Between Stripes|Arkham Fic

Hey guys, I’m currently writing this story on Wattpad but I thought why not try it on here too? Anyways, this is a fanfic linked to the TV show Gotham where a girl (who’s in Arkham) meets Jerome and things go a little crazy from there onwards.
Forewarning for a couple things:
• my characters are probably a tad weak
• I’m not exactly a great writer
• things will probably go wrong so tell me if they do!
• enjoy

Georgia, did you kill them?“ The detective’s voice was a knife which sliced through the cake of silence. Laughter erupted from the girl’s mouth.

"Oh yes!” She exclaimed, “I began with killing my mommy. It was fun to kill her. I sliced off every single limb. Her arms went easy - her legs were a lot trickier. God she bled a lot. She was a silly bitch! Always treating me like a child. Like I was the family disappointment, look at me now! Am I a disappointment mommy?”

The girl asked before exposing her manic smile to the detective. He recoiled at the insanity on her face; her smile, indeed, was manic and large like a chesire cat’s. Then there was the madness in her eyes. It was bright, which light up the pale blue.

“Then, there was daddy. He struggled a lot more than my pathetic excuse of a mother did! Oh the way he writhed under my grip! Daddy never spoke to me. He barely knew I existed, so I went easy on him. Just a little strangling.” She did grabbing motions with her hands. “I loved seeing the panic on his face! Ooh! And the way he let out his last breath! It was absolutely brilliant!”

“So I’m guessing you killed your siblings too.” The detective snarled. His tone of voice made Georgia giggle.

“Yes! Five points to detective Gordon!” She squealed happily and clasped her hands together. “Anyways, I’ll start with telling you about my brother. He had it easy, like good ol’ pops. In fact I used my father’s shotgun. It was a good gun. A little old and creaky but it did the job!”

She paused dramatically.

“Then, BOOM!” She raised her hands and shot James Gordon in the chest with her finger-gun. “BOOM! BOOM!”

The detective carried on frowning. Of course he would. Love the law and all that fun stuff.

“Now for my lovely older sisters story! I had fun with them! That’s the best bit, that they’re twins.” She clenched her fists on the table, acting as if each fist was a twin.

“So, I tied my sisters to a pair of chairs. I began with Charlotte. Since forever I’ve hated Annabelle so it’d hurt her more if I hurt her bestest friend in the whole world!” She spat out, glaring at her left fist as if it really was her sister. “With my sisters I used knives again. They were snarky, stuck-up bitches like mother! So I took one of the knives and held it against Lottie’s throat. Don’t ya love her nickname? I was never allowed to call her that. Then I traced pretty little lines into Lottie’s throat while dear Annabelle begged for mercy.”

“I don’t want-”

“Don’t interrupt me!” Georgia shouted before slipping back into her joyful tone as she carried on with the story. “People are so selfish before they die, I’m sure you know that though. Little Annabelle screamed for me to just ‘leave her alone’ and in fact she 'didn’t care about Lottie if it meant she could live’. God I hated her so much! I pitied poor Lottie then, I just slit her throat and let her die then. Annabelle was in for a treat though! Oh she had it far worse than mummy. I cut off her ankles, then her wrists. She bled worse than mother! A lot noisier too! My bet was that the only thing keeping her alive then was adrenaline and that shit, ya know? So I carried on cutting her up. Tiny little pieces! All sorts of knives too!”

“Alright, shut up now. Story time is over.” The detective slammed his palms down on the table which shut up he girl. He was at wonder how twisted she was for a fifteen year old. What had made her do this?

“Whatcha gonna do Jimmy? Lock me up?” Georgia let out a stream of giggles as the detective frowned deeply. He was clearly disgusted.

“Even better, lock you up and send you to Arkham.” There it was, that magical place. The place everyone spoke of. And Georgia simply couldn’t wait to get there to meet her new friends…


Day 728 was similar to Day 727. My friends were talking to me again, they were talking about killing someone. I couldn’t remember who though. Maybe it was that guard who stood outside my cell on Tuesdays or it was on Sundays…

If we can get that goddamn guard to come in we could smash his head! The blood would decorate the wall nicely, this room could do with having a bit of colour to it.

