God even without a face (FUCK!)and bandage it makes the most of the facial expressions that I sweat and go crazy…… BEST…..I JUST HAS NO WORDS… HOW TO DESCRIBE WHAT I FEEL AFTER ALL OF THIS………😱❤

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Imagine: Visiting the Joker in Arkham

You’re his daughter and he get’s taken away by the batman during a mission. You miss him more than anything, so Harley dresses up and paints her skin normal tone to take you to see him. You can hardly contain yourself when you see his smile, they put the three of you in a private room and you run to him. He can’t hug you because of the straight jacket so you hug him with enough power for the both of you. He promises that he will be out soon and home with you. As you and your mother leave, Harley winks at him as a signal that she’ll be back later to break him out.


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Prompt:   hey there! i absolutely adore your blog ❤️❤️❤️ and was wonderin if I could request a suicide squad reader fic where the reader is really short (like 4'9 or 4'8) so croc and deadshot use her as an armrest or something and she gets mad? thanks!
A/N: this is as short as the reader orz


So, you were short. 4’9 to be exact. But did you deserve to be treated an arm rest? No. But were you treated as such? Yes.

You glared fiercely, your eyes shooting upwards to lance Deadshot with your stare. The man only but grinned, as if to say ‘What ya gonna do about it?’ as he continued to rest his arm on your shoulder and lean almost all of his weight on your form. You shrugged him off, snapping to Killer Croc who no doubt was about to back Deadshot up, pointing a finger at him.

“Don’t you dare.” You hissed, eyes flashing a dangerous blue as your hand reached for the gun in your belt, “Because I do not care if Walder has my head for this - I will kill you.”

“Woah, relax there, Shorty,” Deadshot chimed, making your brow tick, “we’re just playing around…”

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Thoughts on Jerome in the new Gotham Episode


Jerome: * chilling like a villain who’s dead but isn’t?*
Me: Awe! My baby is sleeping … kind of? Cause he’s gonna come back so…

Dwight: *cuts off Jerome’s face cause he’s a wannabe*

Jerome: *is now alive*
Me: Oh my God he’s back!!!!!!!!

Jerome: Where’s my face?
Me: lol yea! Face puns!!!!

Jerome: *runs over guy while looking hot AF in his uniform* Sorry! Didn’t see you there! Ahahahaha!
Me: lololololololololol

Jerome: *whistles while wheeling a cart of dynamite like the dork he is*
Me: Awe! Cute baby!

Jerome: *kills Dwight* By the way, I don’t forgive you about the face. Ahahahaaa!
Me: Bye bitch! That’s what you get for touching my son!

Jerome: *dressed as a ringleader for next weeks episode*

Imagine: Joker saves you at the club

You are his daughter and you’re enjoying the VIP access that your father gives you. On your way to the bar to get another drink a guy starts to bother you. You insist that you are with your friends and don’t want any trouble but he keeps bothering you. Your father see’s it happening, because he always has his eye on you, and moves in to intervene. When he get’s a hold of the guy he unleashes his wrath and shows everyone what happens when they miss with his little girl.