Joker Imagine - You were just a toy

Anonymous said:Can you please do an imagine where joker tells the reader that he will never love her and that she’s just a toy, and then the reader leaves him and he does everything to get her back and tell her all he said wasn’t true and he says sorry

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Your P.O.V.

‘’Puddin!’’ I called out for Joker, my boyfriend as he came home. I had a big red smile on my face as I approached him in the hallway of our big penthouse. It was night and he came back from a heist so I felt like I could pamper him a little bit. I threw my hands in the air so I could hug him, but he seemed pissed. I watched as he put his purple coat aside and kicked off his shoes, leaving him in only his black pants.

‘’What’s the matter?’’ I asked softly and then tried to hug him. Suddenly I felt my body flying down on the floor and I landed on my bum. He had pushed me! ‘’Go away Y/N’’ He told me sternly and took a few steps away. My coccyx stung like heck so I rubbed my lower back gently. I didn’t cry tho. ‘’Don’t push me away J, what happened?’’ I tried to get him to open up. So I stood up again, ignoring the pain he caused. I’m sure he didn’t mean to push me so hard.

J faced me with his back and I was too nervous to speak up again before he had said something. His green hair was messy and I felt like the heist went bad. Suddenly he turned around with a big fake smile. ‘’Everything is fine Y/N! Just as you want it to be. Everything is always so fucking perfect’’ He told me in a mocking way and I felt upset. I stepped back once and put my hand in front of my chest. It was a sign of being nervous. Suddenly J’s smile faded and he looked evil. I felt like I should walk away, but I stayed because I loved him.

‘’J I didn’t mean it like that-’’ I started to defend myself, but he cut me off. ‘’You’re such an annoying little brat Y/N!’’ He hissed and slammed his hand to the door right behind me, making me flinch. My heart jumped to my throat and I was scared of his behaviour. ‘’I just want you to be okay J! I love you’’ I reminded him, feeling tears in the corners of my eyes. He took a deep, raspy breath and gave me a twisted look. He stared deep into my eyes and I could feel his gaze in my soul.

‘’I don’t love you’’ He whispered, making my heart shatter in a second. Was he serious? That’s it. Suddenly tears started gushing down my face, but they were quiet. After everything we had done, how could he say that? It felt so bad and I could believe I was stabbed in my chest. ‘’You were just a toy for me. Don’t you see? I rarely take you on heists because you suck. You’re such a weak little bitch and I’m tired of taking care of you. I never loved you! All I ever wanted from you was a man’s need and that’s it!’’ He yelled at me and said the most hurtful things. ‘’You’re so bad at everything gosh..I can’t believe that I kept you around so long’’ He added harshly and seemed to enjoy seeing me so hurt. Tears blurred my vision and I felt so small in front of him. I clenched my jaw so I couldn’t break down crying. Then I opened the door that was behind me and ran out.

I couldn’t stay.

‘’Don’t come back!’’ J yelled after me and I heard the door slamming shut. I got into the elevator and that’s when I lost it. I fell down onto my knees and I started crying into my hands. I couldn’t breathe properly because I was crying so uncontrollably. ‘’No..No..’’ I sobbed, feeling like I was dying. J was my life. I couldn’t believe what he had said! I truly believed that he cared about me, but I was wrong. I nearly choked on the tears that just kept going.

Joker never loved me, but I loved him with all I had.

I managed to walk out of the building and find my way to my only friend, Harleen. She was the doctor that helped us, but we had become very close friends. For now, I had no one else to go to. I was behind her door and I pressed the doorbell with trembling hands. I had walked on the streets without shoes and I was cold. The tears just kept oozing out my eyes and I felt weaker than ever.

The door opened and Harleen stood there in her pajamas. ‘’Oh my gosh..Y/N what happened?’’ She gasped and pulled me inside. The door closed and I started sobbing again. Harleen saw how broken I was so she pulled me into a hug. I wrapped my arms around her and just lost it. I was devastated! 

‘’J s-said he never l-loved me’’ I admitted and the words felt like broken glass on my tongue. I had grown my roots on poisonous ground, I knew that when I started seeing Joker. I just never expected them to break. ‘’Shh..It’s okay Y/N..’’ Harleen cooed and patted my back. I shook my head no, but I didn’t say anything. I was lost.


Two days later I was walking around Gotham at night. I had to clear my mind after crying straight for two days. My eyes stung and I felt sick. Harleen had tried to make me eat, but I had lost my appetite. I had given my life to Joker and no I had nothing. I couldn’t go back to my old life since I was a psychotic criminal, a murderer and just way too broken. I didn’t want it back either, but that meant that I had nothing left in my hands.

I stopped at a bridge close to his club. The water seemed accepting. I just stared down and leaned at the railing. The wind was playing with my hair and creating small waves. I had no idea how long I was there, but soon I heard footsteps behind me that stopped. Probably someone who knew who I was and wanted to push me.Whatever.

