Hello Haters!

There are a couple things that i would like to tell you. I know I won’t be able to change your mind about anything, but if I don’t get this off my chest I might burst into flames. Just want to let you know that all the horrible things that you keep bringing up about Jared Leto, wishing him death and other horrible things, are unsubstantiated and just plainly wrong!

First thing: Accusing Jared Leto of rape

If you look around online (or had even bothered once to actually google this), you will quickly find that there are no victims of Jared-Leto-rape. They don’t exist. You know why? Because this all started as fan fiction. Yes, you’re right: the same internet trend that is responsible for one of the worst books on my bookshelf (Shades of Grey trilogy) is also responsible for this rumor. It all started on a message board where people wrote about fantasies they had regarding the guys in 30stm; and at some point somebody brought up the rape fantasy, inspired by the fact that JL likes it a bit rougher (as he said himself). So, some girls went a bit further and wrote short paragraphs about it; and years later these paragraphs resurfaced and were used as evidence for him raping women. IT’S ALL BULLSHIT! mystery solved for you.

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Second thing: Accusing him of being an Asshole for sending those gifts

I have seen so many of you writing that he needs to be fired and arrested for harassment and that you want the rest of the cast to kill him, bla bla… apart from this being horrible, immature and hostile behavior on your part, it’s also completely out of turn, because: he is an actor!! People in the entertainment industry have very different jobs than the rest of us, and they go deeper and more to the core than you do on a daily basis. So he sent them things? Wow, big deal. David Ayer made them slap each other in the face during read throughs. But nobody is talking about that, because that’s art, right? Plus, use your brain for just a second: It’s a great publicity stunt! And also, for some parts, probably not even true. Who would have used those condoms? he himself? riiiiight… A gift of Anal beads from Jared Leto? Hell yeah, gimme! bullets? Wow, so scary… Come on now. You’re making something out of nothing.

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third thing: Viola Davis

Uhhh… how do i put this? oh yeah. Shut up. Stop using her for your hateful slurs, because she is clearly only saying this stuff to stick out. Besides the fact that you guys only quote portions of what she actually said throughout her interviews (since the whole quote would defeat your purpose), she was afraid anything would happen to her on a movie set? The one place where security is often a bigger concern than good acting, where you’re more likely to see security personnel  than actors? Yes. She was in real danger. And also, not only did she find Jared so scary, she was also afraid of Margot’s Harley? Excuse me?! I think little Viola should carry a security blanket around with her instead of a pepper spray, she might get more use out of that! (and before anyone gets on my back calling me a racist, i say fuck you! I don’t give a fuck about the color of her skin. It’s your actions that define you not your race, gender, religion or sexuality; and where this movie and her interviews are concerned, her actions suuuuucked!)

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last thing:

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(For the anon who requested this, “Imagine being the daughter of Bruce Wayne , however fall in love with Joker and Joker falls in love with you too , please ??”)

A/n: This turned out to be way long than I thought. Whoops. I got carried away I guess.

Pairing: Jared Leto!Joker x Reader x Father!Bruce Wayne

“Dad?” you walk up to your father, glancing at the other two business men chatting it up with him. You could instantly tell he really wanted the conversation to end. So much so, he perked at the sound of your voice and turned around to face you immediately. “(Y/n), what is it?”

Glancing at the two other men, you lick your lips and said, “Alfred needs you on something. Said something about the types of wine.”

He smirks at you and nods, turns around and excuses himself, and stood right next to you. “A ‘thank you’ would be great.”

Bruce chuckles and starts to walk, you right at his side. “Are you enjoying the party?”

You scoff. “As much as I can. All the people here are so boring. They all just talk about how rich they are, and how much ‘they are friends with Wayne’,” you say, voice imitating one of the men who actually said that. Bruce smiles. “I’ll let you go out.”

You beam at him and gasp, eyes widening, not really expecting the ‘unless’.

“Unless it’s just outside,” at that, you sag once more, but an idea comes to you and you grin, nodding enthusiastically.

The cool breeze outside sends chills down your spine and goosebumps to rise, the dead leaves crunching under your white pumps, purple maroon dress flowing in the wind.

You throw your head back, stopping for a moment, and breathed deeply. The thick smell of cologne and expensive perfume flooded your nostrils when you were still in the gala, so being outside was refreshing.

You were at the back of the building, which had a garden, so you had decided to take a walk. You straighten up and continue walking, admiring all the flowers and stone statues.

The more you travelled into the garden, the more quiet it got and by now, you could hardly hear anything but the sound of wind and the fountain you were approaching. The fountain had a statue of cupid on the top, so you stared at it for a second before sitting down on the edge.

Your fingertips went under the water, but the sound of footsteps startled you. You sigh and bite your lip, expecting your father to be right behind you. “Dad, I haven’t been out here very long. Just a few more minutes, please?”

