joke what a joke

Okay, but Kuriza going grocery shopping with Bulma or Chi-Chi and almost every human in the store is giving them these weird looks because he’s using his telekinesis to lift things off the shelves and place them into the shopping cart. He also uses said telekinesis to carry the bags outside after leaving the store and the cashier is just looking out the window like, “HUH???”

Kuriza is bad at this whole “try to blend in and don’t draw attention to yourself while visiting Earth” thing.

Playlist Tag

I’m sure you guys have seen this before, you shuffle your music and put down the first 10 songs that come up and then you tag 20 people, but that’s a lot of people yikes no thanks EDIT: ahh forgot to mention that I was tagged by the lovely @heyitskatrina

1. Two of Us on the Run, Lucius

2. A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More “Touch Me,” Fall Out Boy

3. Almost Makes Me Wish For Rain, Lucius

4. Beat It, Michael Jackson

5. Blue (Da Ba Dee), Eiffel 6 (a classic, truly)

6. Can’t Pin Me Down, Marina and the Diamonds

7. Cash Cash Money, Tessa Violet

8. Come To Mama, Lady Gaga (iconic and gay)

9. Expensive, Todrick Hall

10. Grand Romantic, Nate Ruess

got some nice variety there. that’s from my playlist of favorite songs of all time. tagging some lovelies who might have already done this or might not want to and it’s all cool: @twelveyearoldchildprodigy @iridescentreid @reidoneshots @imagicana @stunudo @ssamango @ilikepipecleanerswitheyes 

some dudes like to talk a big game about how comedy suffers when people are afraid to offend but man, Mitch Hedberg was a white dude working in the era of peak offensive edgelord and his shit holds the fuck up so while most comedians will never come up with anything as timeless as “if carrots got you drunk, rabbits would be fucked up” they could at least make an effort


since no one seems to be happy with lgbt, mogai, or any other acronym or umbrella term, i came up with a new one that i think is gonna cover all our bases:

mpreg = marginalized people of romantic, erotic and gender

um okay so as you all know i’m doing that “every time keith smiled” compilation and i decided that i would be very thorough, meaning i’m gonna zoom in on every little keith to see if he’s smiling

and i stumbled across this scene. keith is smiling at lance…

…and lance smiles back as soon as keith turns away (lance that’s gay)

alright cool nothing special here

but wait-

wait, is keith looking back again?! yes. yes he is-

he caught lance’s smile. and look at how happy he is in the next frame-

not to say too much but keith is gay for lance #confirmed

hey,,, tumblr,, i got some constructive criticism on ur “safe mode” policy.

1. let users chose what to see and not see. you say that we have more control over what we see, we dont we have the same control because youre controlling it for us

2. specify why the post is being filtered

3. make it have a “show this post anyway” button on blocked posts

4. just refine it so it doesnt block posts seemingly at random. In the span of about five minutes I have found blocked posts including

  • a post about sonic the hedgehog
  • a post about the heatwave in europe
  • a post about skyrim
  • a video of birds dancing
  • multiple posts about being gay

things it did not filter out: porn, both real, and drawn/written

k thx bye

since it seems to be the consensus that being the weird girl is lesbian culture i think we can all agree that harper from wizards of waverly place was a lesbian


One Season Three Gifset Per Character → Hunk

I don’t want to leave the Yellow Lion, okay? I mean it’s big, it’s got this super armor, it’s safe.