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Gorgeous Risotto Nero countdown art (and detail) by Hironori Tanaka. Tanaka did key animation during the Mista vs Ghiaccio battle and notably handled the Animation Direction for Episode 27: King Crimson vs Metallica.

10 days left until the Vento Aureo finale!!

anonymous asked:

I saw a headcanon around here saying that Risotto used to be a super chubby baby. How would the rest of La Squadra react to meeting Risotto's chubby lil marshmallow of a newborn son/daughter.

Everyone wants to see the capo’s baby. Risotto comes in with the baby in his arms and his s/o trailing behind him with the bag. He told everyone he was coming beforehand so the clubhouse is cleaned and there’s nothing unsightly around.

Melone is the first in line and snatches the baby from Risotto, cooing at them and praising what excellent genes they have and how big and healthy they look. Prosciutto takes the baby from Melone before he gets too weird and everyone gets a chance to hold him once Risotto makes sure they’re clean. Pesci has to take his coat off because the fuzz makes the baby sneeze. Gelato wants one now. Illuso, Ghiaccio, and Formaggio only hold the baby for a few seconds before Sorbet gets them and the baby starts whining. Then everyone except Ghaiccio and Sorbet crowd around Risotto while he feeds them.