Camilla: “What do you even know about Kamui!? I’ve even been in the bath with them once!”
Joker: “Hah. I have washed their back in the bath.”
Camilla: “When we were kids, we even slept in the same bed once!”
Joker: “Whenever Master Kamui couldn’t sleep, we’d spend the whole night talking.”
Camilla: “L-listen to my orders! I will take care of Kamui!”
Joker: “I am terribly sorry, but I only listen to what Master Kamui says therefore I will continue to look after Master Kamui like I have always done in the past.”

From Camilla/Joker B-rank Support

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Joker: I shall prepare some excellent tea.

Dea: Wanna drink some coffee…? When it comes to Butler chores …I won’t lose even to Father.

I had wasted like an half hour of my life just to take out and put my old iphone back to life merely for reinstalling Line again and added JPN Nintendo account so that I could see what each of characters say along their portrait…

And apparently this whole Tea vs Coffee battle is still going strong even here…