Intensifying the psychotic passion between these two is the fact that Harley is not just The Joker’s girlfriend, henchwoman or arm candy. Far from it, the two are equals. Speaking to Screen Rant, Costume Designer Kate Hawley analysed the relationship in the following way –

‘There’s this obsession and this relationship [between Harley and Joker] that… it’s almost like two alpha males, you know? You never feel Harley’s done under in a way, it’s been beautifully interpreted by David in her dialogue, that she’s such an amazing, strong character and they’re like two alpha males. They go out and the games they play with their victims, it’s like cat and mouse.’


New merch ideas!

Acrylic Stands:
- Nohrian Siblings (considering Hoshidan one in the future)
- Shared Friends (with Flora)
- can be written on with whiteboard markers as memo pad!
- Keaton&Velouria
- unlined?
- Parent+Kid in a cup and a saucer charm
- can be paired up with a separate mother(Fates) or father(Awakening) in a teapot charm for the whole family!

The stand is already on its way~!
I might make them into charms too if people like it!

I re-stocked all royals notebooks&sisters notebooks for the online shop.
I’m aiming to open it in August! Thank you to those of you who are waiting! ;w;