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omg you’re one of my fav blog hiiiiiiii

  • 1. What is/are your native language(s)? Français! and Elsassian (a dialect that is a mix between French and German basically) and maybe German but I don’t know if it counts because I’ve grewn up with it but nobody in my family spoke german (long story short) 
  • 2. What languages are you learning? Dutch and Swedish at university and Japanese whenever I can 
  • 9. Languages you REALLY want to learn but have no time? *cries* Japanese and Hungarian 
  • 10. Recommend three songs in another language? my time to shine hell yes here you go:   V För Vendetta - Veronica Maggio + this perfection by RADWIMPS +  Daniel’s jojk (this is a must it’s a religious experience) 
  • 15. Language goals? to be fluent in Japanese and gain at least a B2 level in Dutch and Swedish and also learn Arabic 

Solveig Andersson, Jojk “Bjiejjie

• P O W E R •
New Single from Sápmi Queen @sofiajannok - We are still here! A dance floor, power jojk with a message of the worlds indigenous people. Sofia Jannok is also a #riviasports ambassador & we´re super excited about her new sound! Listen @spotify & read more about what inspires her and the roots of the new single in our blog at || || 📷 @sotarn.otf