I am a massive fan of the Batman Arkham game series. When I saw Harley Quinn’s updated costume, I knew I had to cosplay her.

I made this before the game was released, and was obsessively watching all the teaser trailers. Now that I have played the game, I have a few changes and things to add, but ultimately I am happy that I was able to finish it and wear it in time at Sydney Supanova this year.

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anonymous asked:

Beating your partner out of jealousy isn't bdsm. Your partner being so afraid of you they don't tell you they are pregnant and have it alone and give up the baby is not bdsm. Harley and Joker were WRITTEN to show abuse, stop pretending otherwise.

Those instances were from the injustice verse and those writer’s had no idea what they were doing with Harley and Joker’s relationship. Everything post new 52 has gotten Harley’s character and her relationship with Joker completely wrong. One of the writer’s even said they were doing a completely different Harley. I got the feeling they hated Harley and Joker’s pairing and they wanted everyone else to. They were and continue to be written completely out of character. Harley and Joker were never supposed to be written to exclusively show an abusive relationship. Harley doesn’t mind being hit or abused by Joker. It’s a consensual part of the relationship. If she did, she wouldn’t put up with it. Harley has shown many times they she will not put up with Joker’s shit when she doesn’t want to. Please stop using new 52 Harley as a source. You didn’t watch the video either, did you? I know most people won’t even consider that Harley might not be what they think she is, they’ll think of her as whatever they can to justify being a fan of her, but Harley is a willing participant to the abuse. Suck it up.