"A Great Adventure Begins" - Kingdom Hearts .Gifs by jojo56830

“A Great Adventure Begins” – Kingdom Hearts .Gifs by jojo56830

The end of the year is really just a new beginning. And a new beginning means a new adventure.

Tumblr user jojo56830 creates fun .gifs, especially it seems of Kingdom Hearts. Take these three for example:

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I honestly never really noticed this parallel of looking out windows in the games, but it’s really poetic. A great adventure, afterall, cannot begin unless you look out your window and…

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Aqua Appreciation Week - Day 3

Favorite quote: “What else is darkness but hate and rage?”

this speaks volumes in the KH universe. I mean, Xehanort personally is not the villain in the KH series. even after we defeat him….their is still darkness in every heart. Its the darkness that individuals fester, their hate, their rage, that  is the true antagonist of KH