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Suicide Squad FULL HD

Sausage Party FULL HD

Jason Bourne FULL HD

Suicide Squad FULL HD

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Jason Bourne FULL HD

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Lucid Dreaming Part 5 - Joker x Reader

So this is shorter and again not so good so I don’t think I can write many more parts. After all, this was only meant to be a 2 part story. I’m sorry the quality is down but still, thank you for all the support and feedback on this series though it is very highly appreciated - Keep it coming guys!  (Warning-slightly fluffy joker)





You walked the streets alone in the middle of the night and to add to it, it had started raining about an hour ago. You should have called Frost or someone to come and get you but you were confused. Why would J just leave you after all that he said the other night? Why would he leave you with the bat?

In your confusion you found yourself back where you had started, under the same streetlight that J had left you under. Your hair was plastered to your face, your top clung tighter to you than it normally did and your whole body seemed to sag down dismissing the posture you usually held. Your make up was normally a little messy but now it was dripping down your cheeks like hellish black tears, for all you knew they could be tears you couldn’t remember anymore. You sat on the curb pulling your knees up towards your chest and wrapping your arms around them, maybe if you waited here he’ll come back, if he’s not in Arkham that is. He wouldn’t be, couldn’t be. He would have gotten away surely. You heard a roar of an engine and looked up expectantly only to find that it was some idiotic boys in some cheap motor that cat called you s they drove past. God they would be so dead if J was here.

You were beginning to think he had completely abandoned you when you his rough voice came from the shadows,

“Come on doll” he walked out to the middle of the street to be opposite you. His emerald hair was flat and as drenched as you. His white shirt see through showing his tattoos and his red lips were parted as he breathed showing his silver teeth that shone slightly when they caught the light.

“You left” he remained looking at you, unmoving yet you found yourself pulled towards him. You stood and was soon running yet your tears didn’t stop you could just be imagining it but you weren’t. You knew you couldn’t be. His arms opened and he started to move forward himself catching you as you threw yourself to him. Moving his arms he lifted you so that he had an arm under your legs and you could wrap your arms round his neck. He dropped to his knees and onto the wet ground even as the rain still fell and buried his head into your neck. You heard him breathe in heavily before starting his laugh, the manic crazed laugh he did when he was pleased or happy,

“Where did you go?” you looked up at him when he had finished laughing,

“Drawing him away from you doll, it worked didn’t it?” he smirked lifting you up, “you didn’t think I would just leave you here did you?”

“A little” you admitted losing eye contact with him as you said it,

“Well then, baby girl we must do something to prove that I ‘ain’t letting you away from me again.” you smiled up at him coyly as he carried you,

“I don’t think I would mind that very much at all.”

“You know doll, I would very well marry you but you know I could never relinquish my knife for a ring” you looked up in shock but he wasn’t looking at you anymore, just straight ahead with a serious face. He was still carrying you for some reason and kept you even closer to him as he walked down darker back alleys to a large black car and placed me in the back following not far after.


You woke up again that night but not shaking and crying. You looked across for J and found him peacefully sleeping beside you like he hadn’t a care in the world, a sight no one had ever seen but you. It wasn’t a memory that woke you up this time but more like a dream. Nothing special but it felt… real and that scared you,

You were on the floor a shot to the stomach and you were bleeding out and J was hovered over you shouting but you couldn’t hear him too well, “I always knew I’d be the one who would take a bullet for you.” you chuckled, “and I always knew you wouldn’t take one for me.” you whispered before closing your eyes.

As you closed your eyes in the dream you woke up in real life. At least you think it was real life. “(y/n), What’s happenin’?” J stirred slightly,

“Nothing pumpkin go back to sleep” you murmured laying back down beside him allowing him to wrap his arm around you and pull you in, you couldn’t close your eyes again though, correction you didn’t want to. It all felt too real…

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Amazing concert

The beginning of the concert… those drums… simply WOW.

Love to watch this video every time I can