Marx x Kamui x Ryoma 
Commission for @lizapow

You thought they were jesting, at first. But when they both came to you, dragging you along to the sparring field and practically forcing you to mediate their spar, you knew it was serious.

Which you hardly believed, yourself; that your former brothers were dueling for your hand in marriage.

“You two, please tell me you aren’t serious!! This is ridiculous!” You protested, knowing your words were meaningless to the boys. You could see it in their eyes when they faced each others. Their swords were drawn, and their intent clear; they were going to fight for you.

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So, during these screenshots collecting moments, I just noticed how your own Maid unit’s brooch will turn red when they become your enemy during My Castle battle test (I always turn the battle animation off) and it’s just like how the generic enemy maid’s and Flora’s….whom brooch’s colour is red by default and will not change regardless her status (as your ally/enemy).

Of course I may be late at noticing this, but now that I think of it, Flora’s red brooch is probably not intended to be a contrast to Felicia’s like I had thought before and instead might as well about foreshadowing her role as your enemy in all 3 routes. Meanwhile Joker and Felicia get blue greenish brooch in their design, which probably indicating their status as your allies no matter what happened…

Eh, idek tbh. Just a trivial thought from my part that I think might be possible, or I may have become a captain obvious here, especially considering how Kozaki himself has also stated in the ‘Making of’ book that Takumi’s pose on the cover is intentional with consideration to his role in the game. So, yeah. Maybe Flora is also another similar case here? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