Or we could lure him in and get the keys. Get the hell out this shit hole! The guard wouldn’t mind, he’d sit here nicely. Twiddling his thumbs for fun.

Both plans had flaws and my little friends were too stupid to realise. I liked to give them names but sometimes I forgot. At the moment, they were called Up and Down. One of them was more about positive plans whilst the other liked the bloody side of it. Down was the one who’d gotten me stuck here in the first place. But Up lied to me more.

It’s not my fault!

She left you to that plan. Now, she listens to me too.

Yeah she listens to you but she listens to me more! It’s cause I tell the truth!

It’s my only flaw.

Shut it!

They argued a lot too. But it was entertaining enough not to drive me crazy. Ha! I was already crazy.

“Lunch time, Fishwick.” The guard called from outside the cell. I leapt up and hurried to the tall door, attempting to peep out the barred window.

“Step back Fishwick.” The guard commanded. Rolling my eyes I stepped back.

Now when he steps in, grab his neck and try to pull!

Shut it! Today was going to be a good day. Hopefully.

“Ready for lunch Fishwick?” The guard put handcuffs on me (he’d learnt to do that on Day 322).

“Eh, what’s for lunch Joey?” I shrugged as he guided me through the halls. Unfortunately for me, I was in a cell furthest away from the kitchens and cafeteria. It was a shame.

“I heard it’s some weird soup with a side of bread.” He grimaced. Joey knew I hated the food and I knew that he hated the food. That’s how we were friends!

“Is it vegetarian?”

“I doubt it.”

“Any other options? I’m fancying grilled cheese.” I said and Joey let out a laugh.

“I doubt you’ll get anything as fine as that in here.” He sighed. It was true. My only dislike about my lovely new home was that the food was horrid.

“It’s my birthday soon Joey!” I exclaimed, breaking the silence. It was in two days! How’d I forget? Then again, I forgot a lot of things.

“And it’s the anniversary of when you first arrived here.” He added. I’d came to Arkham on my fifteenth birthday. The day I slaughtered some people. Who were they?

They were your family, idiot.

Don’t be too harsh, poor Georgy has a bad memory.

Oh yes! It was my family. Weird. I wonder why I’d want to kill them.

“You’re getting old kid, seventeen.”

“Not as old as you Joey, what’re ya? Thirty?”

“Harsh. I’m twenty six.”

“Poor you.” I snickered as we reached the cafeteria.

“Remember what we said?” Joey turned me to face him, undoing my handcuffs.

“No fighting, scrapping or slapping.” I said in a sing-song voice.

“And no food fights.” He slowly opened the door.

“That was a one time thing!” I laughed at the memory.

“You’ve done it thirteen times kiddo.” He retorted and shoved me into the room. Nobody looked up. Nobody ever did, unless you were a new arrival.

I trudged to the hole in the wall where the line of people stood waiting for their so-called 'food’. Good ol’ Aaron was stood in front of me. He was nice. Didn’t talk much but he listened to my drivel.

Tapping his shoulder I chirped, “Aaron!”

He turned round and as he noticed me a smile crept into his face. It was slow though. Like a sloth!

“Hey Georgy.” He said in a slow voice. Definitely a sloth.

“How’s it goin’ Aaron?” I asked as we both picked up a tray.

“Slow.” He grunted and I let out a little laugh. Could he read my mind? Ooh that’d be cool!

“My days okay. Up and Down are arguing as usual but they’re like some sort of white noise.” I babbled. Aaron’s response was to blink slowly. Bless the little sweetheart! He was listening.

“Oh.” He murmured as food landed on his tray with a strange splash sound.

