Being in a relationship with Sebastian Stan would include:

puns,,,,, lots of puns

that’s what she said jokes

yo mama jokes

staring contests

hugs from behind

every time you bend over to grab sth seb comes behind you and thrusts, making you fall on your face

kissing a LOT

having ‘dangerous’ sex, meaning when you call someone over and you know they should be half way there, you guys have sex because the thrill of getting caught is too exciting to pass by

straddling his lap a lot

hickies on your/his neck and always on top of your boobs or just above your ass

experimenting sex

teasing in public

you guys love having public sex

sex in his car

sex everywhere on your house obvi

taking baths together when he’s sad/upset

arguments leading to rough sex

daddy kink

hair pulling kink

calling him ‘sergeant’ or ‘dr. beck’ while having sex

him calling you queen and/or baby girl

using his winter soldier voice in bed cause dAmN

speaking romanian to turn you on

giving him amazing gifts on his birthday

buying tickets to visit his family in romania

joining the mile high club

loving the beach and always going there, swimming for hours

his fans loving you

both of you not liking romantic stuff

cooking his favorite foods

him always willing to cook for you

doing the housework together

going out to clubs with him, evans and mackie

being best friends with evans and mackie

playing video games together

having lazy days a lot when he comes back from presses

working out together

having sex in the gym’s bathroom

him loving your hair and always running his hands through it

you doing the same thing

lots of sarcasm

lots of pranks

“seb why is it pink?” you say through gritted teeth while pointing to your hair

“that’s what she said”

having deep conversations

always holding you close to his chest whenever you cry

so many ‘I love you’s because you deserve to hear it from each other

him always being the one to paint your nails

seb asking you to marry him in the worst but also the best/random way possible

“y/n will you marry me?” sebastian said casually, a ring on his hand while he slams the bathroom door open to see you peeing “seb what the fuck are you- omg yes I’ll marry you” you said quickly with the hugest grin on your face. he knelt and kissed you passionately until you pulled away saying “now go, I think number 2 is coming”


playing board games

trying to reenact scenes from fifty shades

seb walking around naked sometimes

“stop making my vagina cry and get dressed for my sake”

overall best relationship everrrr bc that romanian walking sex/puppy is just too good for this world

“Say no to the Battle of the Princes”

Actually i made this because i can’t pick just ONE to vote lol SO I’M GONNA KEEP THEM ALL, OKAY?
Ok, i can’t :c

Sometimes I ponder if the dragon gods were just a bunch of four-year-olds...
  • Hakuryuu: See, my warrior has this super cool dragon claw that can smash anything it touches! He's super strong!
  • Seiryuu: Yeah, well my warrior has eyes that can see far, far away. *gets a look from the others* And the eyes... they can paralyse people too!!
  • Ryokuryuu: Not bad, but my warrior has this super strong leg and he can fly!
  • *all look at Ouryuu smugly*
  • Ouryuu: My warrior is invincible so he's stronger than all of yours and none of your warriors' powers work on him!
  • Hakuryuu, Seiryuu & Ryokuryuu: Tch, fine then... >__> *all quietly sulk because they didn't think of that*

How can you sit there and watch an awards show intended for black excellence and think a white man who had some uninspiring tunes deserve to win an award over black acts who’ve gotten more hype and play by black demographics than the former?  Tinashe, Rae Sremmurd, Bobby Schmurda, and Fetty Wap all had more hype than this random unfair nominee. Either one of them could’ve won, and I would have been fine. Some black people will literally justify white mediocrity knowing damn well they didn’t deserve an award over black excellence. Sam Smith is not “black entertainment.” I knew he would win just as soon as I saw his name pop up. 

so I’ve been hearing these rumours of Russia thinking Europe conspired against them and let Ukraine win

but can you imagine history books will have to write

“One of the causes of the great European War was the win of Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest of 2016″