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Joker Imagine

Originally posted by ohsoswiftly

Imagine being the guard who has to check on the Joker daily and him taking a shine to you.

Joker: There she is there she is. My favorite… Looking beautiful as ever… Is that Chanel I smell?? Trying to impress me?? Oh sugar I take you for more of a Guicci girl… What?? Not going to talk to me?? Bat got your tongue??… I love a girl who plays hard to get… The chase makes it worth it *gif*

if anyone is interested in a one shot of his please let me know 

Did You Miss Daddy Puddin’?

Mistah J always had a rep for a bad temper, no one dared fight with him or point out anything he may have said or done wrong… Then again you weren’t just anyone.. you were his princess and sometimes his princess isn’t all to cooperative…

Warnings: Smut…? Well build up smut 😂 - … and teasing…. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


That’s it… he’s lost his goddamned mind! You were all too understanding and cooperative when it came to his nonsense and plots. But puddin’ just pulled the last straw from the bundle and you were seething.

You slammed the car door shut as you parked in front of the mansion, Frost was there to great you with his usual smile, but quickly stepped back when he saw your expression. He wasn’t much of a talker but he knew when to step back and let you two work it out..

As you looked at him his face went pale. “Miss…” he tried to smile softly in his greeting but to no avail.

“Where. Is. He..?” , you practically spit out as you tapped your shoe impatiently.

“Well… uh…” he sighed, knowing it was best to admit defeat. “His office Miss…” he smiled softly and you nodded.

“Thanks.” you stormed in, the front door slamming back against a vase you had fallen in love with as soon as you saw it. As you hear it smash into tiny pieces you screamed out in pure frustration.

Originally posted by heckyeahreactiongifs

Walking up the grand stair case to his office you glared at the men by the door and they just froze, letting you step between them and into the room.

“Puddin’..?” , you decided to play with the player himself.. besides you never really won when you ran in guns blazing…

He didn’t look up, just grunted.. “I’m working doll face. Can this wait?”

You raised an eyebrow, but managed to keep your cool for one more moment. “Awww, puddin’ don’t make your baby doll wait..” you purred as you crawled over his desk, pushing him back into his seat as he sighed in defeat and watched you with a straight face.

“Did my doll face miss her daddy? Is that it?” he purred as he rubbed your thighs as you rest your feet on the armrest of his chair, exposed for his pleasure. 

You nodded playfully as you pouted, “oh daddy you know I always miss you when you ain’t around..” he growled, always having been a fan of your choice, (or lack of) in underwear. He smirked as he slid his hand up your skirt.

Originally posted by play-secretary

“Is that so… how about you distract daddy from his important work. If not for just a little bit.” he purred as you smirked, knowing it was now or never.

“hmmm.. see daddy I did miss you, and I do need you… but like you said. Work is awfully important. We have a meeting in a few minutes, and since you were soooo set on shooting my hair dresser for having kept me in the salon for the day and making me a teensy bit late… I suppose I’m really set on doing this meeting and proving I can be on time… See, and now I’m letting you, Mistah J, to wait until princess decides she’s not upset anymore.. until then… “

You smirked and shut your legs as you stood up in front of him, bending over as you stood so your cleavage was in perfect sight.

“I’ll name my favorite toy Mistah J for now.” 

With that you turned and walked your most sexy walk out the door.

“20 minutes puddin’ and we leave. So get ready” you smirk as you wink at a seething J as he sat in his chair, obviously frustrated. 

As you quickly close the door and run off - you knew there was no way on earth you were going to get away scot-free, and man did Mistah J know it too… 

“Just you wait doll…” he muttered

Originally posted by 50shadesofjaredleto

Jealous ~ Jared Leto Joker

@terrysafood123 Can I please get a jared leto joker imagine about him getting jealous it can end however you want it to. ~ Here it is! I really hope you enjoy.

Warnings: Slight Violence and Swearing. 

Originally posted by pinkquinn

You’re the Queen of Gotham. Everyone knows not to mess with you, not if they want to avoid dealing with the feared Clown Prince, the Joker himself. You have been dating the crime boss for over two years now. You had been robbing a bank, one that he just so happened to be planning to rob to. Instead of killing you he decided to use you for his own use. You became a spy for the Joker. Going on missions to assassinate people, steal expensive items, or get important information. 

After a while you became more than just an asset to the Joker, you became his girl. You were his doll and he was your Pumpkin. He makes sure everyone know you are his. While on missions he’ll openly kiss you or pull you to his side, smirking as scared civilians watch the crime duo cause chaos. 

If anyone looked at you wrong or insulted you he would kill them without a thought. No one disrespected his doll. Due to you being involved in more missions with him you didn’t work solo anymore. You were too active to just wait and do nothing until one of your Pumpkin’s plans were put into affect. 

You decided to work at his club as a bartender. You know you didn’t have to work, in fact the Joker didn’t want you to. But your need to be doing something made you happy serving drinks. 

Although some days working at the club causes problems. And today just happened to be one of the days.

