Suicide Squad • 2016 •



From DC Comics comes the Suicide Squad, an antihero team of incarcerated supervillains who act as deniable assets for the United States government, undertaking high-risk black ops missions in exchange for commuted prison sentences.

A Hit Full Of Love

Request: I love the way you write so much. Can you write something like where is Joker a psycho that abuses you a lot and then comes back to apologize for what he did to you? Thank you very much ❤ - by anon

Everyone knows the great Joker..

You know him too, you knew him some time ago…

One event, one last hit, one last tear and… blank

“Princess, please open your eyes…” A quiet beg appeared in a dark room. Even though the room was painted with white colors it was pretty dark, only one light revealed the sadness, loneliness and pain of the room. One bed and one white armchair plus all the hospital equipment. Drip was connected with your hand, another hand was in his hands.

Joker was sitting in an armchair, his hands were holding your cold hand super tightly, his icy blue eyes were on your pale, cold face. By the Joker’s appearance you could tell, that he didn’t showered or at least changed his clothes for a while. His green, normally slicked back hair was messy, covering some of his face.

“Princess, please wake up..” he said quietly once again. “Gosh, please… I’m sorry..” he closed his tired eyes and kissed your hand. It was a full week of you in deep coma. “Baby doll, I am hella sorry for what happened, you know I don’t apologize anyone, ever….ANSWER ME!!” he shouted angrily.

A week ago you were with Joker in his club, for a business meeting. Everything was pretty normal. (Normal in Joker’s style a.k.a a couple of men got killed, some of strippers got raped by the customers and of course a lot of money got new home - Joker himself) You were next to Mr. Joker all the time, slowly getting more and more bored. Even some drinks didn’t make it better…

Later on, official meeting was over, now Joker and his company (with you besides him) got some more drinks and that’s where everything went downhills. Hundred of shot made by Joker got him fucked up. You asked Frost to drive you two home, all way home Joker talked nothing but at the same time everything. He was insulting you, people, world.

After you helped him to reach your bedroom his personality changed once again. This is a normal thing when you live with the worst clown in town. You were pretty sure he got his horny yet sleepy mode one. So you just entered the bathroom and washed all your make up off. You changed and quietly came back to bedroom. You thought that Joker probably was already asleep and then a cold hand reached your cheek. Joker slapped you pretty harshly.

After first hit there was a second one, a third and even more. You had to hit him back and push him off of you. Every single detail in his face surprised/shocked you. His facial muscles were strained, eyes were full of anger. You tried to talk everything out, but Joker like hypnotized, didn’t answer you.

It wasn’t the first time him hitting you, but it was the first time when you weren’t able to see any pleasure of doing this in his eyes. He just stared like a porcelain doll and kept hitting you, cutting you with his small knife. Your clean face became dirty from your and his blood. Of course you had to offend yourself, somehow. It was a hard..

While trying to run away and get your breath back you were thinking what happened that Joker changed so desperately. The night just started and it got even worst later on. Joker didn’t got tired or something, with his full strength he pinned you on the floor, cutting your legs, hands, neck. Hitting your stomach, face. Just after an hour of horror Joker laughed loudly…

You tried your best to free yourself, you tried to shout, but he just covered your mouth, nothing worked to call the Frost and after all, your pride didn’t let you lose and call for help. After some time Joker reached your hair and pulled you out from the bedroom, still hitting you. That’s when Frost finally saw what was happening, you looked at him with your teary eyes and then everything went black.

Joker pushed you (well actually just let you fall) downstairs, your head hit the edge of stair making you loose your consciousness. And there you go, a week in deep coma. After Joker getting back into his mind you were brought back to home from hospital, to a new-made, small room only for you to get back from coma. You were changed into simple yet comfy clothes. Your (h/c) hair were tied up.

When Joker saw all of the bruises, wounds on your body, he locked himself in the room with you. No food or at least water. He didn’t cry, but he was very upset for sure. Everyday he brushed your hair, cleaned your face with wet cloth, he tried his best to heal your skin.

“Doll…” He took a deep breath and stood up. “Please, listen to me” He bent over and kissed your forehead “Daddy is waiting for you, for your beautiful smile, warm eyes, cute voice…” He paused for some time “Your little giggles after my jokes, loud moans, gentle touches… Princess, I won’t live without you..” He whispered and let your hand, he moved his hand on his pale face and turned around while mumbling something for himself. He slowly started to walk away, reaching the opposite wall of the room.

Then something cheeped quietly in one of the monitors next to the bed you were lying. A deep breath and then you slowly opened your (e/c) eyes. Joker quickly reached your hand once again. And with a smile looked into your eyes.. “(y/n)??..” In his voice you could hear the happiness. “J?..” You asked. “Never leave me again, doll” He kissed you passionately and hugged you tightly yet carefully…

Nothing can surprise us the same as being near death

But being in arms of the lover can surprise the world

Hit, but keep loving. Kill, but protect the one you love