“Your father isn’t here right now,” a soft nasally voice says behind you. You freeze and your eyes widened, hand stopped moving in the water.

You know that voice. It was the voice that you’ve heard oh-so-many times when you were keeping Batman in check, the voice you’ve heard on the television multiple times, the voice that haunts you in your dreams.

The voice of Joker.

You spin around in your place and almost let out a scream at how close he was to your face. The clown in front of you was grinning, silver teeth glinting under the light from the fountain, blue orbs hard and staring straight into your (e/c) ones.

“Joker. What are you doing here?” you ask firmly, after regaining your voice. He doesn’t answer immediately, just narrows his eyes and smiles even wider, if that was even possible. “Oh, the usual. Taking all of your guests as hostage and demanding money.”

You narrow your eyes back, fists now clenching. You take a deep breath and shut your eyes, calming your nerves. You reopen your eyes to see Joker a bit further away, but sitting right in front of you. “So, what? You gonna take me hostage or what?”

He shrugs, as if this was a totally normal conversation for him. “Maybe. Or maybe not.”

“Why not go bother other galas? And stop going after my dad,” you say snappily. He pouts and nods, a grin taking over his face again. “You see, little (Y/n), when I have an eye on something, or rather someone, I take it. No matter the consequences.”

You gulp, the green-haired man wasn’t grinning like he usually was, instead, he looked absolutely serious. He reaches out a hand. You freeze, eyes wide and panicked, not really knowing what he was doing.

His milky white fingers gently brushed your hot skin, and they pushed back a lock of (h/c) behind your ear. He pulls back, gaze not wavering. A soft shaky breath escapes your lips, shoulders slowly relaxing while the panic slowly seeps out. You were still on edge, expecting anything. You two actually haven’t even met in real life before. But you’ve known each other from your reputations.

Suddenly, he stands, expression not changing. You keep a cautious eye on him. The Joker lets out a hand, gesturing for you to grab it. “C'mon, let’s take a walk.”

Were you really gonna do this? Associate with the Joker? You stare at him, then his hand. Slowly but surely, you placed your clammy hand in his surprisingly warm one.

Yup. You guess so.

The Joker pulls you up gently, pulling you a bit closer to his side. You two walk into the maze of hedges, silence enveloping both of you. During your walk, he suddenly says, “I like your dress. Brings out the colour of your eyes.”

Your eyes went into his direction, but he wasn’t looking or facing you. Glancing down, (and feeling quite self-conscious) you realise that your tight knee-length purple maroon dress was the same shade as his dress shirt, your white pumps matching his jacket and slacks, black belt matching his tie and golden necklace matching his golden wristwatch and rings. You finally realise you both have the same exact colour scheme for your outfits.

Looking down at your white heels suddenly seemed interesting, your cheeks turning red. Joker risks a glimpse in your direction and notices this, chuckling, only making you more red. You were expecting him to whip out a knife and slit your throat.

Wait no. He wasn’t like that. He would probably kidnap you, torture you then demand for money from your father. Either way, you were almost one hundred you were going to die. Gulping, you looked at him. Actually looked at him. You looked closely at his style of clothing. Most of time, you see him wear purple and green, obviously like a clown. He wears a lot of gold for a guy, but he isn’t your average guy so you can’t really say anything.

His pale complexion really makes the blue from his eyes look even paler than they really are and his neon green hair surprisingly matches his red lips. Now up close, you might actually think he looks attractive. You weren’t even gonna deny it. Just remove the tattoos, lipstick, silver teeth, green hair and let him bake under the sun for an hour or two, then he would look like the type of guy girls would wanna date.

You look at his lips, and subconsciously licked your own, and trailed your eyes up, only to be locking gazes with his fixated eyes. You blush, having caught but not exactly looking away. Joker’s gaze doesn’t even waver either, so it just became sort of a staring competition.

The more you stare, the more you got lost in his blue eyes. He suddenly stops walking, but still not taking his eyes off of you. Joker breaks the gaze by looking at the huge hedge beside him. The hedge was covered in red roses, thorns poking out of the leaves and stems. He grabs a bloomed rose and gently plucks it out, turning back to you.

You stare at the red rose then back into his eyes, now confused. He lets out his hand, offering the flower. Surprisingly, there wasn’t a thorn on the rose, as if it was meant to be plucked out. Your hand raises to grasp it from his fingers.

Keeping eye contact, you raise the rose to your nose and breathed in deeply, letting a small smile over take your face. Then, you frown. “So, now what? You gonna kill me? All this seduction just to kill me?”

Joker’s gaze suddenly loses its softness and it was almost as if he was glaring at you. He points a finger to your face, and says warningly, “Careful,” there wasn’t really a bite to his words. It was just a hollow warning.

