Suicide Squad (2016)



From DC Comics comes the Suicide Squad, an antihero team of incarcerated supervillains who act as deniable assets for the United States government, undertaking high-risk black ops missions in exchange for commuted prison sentences.

Suicide Squad ((2016))

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Suicide Squad Movie Storyline:
From DC Comics comes the Suicide Squad, an antihero team of incarcerated supervillains who act as deniable assets for the United States government, undertaking high-risk black ops missions in exchange for commuted prison sentences.

Look, comic books are a weird continuity. There is consistent and inconsistent canon. Sometimes even in the same run the continuity is inconsistent between artists and writers.

My point is there’s an argument going around that Poison Ivy is “just as abusive” to Harley Quinn as the Joker, which is a false and flimsy argument.

The issues in question in which Ivy is “abusive” are taken wildly out of context, and the majority are from very early noncanonical runs, and all of the instances in question have no weight or bearing and are inconsistent with Ivy’s continuous characterization and treatment towards Harley.

Does this negate the issues in which Ivy does treat Harley shittily? Of course not, but it’s about 5% of their overall canon in comics, and in nearly all other iterations the two women are at least sisterly to one another.

That being said, it is consistently canon that Joker is an abusive element in her life. And in comic books, consistency is what shapes a character. Joker and Harley’s entire origin together was written as a warning on abusive relationships. If you read Paul Dini’s commentary on “Mad Love” you’ll see straight away that it’s a warning, not a romantic ship.

The argument that Ivy is abusive is entirely stemmed from backlash of the justified disapproval of regarding their dynamic as purely romantic.

It’s also no surprise that the accusations start popping up RIGHT when Harley and Ivy have begun to have representation as a wlw/q*eer couple 🙃

Basically, if you see someone saying “Ivy is just as abusive as Joker!!” You can safely either assume they don’t know how comic continuity works, or doesn’t know enough about Harley and Ivy.

Or, yknow, your homophobia alarms should go off, it’s at your discretion.


The Joker “Tuxedo Version” 1/6 Scale Figure:

In the DC Films blockbuster Suicide Squad, Academy Award-winning actor Jared Leto delivers an edgy new take on the Joker unlike anything we’ve seen before. The flamboyant makeup and wardrobe certainly makes his ballsy performance even more fun and memorable. Today Hot Toys is excited to announce the new 1/6th scale collectible figure of the Clown Prince of Crime in formal wear – a black tuxedo that highlights his manic charisma!

Batjokes Handling Alfred's Time off Headcanons

- Bruce and the kids can’t cook to save themselves from starvation; at some point, after days of Alfred’s absence and takeaway, they’ll even eat Dick’s infamously teeth-rotting pancakes if it means putting something handmade in their stomachs.

- J. finds all of this hilarious, of course, but he offers to make food for them; mind you, it’s not French cuisine but he can do mean toasties and pasta.

- The deal though, is that everyone else has to do the washing up.

- Once Bruce almost flooded Alfred’s precious kitchen so, he was exonerated from the task.

- The kids set up some weird and mildly violent competitive game involving squirt guns filled with dish soap (the idea was Tim’s)

- Jason is disgustingly competitive and not above maiming if it means winning (he’s known for squirting soap in his brothers’ eyes)

- Dick and Damian are the Terrible Duo

- They even set up teams and hung up a score board behind the fridge, well hidden from Alfred’s disapproving gaze.

- The system with which they assign points is not exactly clear and they take every chance to cheat as if there is no tomorrow (Bruce is appalled by their lack of fair play, while J. is not-so-secretly proud)

- Deep under Bruce is pretty happy, though - not only this is a good bonding exercise that makes them have fun and train some of their reflexes at the same time, but it’s also a small accepting step towards J.

- They lost count of the times someone got seriously injured after slipping on the suds covering the floor.

- At the end of each game, J. ends up making hot chocolate (or smoothies, it depends on the season) for everyone.

- Everytime Alfred comes back from his holidays, the kitchen is spotless but he knows his scoundrels well and always goes to check on the score board hidden behind the fridge.

- Because he’s an evil man, he changes the scores and grins at the idea of the boys screaming murder at each other.

- They’re a big happy family.

Omg Daddy’s growling 😍😘. He doesn’t seem to be too happy right now. Unless that’s his horny growl then buckle up ladies. Someone needs to put this in a story where it us ladies sitting in the chair and we are the ones he’s growling at. Lol @whyarentyoulaughingj @jokers-x-story-x-teller @harlejokerx @jokerimagine @jokerimagines @jayded-dreams @jaredletofuckmelikethedevil @nikki082489

Kitten pt 13

Warnings: Smut


You two leave the Sterling Mansion; you breathe a sigh of relief when Frost appears, he’s not covered in blood, nor did you hear any gun shots.

Joker carries you to the car and carefully sits you in the back seat. He slides in next to you and pulls you close. You bury your face into his neck and cry. He pets your hair as Frost starts the car and drives away. You take one last look at the mansion, you see everyone rushing outside, your dad falls to his knees while Jagger runs to the Mercedes, Alexander was holding Stormy, comforting her.