Keep reading


gangsta | joker + harley
(edited by doomsofangel)

you again? (part one)

request: “OH GOD! I forgot how to request 😅 sorry! I put it on the submit!! But i was not lying when i said i love your story! If you can! I would love you to make this! Oneshot/series/imagines - whateve you decide – Joker and reader were childhood friend but then they separate to live their life and then they met again but this time they forget each other! Their relationship slowly develops and their memories starts to regain! But Joker will still be insane ( jared ) - if you can make harley jeolous!”

note:: its not going to be exactly like this but i think you’ll like it:) btw for all of you none weed experts; loud is a good type of marijuana while reggie is shitty.

characters: joker x reader

warnings: drug dealing, marijuana, profanity, sex, batsy being cranky, mentions of rape and murder

Everyone knew who you were. They called you the banshee.You were the whisper in the wind. The goosebumps at night. The howl to the wolf. You were the sole reason Gotham was still up and running.

Sure, it wasn’t exactly legal, but any money is good money. You ran the biggest drug cartel in the world. You had weed farms all over the continents. It made people happy, and made you money.

It was shipment night for the weed in Gotham. You had truck loads to deliver and a set time to get it all delivered.

Your heels clacked around the cement building where bricks of pot were stacked up high. You took a deep breath and your eyes fluttered at the sweet smell of the intoxicating plant.

You pulled out a pre-rolled blunt and stuck the stick in between your lips. The sliver lighter in your fingers sparked and the sweet smell of the grape blunt filled your nose. You took a drag of the drug, its warm smoke filling every inch of your lungs.

The mind-numbing happiness is why you did what you did. Why was making other people happy a crime? You didn’t know why, and honestly you didn’t give a fuck to know why.

The last truck was being loaded and your goons walked around, taking a brick each for themselves as a treat. You didn’t mind, of course you were up in the clouds.

The sound of something bursting through the window caught your attention and you sat down on a bench, waiting for the masked hero to appear. “Banshee, nice to see you doing well.” Batman walked towards you slowly, you smiled putting the blunt back in your lips and taking a drag.

“You don’t look half bad yourself batsy.” You laughed and he shook his head, pulling out a pair of handcuffs.

“You know I gotta take you in.” He stated starting to advance towards you.

You held up your hand and laughed. Your hair fell in your face because you couldn’t stop laughing. Batman just sat there confused, what had he said that was so funny?

“You’re gonna arrest me?” You laughed loudly and slapped your hand on your thigh. “You’re gonna arrest me for making people happy?” Your laughter had died down a bit and you tapped the ash off the top of your blunt. Standing up, you placed the blunt back in your mouth and walked up to the caped crusader.

“Don’t your have bigger problems to worry about than drugs? You realize people are getting raped and murdered out there right? Guess what batsy, people ask for drugs. No one asks to get killed or raped.” You blew the smoke held in your lungs onto his face, then you walked your fingers up his chest and pulled him close. “You know why they call me the banshee?”

“No, why do they?” He grumbled out, feeling uncomfortable with how you had him pressed up against you.

“Because my shit is so loud, it got me moving slow-mo.” Then a huge puff of smoke exploded in batman’s face, he felt your arms leave his body, and when the smoke cleared he found himself cuffed to a pole.


Your heels clacked on the side walk as the sky opened up and rain fell in large droplets. You took a mango blunt out of your bra and stuck that between your wet lips. The flame from the lighter lit up your face as you inhaled the smoke once again.

As you kept walking, a car pulled up next to you, driving extremely slow. You turned your head to see a purple lamborghini with tinted windows. You pulled the blunt back to your lips and took another hit. The windows rolled down to reveal none other than the joker.

“Mistah J, how nice to see you.” You smiled, and continued walking as he drove next to you.

The Joker was just another bad guy in Gotham. You had run into him on occasion but it was never anything special. He was just another looney in your opinion.

“Banshee, looking stunning as usual.” He smiled, his silver set of teeth gleaming under the street light.

“Always the flatterer, aren’t ya?” You laughed, blowing smoke out of your nose.

“I found something out earlier. Why you look so damn familiar.” You stopped walking and faced him with a smile, running your tongue across your teeth.

“Oh? Do tell.”

“Lets go for a drive.”

The speeding lamborghini made your cheeks hurt with how much you were smiling. “So, Mistah J, why do I look so damn familiar?” You mocked his voice and smiled as he rolled his eyes playfully.

“We went to school together. You and me, (Y/N).” He laughed loudly and your smile dropped.

“Jack?” He leaned towards you with a smile and winked, before you smiled brightly and grabbed his face, kissing him on the cheek. “You devil! How have you been? I didn’t even reconstruction you with the green hair and bleached skin yanno’?”

“I figured out it was you when i saw the pot leaf tattoo behind your ear.” You laughed loudly and pushed your hair out of the way, revealing your tattoo.

“What the hell happened to you man? After you went to college, you just stopped talking to me. And now… Now you’re like this.” You asked, slightly saddened at the memory of J not calling you back all those times.

“Shit got complicated.” He snapped out, making you jump a little bit as his hands gripped the steering wheel tightly. He noticed you get uncomfortable and he sighed, angry because he always lost his temper so quickly. Ironic, really. “What happened to you? You were just some pot head girl who wanted to change the world last time I checked.”

You smiled and looked out the window, glancing at him in the reflection. “I grew up. Obviously, I didn’t grow out of the pot thing, but the dream of changing the world is dead. The world doesn’t change unless it wants to. So I stopped trying.”

It got quiet for awhile until the car stopped, and you noticed you had arrived at what seemed to be an abandoned warehouse. “You comin’ in or no?”

note: this will be three parts; the third will be smut:)

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