‘’Y/N’’ Someone way too familiar said. I turned around and saw Joker in some fancy clothes. He had been at the club. ‘’What?’’ I barked out a little angrily. I wasn’t really angry, I was hurt. I wanted to sink into his arms, but I couldn’t. What the fuck did he want from me?!

‘’I have been looking for you everywhere..where have you been?’’ He asked me seriously. I took a deep breath and tried to stay strong. ‘’Why the hell would you care?’’ I questioned him with a snarl. His blue eyes seemed sad and he looked at me helplessly. ‘’I’m sorry’’ He apologized, making me look at him again. ‘’No you’re not’’ I whispered and took a step back, away from him. ‘’Y/N I didn’t mean what I said. I was just tired and pissed off after the heist’’ He defended himself and tried to talk me through. ‘’No! No you can’t just say that..You meant it, didn’t you? You hate me just like everyone else!’’ I screamed at him. I wanted to believe him, but I was scared to be hurt again.

Before Joker could do anything, I let myself fall over the railing and into the water. I heard him yelling my name, but a second later I splashed into the water and started sinking. I looked up at the lights and then I shut my eyes. I just had to sink..down..down and down until I’d hit the bottom. I opened my mouth and breathed out the air from my lungs so it would be quicker.

Suddenly someone’s arms were around me. I opened my eyes and saw a blurry person next to me. It was fucking Joker. He started kicking his feet so we would get up again. I tried to push myself away from him, but he was stronger. Before I knew it, we were at the stoney beach and he put me on the ground. Then he got on top of me so I couldn’t go away. ‘’Let me go!’’ I sobbed, but I didn’t really want to go.

‘’What the fuck was that Y/N?!’’ He asked me with a sad voice.  I stopped fighting against him and I looked directly into his eyes. ‘’I have nothing J. You don’t want me and and I can’t stay at my friend’s place forever’’ I whimpered with a broken voice. I was so hurt. It would hurt less to walk on broken glass or swallow a fucking hot knife. 

‘’Would it help is I said that you have me?’’ J tried to crack a smile. I gasped and tried to keep my cool. His red smile was my weakness and he knew it very well. He had me wrapped around his finger and I kinda hated it. But I was in too deep to stay mad forever. It’s like he could control my brain by being a little soft. ‘’Maybe’’ I whispered, trying to stay angry but I couldn’t. I felt hypnotized.

‘’I’m sorry baby, how about we go back to normal, hm? You and me together..’’ He purred into my ear, making me feel happier. It was crazy. We were crazy. I wrapped wet arms around him. ‘’I love you’’ He told me, making my heart beat like a wild animal. ‘’I love you too J’’ I told him and then he kissed me. 

Joker Imagine - Thunder

Anonymous said:will you write one where reader is deathly afraid of thunderstorms and the joker comforts her? thanks :)

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Your P.O.V.

Ever since I was a kid and our house burnt down during a storm, I had been scared of thunder. Whenever I heard the sky roaring, I felt small and helpless again. We lost everything and I even lost my father. I hated the memory. The horror and shock turned into a trauma and I couldn’t remember details - luckily.

I was sitting in the living room, watching tv as the lights started flashing. It was raining in Gotham and I had a headache. They were all signs of thunder coming. It made me kinda nervous. J was drinking coffee next to me and reading the newspaper casually. It didn’t seem to bother him at all.

Suddenly the power went out and I saw a lighting flash. ‘’Fuck’’ I whimpered and snuggled closer to my boyfriend. He looked at me strangely. ‘’What’s up?’’ He asked me and put the paper down. I held onto his strong arm and tried to relax. I heard the thunder roaring outside and it just got worse. ‘’I’m scared’’ I whispered and shut my eyes. J realized that it was thundering and he remembered what I had told him before. He put the cup away as well and pulled me on his lap. 

‘’It’s okay baby girl, I gotcha’’ He reminded me while hugging me. I leaned against his body and wished that he could keep me safe. His scent made me feel like home and I just trusted him. Whenever I heard a lighting strike, I flinched. J was rubbing my back softly and rocking me on his lap. ‘’Everything’s okay baby..We can go out and shoot stuff when it’s over’’ He promised me. He knew that I liked my gun.

‘’I hope it ends quickly’’ I whispered while hiding my face in the crook of his neck. ‘’Mhh so do I’’ J mumbled softly. I tried to breathe normally as I controlled my fear.I wasn’t scared of many things, but thunderstorms were the worst. I hated them with all my heart. 

I didn’t know how long we were like this, but I calmed down. He rocked me so slowly, yet in a comforting way and it made me a little tired. J would keep me safe. I was sure of that. ‘’It sounds like it’s about to end’’ J broke the silence after we hadn’t heard any roaring from the sky. ‘’Let’s cuddle a little longer’’ I said quickly. J smiled and looked into my eyes. ‘’Fine by me baby’’ He chuckled and then pressed a kiss on my head.