The girls and guys from batinthesun did a new Super Power Beat Down. This time its JOKER & HARLEY QUINN vs DEADPOOL & DOMINO and its PERFECT. Watch it.


Joker & Harley Quinn vs. Deadpool & Domino


Mr. J, you just slay me! I need to learn this song!

A Second Look: Joker

What secrets are hidden behind a smile? What emotions gather like a waiting storm behind an easy-going façade? While it’s true that most people hide a certain amount of their feelings, both in reality and in Black Butler, these questions are very accurate for Joker. He seems to be naturally very kind and quick to smile, yet he does horrible deeds in the darkness of the night. He was trying to protect his circus family despite the fact the path they followed him down could only lead to death. How did he deal with these extreme contradictions in his own mind?

Joker’s personality is one of the more kind and caring in the series. While living on the streets with the others, he took on the role of big brother and protector. When Doll lost her tooth, he led the others to work hard to have a coin so she could believe in the Tooth Fairy despite the cruelty of their situation. After being led to believe that Ciel had lost his eye, he immediately becomes sympathetic. While performing in the circus, he genuinely seems to want to make others smile and laugh. There is quite often a smile upon his face.

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