You rest your head on Jokers shoulder, the pain is starting to become overwhelming. You put your hand to your chest, there’s blood seeping through the shirt. You start to feel light headed and your eyes feel heavy. Your hand, now covered in blood, falls into your lap. Joker is saying something but you can’t understand him. You stare at him as he speaks, trying to figure out what he is saying. He looks down at you when you don’t respond, a frown crossing his face. He sees your bloodied hand and yells something to Frost. Your vision starts to fade and you fall into darkness once again.

You awake in Joker’s room, laying on your back in his king size bed covered by a thick blanket. It’s so hot; you kick your foot out from under the covers and sigh as the cool air hits your skin.

You turn your head trying to see if Joker’s in bed with you. He’s not. Your chest feels a bit heavy but it doesn’t hurt. The I.V. that was in your arm is gone. You lift up the blanket and look down at your chest; you’re not even surprised when you notice that you’re not wearing the shirt or sweats that you left in. You frown sadly at the black stitches that are sewn into your pale flesh.

Your head snaps up when you hear yelling from the hall. Joker opens the door, looking grumpy as usual. He looks at you and his expression softens slightly. He doesn’t say a word as he walks over to you. He pulls the blanket down and glares at the swollen skin on your chest.

“Hi,” you whisper softly.

“Hello Kitten,” he responds coldly.

“A-are you angry at me?“ you stutter.

“Oh honey, angry is a very tame way of putting it. I am seething with rage,” he growls, his face inches away from yours. He pulls the blanket completely off of you and stares at your naked body. You blush cover yourself with your hands, Joker growls and pulls your wrists away, pinning them over your head. “How many times do I have to tell you not to do that, hm?” he snaps.

You cower a bit, “I’m sorry,” you squeak. He rolls his eyes and lets your wrists go.

“So, kitten,” he growls softly, “where did he touch you?”

You look away, ashamed. He grabs your jaw, forcing you to look at him. “Don’t ignore me.” He glares at you.

“I’m sorry, it was a mistake.. I.. I was scared, I wasn’t being myself.. You..” you stutter before he cuts you off.

“That’s not what I asked.” He growls. His hand slides up your neck, he runs his thumb across your lips, “Here?” he asks. You nod and he leans in, giving you a rough, sensual kiss. You blush softly as he sits up again. His hand slides down to your breasts, “Here?” he asks again.

“Yes..” you whisper. He growls, squeezing the right one tightly as he leans down and nips at the left.

A small moan escapes your lips and he grins. His hand slides down further, to your now wet core. “Here?” he asks once more. You bite your lip and nod. He growls and stands up. He tears his shirt off then removes his pants and boxers. He gets between your legs and lifts them onto his shoulders. You’re eyes widen and you gasp as he slams into you relentlessly. He growls and grips your hips, ramming his throbbing erection into your sweet center. You moan loudly and grab onto the satin sheets, you barely feel the pain from your chest as he fills you with pleasure.

Joker pushes your legs off his shoulders and leans close, he brings his hand up and wraps his pale fingers around your throat. He stops thrusting for a moment and leans close, his grip getting tighter the closer he gets, you struggle to breathe.

“Did you think I wouldn’t find out? Did you think it was okay to go be someone else’s play thing? Hm?” he whispers in your ear and thrusts into you hard, making you gasp. “You’re mine kitten, that man is lucky he’s not dead.” He nips your ear.

He loosens his grip on your throat and you cough. He slams into you again and you whimper softly. He pounds into you and you moan blissfully, dragging your nails down his back. He lets out a low growl of pleasure and quickens his pace.

You tense up as you reach your release; you pull him down and kiss him hard and passionately. He pulls your hair a bit hard, making you moan against his lips. He trails small kisses down your cheek and along your jaw, you purr softly as he trails kisses down your neck, he suddenly bites, you whimper softly as the cool metal of his grill scrapes against your sensitive skin.

He gets up and starts getting dressed. You sit up a little too quickly and inhale sharply. He looks at you and grins. “Hurts? Too bad, you can feel the pain I felt when I found out you were gone and slept with another man.” He laughs and exits the room, locking the door once it’s shut.

‘What did he mean by that..?’ you think. You get out of bed slowly, your legs feel like jelly and you fall to your knees. You clutch your chest and take a few deeps breaths. “Fuck it,” you mutter and crawl to the bathroom, do your business and wash your hands. You lean over the sink trying to catch your breath. You kneel by the bath tub and turn on the hot water. You slowly get in the bath and begin to relax. ‘Why am I here? I should have told him to fuck off.. ha.. it’s not like it would have made a difference.. he wouldn’t let me leave, we saw how that worked out. Me being here is just putting everyone in danger.. I could escape to somewhere he would never find me. All I have to do is fall asleep.. but what about him? I love him but he would never love me.. he couldn’t.. I.. I just have to let go, he doesn’t need me. I’m replaceable.. disposable.. he’s probably going to get bored with me soon anyway so why not just save him the trouble..’ you think and sink further into the hot water, your body relaxes and you begin to drift off, slowly falling asleep. Your body slides down into the water further, and further, the air leaves your lungs as your body is completely submerged.

gruffendragon  asked:

I seriously LOVE your drawings of the Joker, I've made a buncha my own but haven't really posted them. I oughta though and tbh your posts of him have convinced me to post mine too!

OhhGOSH well thank you so much!! I’m incredibly flattered, and your joker looks stunning!! Thanks again!! <3


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I just love this