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How could I not mention her? She’s literally one of my closest friends I’ve ever had back when I was still young (and stupid) at GameSpot. We don’t talk with each other as much as we used to but she’s a great friend to have and I always liked seeing her posts on my dash.


I’ve only talked to him a few times here and there but he’s a great person and an equally great fellow Sonic fan. I may not know you well enough but man am I glad to have met you.


He basically runs a blog on using Pokemon in competitive battles and I really am thankful to him especially for answering my questions and helping me and my sister to form a team (especially my sister since she now can easily take down a full Legendary team, except Thundurus XD) thanks to his posts on his blog. Keep doing your best in the future, man! 


He runs a Monster Hunter blog and did video tutorials on weapons in MH4U and it’s thanks to him I can use the attacks I didn’t know existed on my favourite weapons.


She’s one of my inspirations to draw better especially seeing her art improve over the years. Also I love her Kingdom Hearts spoofs so much. They never fail to make me smile at least.

"A Great Adventure Begins" - Kingdom Hearts .Gifs by jojo56830

“A Great Adventure Begins” – Kingdom Hearts .Gifs by jojo56830

The end of the year is really just a new beginning. And a new beginning means a new adventure.

Tumblr user jojo56830 creates fun .gifs, especially it seems of Kingdom Hearts. Take these three for example:

I honestly never really noticed this parallel of looking out windows in the games, but it’s really poetic. A great adventure, afterall, cannot begin unless you look out your window and…

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