“Hi Debby! How’s life for you on this fine fine day?” I laughed. The woman looked up, she was unimpressed. Debby worked here as some sort of food server. She didn’t like me much, at least that’s what Down said.

“Bad.” Debby grunted as she went to slap some food on my tray. I put out a hand as if to say stop!

“You got anything cheesy? Me and my buddy Aaron here have been craving cheese!” I attempted to bargain with her. It was only fair to mention Aaron too, he was a good friend to me. Screw that, he was my only friend - apart from Joey.

“No.” Debby grunted.

“You sure Debbs?”

“Move along, Fishwick.” Debby grunted. I rolled my eyes. All the woman ever did was grunt for crying out loud.

“Only tried-” I began but Debby cut me off. Stupid Debby.

“I said, move along.” Her voice was harsh now. It caught Aaron’s attention and a low growl escaped his mouth. Debby’s eyes widened and she sighed, scooping up a bunch of cheese from a cabinet beside her.

“Here’s your goddamn cheese now get gone.” Debby growled. I sent her a bittersweet smile and wandered away with Aaron.

We found an empty table in the corner of the room and sat ourselves down.

“Nice one there Aaron.” I complimented him and popped a cheese cube into my mouth. He was eating them by the handful.

Once he’d eaten what was in his mouth, he replied.
“S'no problem Georgy.”

I smiled at Aaron. He was definitely a sweetie, we were kinda similar. He killed his family; I killed my family; he liked cheese; I liked cheese. So similar, right?

Wrong honey. He’s too stupid to realise.

For once I agree with my buddy here, he’s got barely two brain cells to rub together.

Yeah! Just enough brain cells to kill.

They had to ruin everything didn’t they?

It’s our job.

I rolled my eyes at the voices and popped another cheese cube into my mouth. One difference between Aaron and I was that he ate like a pig. Maybe he’d never heard of cutlery? Nope he must have, he slaughtered his family with knifes and axes. At least I think so…

“C'mon Valeska, just get in the goddamn cafeteria. It won’t hurt you.” A guard’s voice broke through my thoughts and drew attention to the door.

“Mathews! Be kind to our patients. Jerome may just be finding it difficult to adjust.” One of the nurse’s snapped at the guard and smiled at the guy with cheeto-coloured hair.

“Whatever, he’s scum to me.” The guard snarled at the younger guy. He laughed in the guard’s face and strutted into the cafeteria.

“We’ll come back later Jerome, try to make friends.” The nurse cooed at him and closed the door. She walked away with the guard at her heels.

I took the time to get a good look at cheeto-hair.

He was quite tall, taller than me by far, and had a lanky figure that was slightly muscular. For a psycho (like moi) he was good-looking. A firm, sharp jawline. Glowing green eyes. Slightly arched eyebrows. And that alive orange hair which contrasted so perfectly with his pale skin. He couldn’t be much older than me.

“Hey Aaron, there’s fresh meat.” I murmured and pointed my plastic spoon in the new guy’s direction. Aaron turned round, slowly. He grunted as he saw Jerome (at least I think that was his name). Somehow he low grunt was loud enough for the new guy to hear.

His head whipped round to look at Aaron and I. A mischievous smile grew on his face as he took long strides to walk to our table. He slotted himself down next to Aaron and opposite me.

“Hello if you didn’t happen to overhear, I’m Jerome Valeska.” He introduced himself with that mad grin again. I smiled a matching grin.

“Aaron Helzinger and Georgia Fishwick. Pleasure to meet you!” I giggled and popped another cheese cube into my mouth.

“How do I get some divine food round here?” He asked, looking around for a brief moment.

“Get yourself to that line, grab a tray and attempt to sweet-talk good ol’ Debby to give you the nice grub.” I instructed, “Aaron and I managed to get ourselves some cheese along with the usual stuff.”

“Brilliant.” He grimaced and stood up. Quickly, he strode to the short line and grabbed a tray.

“Whatcha think Aaron? Good or bad?” I said quietly to Aaron. Using simple terms with Aaron was easiest.

