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So I've been really confused as of late because I know I'm not straight or gay, but I used to identify as bi/pan but recently I think I might be edging into an area where I might be pansexual and biromantic? Is that a thing? I'm not really sexually attracted to most people, but there are some that I am sexually attracted to so is there like some gray space that I might fit into at all?

yes, you can be pansexual and biromantic.

but, as i say often: i can’t define your identity for you.

but, what i can do is direct you to resources and labels and information that might help you figure out who you are:

grey-asexual (which is funny bc you even said the word gray, okay, sorry, jay jokes out) – people who are grey-asexual experience sexual attraction, but very rarely

demisexual – people who are demisexual are only sexually attracted to people who they have a deep emotional connection with

(if anyone has a better definition to offer, please feel free! I am not ace, so this is not my area of expertise.)

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My neck my back


Kiseok (Boyfriend 😚) getting mad/jealous after he knew that some men turn around you : You - Babe ❤ , you know during your concert, there were men who came to see me and…! Kiseok - What, who was it ? You - Ah…Babe ❤, i don’t even know, they just tell that they were working there ! Kiseok - And ? You - …They asked my number and i gave your number ! Kiseok - Why do you gave your number ? (Sigh) You - Can you just Listen to me ? I said , i gave your number ! Kiseok - Really ?? Oh…OH, now i understand why some weird men told me to send them nudes , lol ! You - Did you send photos ? Kiseok - Yah, babe💕 , do you think am i crazy ? You - I’m kidding ! (Sit in his lap then kiss him) Kiseok - I really did it ! You - You disgust me 😵! Kiseok - (Imitating you) i’m kidding , i really joke Babe 💕! (Doing a cute face then kiss you)

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College has made me a sucker for varied formats u.u

this is a re-visit to an old Warriors au where ol’ Jayfeather sort of gets paranoia and nightmares and has to take poppyseeds to sleep but then they mess with his head and yadayadayada there’s lots of sad times

Also props to awaitingyourcall for reminding me of this idea, it actually turned out better than i thought


It’s been 4 years that you and MinTaek start dating and he had the audacity to forget the date : You - Babe ❤, do you plan do to something today ? MinTaek - I was thinking to stay at home and watch some movies and you ? You - Watching movies ? At home ? Are you sure ? MinTaek - Yes , Why not ? *smile* You - Hmm…What’s the day today…😑? MinTaek - [ say the date] , why are you looking at me like that ? Are you trying to scared me ? Because it’s doesn’t work lmao 😂 ! You - I can’t believe you did that 😣! You walk away. MinTaek - What again…[Think about the situation then remember the date ] Bae ❤ , i am sorry…i mean i was joking , believe me !

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