on your knees as he climaxes over your breasts, a deep growl escaping his mouth as he leans his head back in relaxation.

“That’s my girl” he purrs as he leans down kissing you roughly.

“Only for my puddin’” you smirk as he reaches for a bean stalk on his plate, eating it as he dresses himself once more.

“Now go clean up for daddy and come eat with me huh?” he smirks as he hands you your robe, smacking your ass as you giggle and run off back to your room.