Wild Reindeer in LAVVU
  • Wild Reindeer in LAVVU
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“Wild Reindeer in Lavvu” was inspired by Sami culture and specially their traditional semi-nomadic lifestyle related to reindeer husbandry. A reindeer herder walking in the mountains with his herds and joiking in the Sami way of singing embodies boundless freedom. The song was recorded by AINU in Sápmi (Lapland).

Special thanks to Sami artist - Peter S.( a reindeer herder from the mountains in Finnmark ), recorded by AINU in Karasjok, Norway. Main vocals: Peter S. and • AINU • All sounds of “Spain Ocarina” and other sounds played and recorded live by AINU. Wild voices, melody voice, indian drums, acoustic Ovation guitar, synths & electronic instruments and special effects composed and made by AINU. Music composed and recorded by - AINU - in a special 3D Sound Quality. Mastered by - AINU - in home Studio • April ‘2016

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