And knowing that, you smile and smiled even wider when Joker grinned back at you. “Why are you doing this?”

He laughs, and pats his stomach. You were faced with a psycho manipulative clown, but you never expected him to him gentle and mean at the same time. He could seriously give you a rose, all gentle for a second, before shoving it down your throat with no hesitation, but a gut feeling told you he wouldn’t do that.

He calms down, grinning down at you and raised his eyebrows, putting both hands on your upper arms.. “Lets play a game, shall we?”

You gave him a skeptical look, but slowly nodded, regretting it immediately when his grin only widens. “What sort of game?”

“Oh, only a simple one. All we have to do, is pretend our lives and what we do don’t matter. And talk about ourselves,” he explains, grazing his thumbs over your chilly skin. You narrowed your eyes, hesitation creeping up on you. “Is there a catch?”

He shakes his head vigorously, “Why, my dear (Y/n). Do you really think I would just play you like that?” He asks, voice innocent as he places a hand over his heart, feigning hurt. You snort and roll your eyes. “Lets just get this over and done with.”

And with that, both of you talked about your lives. About favourites, about how boring your life is and how exciting his is. You talked for a long time, walking around the garden while doing so. The more you got to know him, the more you saw the real Joker.

Not the psychotic clown for everyone saw, but for the genius and manipulative person he really was. His mind worked in ways you’ve never seen, how creative he was (mostly in just killing people) and how passionate he is about being someone to stand up to Batman. It was quite hard to explain how he suddenly appealed to you, but the way he spoke, in such an eccentric and charismatic manner almost made you forget he was the same clown who murdered hundreds of people just out of sheer fun of it. The minute you look around your surroundings and realize you’re back where you started, the fountain, you halt in your step.

Joker stops in his tracks as well, and turns to face you, an earnest look on his face. “Well, I guess it’s game over… for now.”

You furrow your eyebrows. You didn’t want him to leave. When you two talked, it only seemed like it was minutes when in actuality, you’ve been talking for an hour, sharing jokes and stories you’d never be able to tell your father or Alfred.

You’ve been stunned by how interesting the Joker actually is. It was either he was really manipulative, and just needed you for leverage, or he really wanted to get to you. But he did seem pretty interested about the time you spilled coffee on one of your father’s business partners just to get your father out of the meeting. So it was unlikely he would just use you like that, when he could kidnap you instead.

You press your lips into a firm line and stared up at him, admiring his pale blue eyes up close, probably for the last time. He stares back, but with more intensity, the madness still in his eyes, waiting to be unleashed. Joker moves closer but not touching you. You take in a sharp breath when you subconsciously moved closer as well. Your fists clenched, then unclenched, the rose dropping to the floor, forgotten.

Joker leans down, intimidating eyes boring into yours. Even in a moment like this, he still looked scary as hell. You glance to his lips, and licked your own, eyes going back up to meet his. And.

You were kissing. He placed his lips on yours, seemingly not being able to wait any longer. Both of your eyes were closed, enjoying the moment. His lips were amazingly soft, melding perfectly with your own. God, why were you doing this? You were the daughter of his archenemy, and you were making out with the bad guy. You knew this meant big trouble for both parties, and not in a good fun way, but in a I’ll-probably-end-up-dying way.

You pull away clumsily, turning your head to the side. He continues to kiss down your jaw and neck, metal teeth grazing your skin which sent shivers down your spine. When you looked to the side, you see the stone statue of cupid, pointing his bow directly at the both of you.

You chuckle, catching Joker’s attention. He stops and pulls away slightly, but not too far. He looks into your direction of staring, and sees the same thing. A laugh escapes him. You both pull back, your face full of worry while his full of deviousness. You wanted to say something. Ask what this was. So you start, “I-“

A beep from heard from his jacket, and you jump. He pulls out a phone from his inside jacket, checking the text he received. He slips in back in and looks at you, a smirk on his face. “Well, (Y/n), it’s been a pleasure. I really do look forward to… our next meeting together.”

You can’t help but hear the slight sensual tone in his voice so you just nod. Joker does something unexpected. He places a hand on your cheek and pulls you in for another kiss, this time more urgent, as if he knows it would be a while before you see each other again. You kiss back, tongue slipping into his mouth and running over his metal teeth.

After a minute, though it felt like hours, you both pull back at the same time and stared into each other’s eyes. He breaks eye contact by pecking you on the cheek before turning and walking back into the direction he came.

You stare after him, watching his retreating back. “Hey!” You called out at the last second. He stops and turns.

“When will I see you again?”

He just smirks, “Sooner than you think, (Y/n). Sooner than you think,” he says before turning back and continuing his journey.

The breath you were holding was let out, and your mouth runs dry. “Shit.”

“I’m in way too deep now.”

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I’d actually like to write a sequel to this