Suicide Squad (2016)



From DC Comics comes the Suicide Squad, an antihero team of incarcerated supervillains who act as deniable assets for the United States government, undertaking high-risk black ops missions in exchange for commuted prison sentences.

Suicide Squad 2016



Suicide Squad Movie Storyline :
From DC Comics comes the Suicide Squad, an antihero team of incarcerated supervillains who act as deniable assets for the United States government, undertaking high-risk black ops missions in exchange for commuted prison sentences.

Ice Cream

Request: “Being the Joker’s girlfriend and being cute and child like and having to sit though a meeting between Joker and some guy. Getting bored so your trying to get the Jokers attention only it gets the other guys attention and it gets him in trouble☺️”

Authors Note: Sorry it took so long! i was writing it and my computer just turned off. hope you like it tho!

Warning: None

“Can I have some ice cream Mistah J?” You asked your boyfriend who was looking down at his phone.

“No you know how you get when you eat sweets late at night” He said looking down at his phone.

“Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top?” You asked as you bit your lip.

“I just said no, I don’t need you bouncing off the walls when my company gets here.” You pouted at the thought of company. You hated when people came over, they always interuppted you and Mister J’s playtime. 

“Forget about the company, I can give you a good time” You were about to hop on his when you heard a knock on the door. You rolled your eyes as you got up to get the door.

“Ah Malcom you’ve finally arrived, this way to my office” Mister J said and he walked into his home office. Once he was in his office you immediately threw yourself on the couch and thrashed around, throwing a mini tantrum. 

“Will ya quit acting like a little girl?” Frost asked as he guarded the door to Mister J’s office.

“I am not acting like a little girl” You said as you scoffed and rolled your eyes. 

“Are too”

“Am not”

“Are too” you got up and went to the freezer. If you couldn’t have playtime with Mister J you were gonna get your ice cream. You smiled as you scooped some into a bowl.

“You know the boss doesn’t want you eating that crap this time of night” 

“Too bad so sad” You said as you winked at him.

You finished your ice cream and the meeting was still going on. you huffed at the thought of it. You quickly got up and fixed some drinks for mister j and his company. You pushed pass frost and barged into the office. You knew better than to do that but the sugar had gotten the best of you. You put the drinks down on the desk and took a seat right next to J. He glared at you and continued his talk about his next heist.

The meeting dragged on and as it progressed it got more boring. you started to rub and caress his thighs. If you teased him a bit maybe he would end the meeting a little early, but he continued talking as if you weren’t there. You decided to kick it up a notch as you rubbed on his member. You watched him as his eyes rolled back and he groaned.

“I can come back at another time if you’d like” Malcom gulped looking at J.

“Who said I wanted you to come back another time?” 

“I just thought you know y-you and y-your girl might want some time to yourselves.” You smirked as everything went your way, you had gotten your ice cream and now your gonna get your man.

“Leave and come back tomorrow i have some business to take care of” He said as he looked at you. you smiled as Malcom walked out.

“Doll face you know I don’t like when you barge into my meetings unannounced.” He said as he looked down at you.

“Im so sorry, but you know how i get when i eat ice cream and-” 

“Wait who said you could eat ice cream?” He said as he narrowed his eyes at you.

“No one but-” 

“No but’s! Look at you all hyper, you know you ruined my meeting?” You looked down as he scolded you.

“Im sorry” 

“You’re lucky i don’t take you over my lap right now- you know what in the room Now!” you scurried in the bedroom looking forward to  the punishment you would receive that night.

Devil’s Deal

“Kill him huh?” 

The intimidating King of Crime leans back in his seat stroking his chin as he glances over a picture the young woman in front of him had presented after having the audacity to invite herself into his VIP room.

He had been ready to bark, to yell and threaten her when she had first broken through the beaded curtain, slipping past Frost when his back was turned. But when he caught sight of her his anger subsided. She was a beautiful little [your/race] girl in her early to mid 20′s, her luminous [s/c] skin would have been flawless if it hadn’t been for the large purple and blue bruises that littered her body. The gash under her eye swoll her face and she had several other cuts and abrasions on her body. But even through all that The Joker could see she was an attractive woman.

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Series Submission 🙃

I just made a tumblr the other day because I wrote this Joker x reader (my first ever) and wanted to share it as possibly a series. I saw your posts come up under a tag I used and noticed you take submissions for this! Your writing is amazing. I got lost in fantasyland on your page! So I really do hope you’ll enjoy it :)

Play the Ace pt 1 (or click here)

“You had plenty money, nineteen.. twenty two.. You let other women make a.. fool of you.. Why don’t you do right….? Like some other men do….” You croon into the microphone. One, two, three. The tempo is on time and sultry as ever.
The low lights of the club get you in just the right mood to sing this song with the passion it was meant to have. Your eyelids lower, as if you’re in a permanent high while you carry on with the song. Playing clubs isn’t really a new thing to you. Singing is something you love but could never do as a real career. Being a loner is just the kind of life you resolved yourself to long ago, and getting on stage to do this is the only way you can get your kicks. But this club… this club is new for you, and live entertainment that doesn’t involve girls hanging off of poles is new to it, too. Your {F/C} dress is floor length this time around, but the sweetheart neckline makes up for the lack of leg you should be showing tonight.
Throughout the song you keep catching a glimpse of a pair of eyes through the smoke across the room, past the tables right below you that are covered in glasses, and just beyond the beaded curtains. Odd, you think briefly, wondering how such dim lights could illuminate those icy orbs from so far away. Though the spotlight on you was dim, it was still hard to tell just who it could’ve been.
You give a polite smile and lift your shoulders in a faint curtsey as the band ceases, making your way towards the side of the platform. You step off of it and onto the floor. CLACK. Your black stiletto heel meets the floor hard, causing your ankle to roll underneath your frame. Your heart feels like it’s either stopped or jumped right out of your chest as you instinctively and immediately brace yourself for the inevitable. You suddenly feel a tight grip on your arm, keeping you up and steady. You curtly inhale, your hand placing itself upon your ribs as you try to recollect yourself.
You begin to really notice the rough grip on your arm now. You lift your head and push some of your {H/C} locks that strayed away during your spill out of your face, ready to thank whoever it was that ultimately saved your ass.
Your eyes pop open instead as your breath hitches once again. Could it be..? Those were the eyes, weren’t they? No way…
“Cat got your tongue, sweetheart?” He purrs, his voice velvet laced with a hint of insanity as his eyes remain on yours, “Or maybe your feet there, hm?” He lifts his non existent brows, the corners of his crimson lips pulling downwards in a mock frown as his gaze shifts to your feet, scanning your body back up to your eyes slowly.
You remind yourself to breathe, realizing your body had become tense. His tattooed expression is terrifying now, and in hand with all the things you’ve heard and stories you’ve read about him, it only amplifies the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach. Fear induced adrenaline courses through your blood. You relax your shoulders and stand a bit taller, a seductive smile sliding across your features as you attempt to play it cool, leaning just centimeters closer to him.
“I was going to say thank you,” you coo in response, “Then I realized you’re quite undeserving.” 
You’re awfully lucky you took all those acting lessons in high school, you think to yourself. The grip on your arm only gets tighter as he pulls you in closer by your arm. You shift your body and face away from him as he growls in your ear.
“Oh doll face, you’re gonna regret disrespectin’ me like that in my own club.”

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