Some of the photos from Mark Hamill’s big day as he received his star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

He’s known as the Joker, Fire Lord Ozai, and most of all, our dear Luke Skywalker.

Thanks, Mark, for all the great work you’ve given us.

More photos as well as these can be found on the Star Wars official Facebook page.

This basically confirms that: Warner Bros gave Gotham City Sirens to David Ayer and pitched a harley/joker movie, but Margot said no to both of them and started developing her own Birds of Prey movie instead.


He felt for the first time, as an actor, that he was like “I’m untouchable. Every scene I do with any other actor, it doesn’t matter how amazing they are. I’m controlling and leading these scenes.” He was so confident, and he was so proud of that role. He was really excited for that film to come out. He was… it was the first time I’d heard him in a long time being excited about, like, “this role I’ve nailed it.” - Trevor DiCarlo