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Hey there! So I've been wondering: is there any actual significance to Giorno's name sounding rather feminine, something which is pointed out more than once by Koichi in the early chapters of Part 5? (Also, how does 'Haruno' sound anything like 'Giorno', even in the Italian pronunciation? 'Shiobana' and 'Giovanna', I can see - the 'jo' in Jotaro's name can even be read as 'sho' - but the only thing 'Haruno' and 'Giorno' seem to have in common is that they both end in 'no'.)

Giorno’s Japanese name, Haruno Shiobana is written like this:  汐華 初流乃. Kanji can have multiple readings in Japanese, called the on and kun readings (with some kanji having a third reading when applied to names). The usual reading of the first kanji of Giorno’s name (初) is usually “ha”, but in its less common on reading, it’s read as “sho”. Haruno Shiobana then becomes Shoruno Shiobana. 

Shoruno Shiobana –> Joruno Jobaana

Or if we write it in katakana:

ショルノ シオバナ –> ジョルノ ジョバァーナ

In Japanese both sounds are incredibly similar. Hence Koichi’s realization that Haruno was in fact Giorno: he just read the kanji of his name with their secondary pronounciation.

As an aside, when I heard Giorno’s Japanese name, without seeing the kanji, by the sound of them alone I thought his name would mean something like “salt flower of spring”, but looking at the kanji used in his name it means something more like “(he who is) born from the first tide” (if you try to tie the meaning of all the kanji into a coherent sentence), which given the fact that Dio emerged from the sea I find quite appropriate.

Koichi points out that Giorno’s birth name “sounds like a girl’s but he’s a boy” once, when looking at Giorno’s picture given to him by Jotaro; and even after his change of name, that part of femininity subsists in his surname “Giovanna” (which is a first name rather than a last name, and is the feminine counterpart of the name Giovanni)

Now I’m not saying this is 100% what Araki meant to do, but it is my interpretation of it. Araki is a pretty big fan of Italian culture, and of the Renaissance period. I remember an interview where he mentioned he took inspiration from elements of Michelangelo’s David to design Giorno - his donuts were always stylized tight curls to me (something I believe is even more apparent now with the introduction of this massive cutie in Jojolion). In the JOJOmenon artbook there was a small article explaining how a lot of Giorno’s imagery and poses for his illustrations were inspired by themes from the myths of Eros and Apollo (respectively the gods of love and of light - both described as being exceedingly beautiful in many stories. A lot of Japanese fans picked up on it because they chose this illustration to accompany a text explaining how Giorno was essentially love and light incarnate). With so many direct references to mythology, I think Giorno’s name (both in Japanese and in Italian) is another slightly more discreet one.

I mentioned up there that when you try to form a sentence out of Haruno’s name meaning, it gives you something like “born from the first tide”. There is actually another divinity who is also known for being beautiful enough to cause wars and who was also, very literally born from the sea: Aphrodite. Because at this point Araki is basically hitting the reader over the head with a mythology book while saying “Giorno. Is. Beautiful!!!” Just like Dio, whose beauty was also emphasized. They’re both quite literally super-humanly attractive, although one of them because he’s a monster whose lore focuses on the seduction of unwitting victims while the other is seen as something more godly, even if ultimately both of them use their charm to seduce people into joining their causes. 

So I personally think that is why Koichi makes that small comment about Giorno’s name being girly. The reference to Aphrodite is certainly not an obvious one, and hell, maybe Araki didn’t even mean to make it, but it ends up being yet another way in which you can effectively compare Giorno and Dio, and see how similar yet different they are at a glance.