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okay, but I want Jason birthday sex canons; I'm not sorry

Im so sorry this is so late

- his SO: “Jay what do you want for your bday”
Jay: “you”

- jokes on you jaybird that’s EXACTLY what you get

- okay so I’ve pretty much established that Jay I a giver, right? Right. So his SO would insist that his birthday present is all about him

- binch I sure wouldn’t mind being at his mercy but ANYWAY. he gets this lil grin and its a cross between “smol happy bird” and “your daughter calls me daddy”

- like he loves every bit of that night. His SO just spoils him to the utmost, already knowing every move that he loves

- the sounds Jay can make are just….MMMM. he’s got a pretty mouth but damn it can get dirty

- Jay also gets to do everything he loves (oral, handjobs/fingering, etc.)

- He’s sore af with hickeys like everywhere but its so worth it

10 characters I would kiss

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1) Queen Cassilda (the King in Yellow)
2) Brainiac 5/Querl Dox (Legion of Superheroes)
3) Arcana (Transformers: Headmasters, Marvel UK)
4) Perceptor (Transformers)
5) Oya/Idie Okonkwo (X-Men)
6) Genesis/Evan Sabahnur (X-Men)
7) Dr. Dan Cain (Re-Animator)
8) Dr. Hermann Gottlieb (Pacific Rim)
9) Hamlet (Hamlet)
10) Dr. Bunsen Honeydew (the Muppets)

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I want to see the joker interact with superman in a fight maybe??

send me a url of someone you’d like to see me roleplay with,
ALTERNATELY: send a character you’d like to see my muse interact with

               ( now this looks like a job for me so everybody, just follow me cause we need a little controversy. )