jojos x 8

I need JJBA blogs to follow

My dash has gone to shit basically here are the things i’m looking for:

  • mostly (better if all) posting jjba content
  • jotakak
  • josuhan
  • gyjo
  • giomis
  • sbr stuff
  • good and interesting jjba art
  • killer queen
  • part 5 stuff
  • jjba comics
  • birds
  • jojolion stuff
  • gappy
  • jjba stuff thats new and interesting
  • later part content
  • gyro
  • rohan
  • did i mention birds

The bad stuff:

  • please nothing nfsw. I’m okay with slight, but not genitalia and stuff like that 
  • no yoi
  • no voltron
  • no  Josuyasu
  • please no shouta
  • please dont spam aestetic posts, or spam in general
  • no rp

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