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Bruno or Abbacchio taking care of their newborn in the middle of the night? Thank you!

How about uhhh both?

Bruno Bucciarati:

  • Once he feels the bed stir as you sit up, preparing to get out to feed your baby, he’ll object. Bruno shakes his head, saying you’ve overworked yourself lately and that it was his turn. With a small kiss to the cheek, he immediately exits out of the room–ignoring any drowsiness that decides to crawl it’s way towards him. Bruno approaches your child’s crib cautiously, careful not to make their shrieking cries louder.
  • After gently bringing them into his arms he rocks himself back and forth, humming a tune he made up. If that doesn’t work, then he’ll need to do the dirty diaper changing. He doesn’t complain though, he could never. After everything he’s been through? He’d take a poopy diaper over anything.

Leone Abbacchio:

  • He’s a bit more hesitant to aid his crying child, but for some reason feeling you shift the bed tiredly makes him more motivated to. You gave him this child, he deserves to pitch in too. Abbacchio has to mentally prepare himself before entering the room, letting out a bit of a grunt as he hears the piercing screeches of his baby. It takes every ounce of him to not yell at it to quit. He doesn’t, but oh God is it tempting.
  • Once they quiet down, any annoyance or tension he felt melts away immediately. Abbacchio hates having to change the diaper, but after awhile he gets used to it. Right after he places them back on their crib, he has a habit of standing at the doorway just in case they decide to start screaming again. Once he sees that the coast is clear, he’ll go back to bed.





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13. “Your eyes are so pretty.” - Risotto It’s from the emotional prompts 🥺

EMOTIONAL PROMPTS #13 “Your eyes are so pretty” + Risotto Nero.

You lay on your side with one arm clutching the sheet close to your naked chest and the other under your cheek, staring in silence and bliss at your husband, Risotto Nero, as he comes back from the bathroom, rubbing his chin since he had just shaved his one month beard; after all, he was keeping it for a reason and now, having accomplished his goal, he didn’t saw any further importance into keeping it.

As he sits in the bed and leans against you, kissing your cheek and then shifting again to lay at your side, offering his arm for you to lay your head and his side for your hand to rest against his chest, you can’t stop thinking about how your relationship started so many years ago; how it all came from a compliment you couldn’t hide when he asked if you were okay after your first non-official date.

Giggling, you look up at him only to find him looking back at you, a questionig look on his eyes as he does.

Biting your lip and smiling, you whisper. “Your eyes are so pretty.”

Risotto is not a man who smiles frequently, not in his line of work; not with his teammates, not when he’s in a meeting with his boss —but with you, however, he allows himself that pleasure. Risotto smiles, wide with his dimples standing out; his voice reflecting his happiness when he speaks. “You were thinking about that too?”

You nod, feeling you excitement in your stomach. Risotto chuckles and oh, does he sound like an angel. A sexy one.

“I was thinking about that this morning, too.”

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Okay this one is a little odd, could you do a Diego Brando x female reader set in modern times and they're watching Jurassic Park for the first time? And Diego is completely entranced by the film and what his reaction would be at the end with the T-rex roar. I just can't get this out my head. Thank you so much.

Omg this was such an adorable idea. I actually watched the movie after a long time to help me get a better understanding. I really hope you enjoy and thank you once again for the awesome request!

Movie Night

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 7: Steel Ball Run

Diego Brando x Reader

Summary: When you and Diego both finally have some time to kill, you decide to spend it with him in a way that’s quite unexpected. Well, at least to him.

Notes: Modern AU

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Are there any teachers you guys DO like???

Jonathan: I really like Mr. Zeppeli! Even at old age, he knows how to joke around and make our lessons easier to understand. But he can get really serious sometimes.

Joseph: I don’t exactly have a favorite teacher considering my teachers somewhat hate how rowdy I get.

Jotaro: Same with Joseph. Mr. Bucciarati’s nice, though.

Josuke: Bold of you to assume I like my teachers. Their classes are always boring, no matter what.

Giorno: Obviously my dad. Other than that, I just try to get through my classes. 

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hc for the golden wind gang with an s/o with a language barrier?


