Camilla: “What do you even know about Kamui!? I’ve even been in the bath with them once!”
Joker: “Hah. I have washed their back in the bath.”
Camilla: “When we were kids, we even slept in the same bed once!”
Joker: “Whenever Master Kamui couldn’t sleep, we’d spend the whole night talking.”
Camilla: “L-listen to my orders! I will take care of Kamui!”
Joker: “I am terribly sorry, but I only listen to what Master Kamui says therefore I will continue to look after Master Kamui like I have always done in the past.”

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anonymous asked:

Does Joker let anyone else call him puddin or mistah J or is only Harley allowed to?

Pretty sure it’s only allowed by Harley to uphold the boyfriend/girlfriend dynamic between them. She means it. She’s not saying it to taunt or undermine him in any way. And he goes with it and partakes in it to feign a loving relationship with her. I think it’s a parody in Joker’s mind. Joker’s brand of ‘comedy’ is usually always a reflection of something real, as social commentary and parody. It’s all part of Joker’s nihilism and philosophy that’s a whole nother discussion, but this, I think, definitely carries over to his relationship with Harley. It’s a parody. He does it partly to make fun of real couples because it amuses him (and partly because he loves her but doesn’t realise it) And pet names are DEFINITELY part of that game. So yes, it’s only something him and Harley share.