concept: there’s a new player in gotham. maybe they’re a bad guy, maybe they’re a vigilante– whatever they are, they want to get rid of joker once and for all. in true stalker antagonist fashion, they give him a cryptic phone call to tell him about their plans. they tell him, “i’m going to make you suffer, just like you’ve made so many others suffer: i’m going to kill the one thing you love most. and when you’re watching me do it, begging me not too– i’ll laugh.”

“puh-lease,” joker replies, obviously not taking this person seriously. “you think if it was that easy, i wouldn’t have done it already?”

“oh, i’m not talking about batman,” they say. “tell me… when was the last time you saw dr. quinzel?”

they hang up. joker is horrified. he teams up with batman in order to find and rescue harley quinn and the entire rogues gallery gets in on it to help him. where is this story, dc. harley deserves to be recognized like this after all the crap she’s been through because of the joker. WE deserve to see her recognized like this after all the crap we’ve watched her go through because of the joker. chop chop get on it


Happy Birthday, Rinkah!
One day we shall have peace
My sonny and hubby

Rinkah is cool because she’s a warrior who’s got muscles.
First time drawing a Hoshidan.
I’m doing FE characters Bday celebration relay this year…
I’ll try to keep up with them as much as I can.
Loving Elise as always. Favorite Fates female character so far.

I think Joker x Beast was the most tragic yet beautiful part of the circus arc. Beast harbored a pure love for Joker, but because they were both born in the wrong place and time, he felt that he couldn’t be the man she deserved. Likewise, this made her feel that Joker didn’t love her and that is just heartbreaking. These are good people pushed into clinging onto one another. They had a doomed but mutual and healthy relationship, much like Romeo and Juliet or Shylock and Antonio.

The other most tragic part was Dagger’s affection for Beast:

Dagger gave his life to save the woman he loved, but they ended up dying together anyway because of the cruelty of society. It was simply unfair that the people guarding the home they were invading so they could kill a stranger’s loved ones killed them first. And yet Beast only ever saw Dagger as a little brother. For her, Dagger was but a dagger in her side.


SELLING Nohr Comic Anthology

Hey guys, I’m selling my Nohr Comic Anthology I used for scanning. The spine isn’t bad at all, the pages are all in well shape too. It has been sitting on my shelf and I think it deserves a new home.

>>$10 US<< is the price.

If you want tracking with your package please email me at 

I want to get rid of this so I can buy books in the future to scan as well for you guys!