“Eh.” He grumbled and ate a whole piece of bread.

“I agree. We need to get to know him a little.” I murmured.

You could totally kill Jerome if you sharpened your spoon.

Spoons are too weak. Try that shovel thing Debby has.

Geez, Up and Down were so bloodthirsty sometimes.

Someone slammed something on the table and took me away from the voices again - thank god.

“That woman barely budged!” Jerome snapped. I looked at his tray. Even worse than mine or Aaron’s. He had a measly portion of soup with half a slice of bread. Laughter erupted from my mouth.

“Gosh, Debby’s usually nicer with your first night here!” I sniggered.

“She threatened for less.” Jerome muttered.

“Stick with me and Aaron and we’ll help you get far. Debby has a sweet spot for me and Aaron helps budge it.” I couldn’t help but carry on laughing.

“How’d you end up here anyway?” Jerome smiled and leaned forward. He was eager and curious, I could see it in his eyes.

“Well, a nearly two years ago little fifteen year old me was fed up with being the family disappointment. So I murdered them all, one by one. Starting with good ol’ mommy of course. She got stabbed. Then with daddy I strangled him. With my brother I shot him a couple of times. The most fun was my older twin sisters! I cut them up and made the one I hated most watch as I killed her best friend. She was selfish and begged for her own life!” I laughed, becoming a little shaken as I finished my tale. Aaron looked and me and put his hand on my forearm.

“Sorry about that. Thanks Aaron!” I chirped and smiled. He let go, continuing to eat the soup.

“What about big fella here?” Jerome glanced at Aaron.

“Killed his family too. Had fun with a bunch of knives and axes.” I said shortly. Aaron hated to talk about it, he wasn’t so violent nowadays.

“Relatable. I killed my bitch of a mother.” Jerome stated. Aaron frowned a little at his language.

“She hate you too?” I asked sympathetically. With my mother and sisters, I hated them the most.

“A little. She was a whore. Slept with all her friends in the bed next to me. Didn’t ever shut up too. I had to get rid of her.” Jerome spoke as if he had poison in his mouth. Sore subject I guess.

“Hard life, isn’t it?” I mumbled and ate some bread. Jerome smirked as he ate.

Well, I’d just made another friend. Which I had previously thought would never happen. Aaron and I were therapy friends that liked similar foods. Jerome was something a little different.

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Small detail, but I remember in the novelization there was a line from a henchman's point of view (Frost?) and it said something about the only thing that Harley and Joker have in common are their love of murder and their good looks. I disagree as I think they have more in common but its interesting that people in the DCEU find him attractive. I mean people in the real world find him attractive (me included lol) but I assumed people in the DCEU wouldn't. Also the quote is a bit off


Is it really surprising that the Novel is off? lol

Sorry to the people that liked the Novelization but I hated it, mostly for how badly written it was and how OOC the characters were. Specifically the Joker. 

Not just OOC to the movie Joker, but OOC to the Joker in general IMO. I don’t think Joker would ever think with his dick, you know what I’m saying? Like in the Novel Joker is constantly describing Harleen/Harley as “sexy, sexy body” and “hot babe”, etc. Yes, obviously I do think that Joker is physically and sexually attracted to Harley. But that’s not the reason why he “picked” her. The reason why was because she was interesting and fun and was unlike anyone he’d ever met. He had a connection with her. That’s why Harley exists at at all. Obviously, in my opinion. 

But in general, the bad writing of the Novel really made me mad. 

Anyways, onto your question. It is an interesting question, would people find Joker attractive? Or would they be too scared of him to notice his looks? 

Yes, I do think they would find Joker attractive. I mean Joker Leto oozes sex and with his moans, growls, heavy breathing, and just the way he looks I think there would be men/women who would be attracted to him. But it would be the kind of thing like “Wow, Joker is really handsome. I can see why Harley is attracted to him–” Then their heads get cut off. 