- For some reason I believe that he’s lowkey fascinated by foreign languages (and by foreign people in general or just those that can speak multiple languages) even if he himself isn’t really fluent in any other language besides his own mother tongue obviously.

- That being said, he’d often ask s/o about certain words and would be very happy if they decided to teach him how to speak their language. Even more so, he’d actually enjoy it alot if s/o ever taught him how to swear in their mother tongue.

- And don’t even think that he won’t do studies on his own as well. He knows just how hard communicating with them can be so he’ll spend literal hours at his desk with his nose in all kinds of books in order to get better at speaking their language. As always he tends to overwork himself, therefore s/o would often be coming in and telling him to take breaks since he’s studying worse than if he were in college.


- He too finds foreign people and different cultures very fascinating and would be rather intrigued to find out his s/o speaks a different language. Sure it is hella hard to find his words sometimes, but he actually puts lots of effort into learning their language without a doubt.

- Although he doesn’t really overwork himself like Bruno, he does spend a good amount of time (especially on weekends) documenting himself and trying to learn as many words and phrases as he can. And of course that he’ll pretty much be delighted if s/o would offer to help him.

- He’s a fast learner and would actually learn a decent amount of words in a very short time, so he’ll basically surprise s/o one morning by waking them up all while speaking into their mother tongue almost fluently. S/o would be flabbergasted and would ask him how in the fuck does he know how to speak their language so well all of a sudden and Gio would just shrug with a sly grin whilst saying that he “has his own secrets”.


- Honestly?? At first he feels discouraged, almost annoyed. Not at s/o of course, but at this entire situation. He nearly feels hopeless since he basically doesn’t know how to speak any foreign language and he wonders how in the fuck is their relationship going to work if they can’t even understand eachother.

- But of course that this is just Abba having yet another usual breakdown breakdown due to anxiety, so after calming down and recollecting himself the man would sit his ass down at his desk and actually start looking into their language. S/o would pretty much do the same and just like that things would slowly get more and more better.

- Just like that the two would perfectionate themselves at eachother’s languages and soon enough both of them would be able to freely communicate. At some point Abba and s/o would pretty much be switching from one language to another while the rest of the gang would be like ???


- Thus the clownery begins. The second this man discovers s/o is actually foreign he’s going to be BEGGING them to teach him fucking swear words. Like me mans doesn’t even care about properly learning the language oh no, he just wants to be able to cuss others without them realizing.

- But he soon realizes that Google translate won’t be forever useful so he actually tries learning their language a little even if he sometimes complains about how hard it is. His main motivation is being able to freely communicate with his s/o so he actually puts effort into it and, with the help of his partner, he’ll be able to actually understand them in no time. He’ll still learn some swear words though.


- Bold of you to assume he doesn’t know at least 5 fucking foreign languages. He actually happens to not know their language?? No problem, Fugo will study his ass off and learn their mother tongue in less than a fucking week.

- Like don’t even doubt him he can and WILL flex his language skills. He just casually walks in one day and starts F L U E N T L Y speaking in their language all while s/o and the rest of the gang look at him as if he has gone insane.

- They all start asking him how in the fuck did he learn to speak AND write it perfectly in less than a fucking week and he just shrugs. S/o is very touched that he took the time and effort to learn their language and in return they do just the same.


- Just like Mista but EVEN more chaotic if that’s even possible to begin with. All that he’s interested in are swear words and when s/o actually tells him some he’ll start spewing them out around the rest of the gang then proceed to absolutely c r e a s e when no one (except s/o obvs)n gets it.

- S/o would quite literally have to tutor him in order for Narancia to actually learn their language, aside from swear words. And tbh it works because he actually enjoys what he’s learning this time and besides his “teacher” is his very own s/o so it all couldn’t be more perfect.

Bonus - Trish:

- Has no idea about any foreign language and is visibly confused at first. Honestly she would be a bit overwhelmed in the beginning since she would be worrying that she’ll never be able to freely communicate with her s/o.

- S/o would have to constantly reassure her that it’s all going to be fine as they would do their best at helping her learn their language. In return s/o would learn Italian (Trish instantly offers to help them of course) and, much like in Abba’s case, the pair would quickly learn eachother’s languages and would be switching between them constantly. Teamwork sure does the dream work.