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  • Jin: Guys...I just thought of something...
  • Namjoon: That men are the only creatures who refuses to be what he is? *gazes out of the window*
  • Jin: wtf no!
  • V: Then?
  • Jin: Do you know what happens when you pamper a cow?
  • Yoongi: For fucks sak-
  • Jin: You get spoiled milk! *windshield laugh*
  • Bangtan: leaves the room
  • Jimin: *is laughing in the corner, shaking his whole body around*

so i’ve been confusing friends in the discord chat because of these shitposts i’m making so i feel like i should clarify that i’ve been using a copy of the tomato subs text file to fuck around and make fauxsubs in vlc player. which results in adventures like this:

Bangtan Secret Agents
  • *manages to secure the witnesses in a safe location*
  • Namjoon: I'm going to send our location to the agency. Jin, look after the witnesses.
  • Jin: *walks up to them with a wide smile*
  • Jin: Wanna hear a joke? I've got a bunch of them.
  • Witness 1: uhm I don't th-
  • Jin: Great! Okay, so why did the invisible man turn down the job offer? *grins widely*
  • Jin: Beca-
  • Witness 2: He couldn't see himself doing it. Yeah I've heard of that before.
  • Jin: ...
  • Jin: Alrights then...I've got another one! What do you call a cow with no legs?
  • Jin: Gro-
  • Witness 2: Ground beef...these jo-
  • *sound of a gunshot echoes in the room*
  • Namjoon: *runs in and sees the witness with a gunshot wound* Jin what the fuck?!
  • Jin: *scowls* He interrupted my jokes. Twice! He had it coming.

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someday i’ll make a more meaningful contribution to the sormik toz fandom


Miyano Mamoru ~Generating!~ Talk Break part 1 with English subtitles.
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So, I’m finally getting around to watching Kill La Kill (now that all of the hype has died down considerably and I can enjoy the show in peace without any fandom/shipping drama). And….I may have a low key crush on Aikuro. What a beautiful bastard.

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100,000 Bad Jokes: The Movie (English Subtitles)


my “dogs getting out of water” tag is my most exclusive tag. The dog must be undeniably removing themselves from the water and onto a solid surface.

Dogs momentarily “getting out of the water” (such as a dog leaping above the surface but will certainly land back in the water because gravity), or a dog seemingly making their way towards a solid surface but no proof that they indeed exit the water (such as a dog walking from deep water to shallow water) does not count as a dog getting out of water and cannot earn this tag.

If you find any posts that meet this criteria please @ me.