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prompt: The club scene where someone gets a little too "close" to Harley and the joker loses his shit all possessive and shit and kills the guy and saved Harley

It was a normal Saturday night, the Joker and Harley Quinn were at Joker’s club. The Joker had just heard of a man who made comments about ‘buying Harley off his hands’. So Mr. J invited him to his club to make a business deal. Harley was seated next to Joker in one of her finest gold dresses, her legs were over his lap and she was playing with the gold chains around his neck. She was bored, waiting for Joker to kill this man so they could go home already.

“I’m not gonna kill you. Not yet, no. ” Mr. J said, Harley whipped her head toward him.

“Why not?” She demanded.

“Harley, daddy’s busy.” He shushed her. “No, you’re going to make me a lot of money first.”

“Puddin! He just tried to buy me!” He tried to take me away from you.

“But he didn’t, did he?” He smiled at her and turned back to his business meeting.

Harley rose an eyebrow, shock and annoyed at him, as suddenly a lightbulb went off in her head. She huffed, crossing her legs and turning away from him. Hearing Mr. J utter out one faint ‘Harley’ but she didn’t look at him.

Instead, she focused all her attention on the man Mr. J was doing a business deal with, she smiled at the man seated on the other side of the booth. Harley stood up, walking around the gold ottoman, making sure to sway her hips like the boys couldn’t resist, and plopped herself in the other man’s lap, wrapping an arm around his shoulder.

Not glancing at Mr. J she asked, “How much would ya pay for a night with me?”

The man eyes widened comically. She giggled. His brown eyes darted back and forth between Joker and Harley, sweat already moistening his bald head. He was looking at the Joker as he shook his head over and over.

“I wouldn’t— I mean I would but—No! That’s not what I meant. She’s beautiful but no—“ He sputtered, trying to save his life. No use, Harley thought, he’s a dead man walking. 

Harley risked one glance at Joker, knowing what she’d find. His breathing was heavy, his strong chest moving up and down rapidly, hands twitching around his cane, his eyes huge, looking at Harley, looking at her arm around another man’s shoulder, looking at her legs and how they were on another man’s lap. That’ll teach him, Harley thought. Happy with the reaction she got out of her Mr. J.

“So cowardly.” Harley smiled at the sweating man, “You know, Mr. J might like me to come home with some money.  C’mon, tell me how much you’d pay?”

“No! I wouldn’t, Joker! I wouldn’t! She’s yours, I don’t-“ The man was really sweating now.

“No, no, no,” Mr. J waved his finger back and forth, his mood had changed again, “She’s right, she would look prettier with pockets full of cash. Go on, tell her how much you’d pay?”

“Mr. J, it was just a joke!” The man hadn’t stopped shaking his head, he was practically pushing Harley off his lap, “You like jokes right? She’s yours! I wouldn’t take-“

Joker slammed his cane down on the ottoman, “That wasn’t my question,” He growled, “Tell me. Now.” Harley was staring at Joker, hanging on to every word, her arousal evident.  

“I wouldn’t-“ The man’s voice cut off as a bullet impaled itself into his head. He slumped over, dead.

Harley frowned slightly, “Aw, puddin. I didn’t even get to play with him.”

She stood up off his lap, walking around the ottoman, and sat down beside the Joker again. “Thanks, honey.” Harley ran her fingertips down his strong arm, “Is that all of your business meetings tonight?”

“Don’t touch me! You want to see how much a man would pay for you? Go see.” He threw her hand off his arm, growling.

“You got it all wrong, baby,” She shook her head, leaning in to whisper in his ear, “I just wanted to see daddy kill that weasel.” She licked the outer edge of his ear, “Plus, you can have me for free. Anytime, anywhere you want.”

Joker growled, annoyed as he grabbed her arm and lead her to the car. She grinned at him fondly, knowing she had a bit of work on her hands. To help with mad mood. 

Or maybe she would get lucky and he’d used his rage in bed with her. Harley giggled as they sped off into the night. 

Thanks for reading!