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Got the card from Kaelyn and Lucy today! Literally made my day so much better as I had a terrible morning and a few past days :) The card is the cutest and they are the cutest for taking them time to write cards out from Rosweglyn!

“Hey Jodie!

Thank you so much for your letter and for your lovely drawings! We really hope you enjoyed Rosweglyn!

We’re so happy that you like our videos - your suppose honestly means the world to us. You seem like an incredibly strong individual, and we’re really proud of you for overcoming your personal struggles. Never stop being proud of yourself and who you are!

All our love Lucy & Kaelyn!”

I’m not sobbing I promise(maybe with happiness).. It means the world to me that they are proud of me for overcoming my personal struggles! It makes me want to keep fighting and not let my disorders, self harm or anxiety get the better of me.

Thank you hehe :)

P.S: I’m so glad that your long distance relationship will be over soon and will be moving in with each other!

Hello guys!
Sorry for the lack of updates and post these past few days. I have been really busy with my acad stuff and I’m glad to say that I’m making it through!!!

I promise to post all the backlogs tomorrow or on Sunday. I think I have around 2 long updates and a lot of photos for all of you :)

July is just around the corner! Monthly round-up will also be posted in a few days!

let me tell you how exo influenced me

earlier we got our yearbooks and my page is kinda different than others lol.

my life motto written on the page is “i would rather bend than break” (it is actually also my Motto) and there is a section called “future plans” and everyone wrote stuff like “i want to have Kids and a nice job and lots of money and stay healthy” etc etc.

you know what is written on my page ? “I want to live in south korea or japan. Come and visit me pabos ^-^”

also today is my first day of graduation and i will get my certificate and while we walk on stage a song chosen by us will play and mine is going to be “growl” by exo.

am i a hero already or..

ps. i was also chosen as “most likely to be a hero” and alex and i are second place as “cutest couple”

I’m eating at a restaurant and the cook made a smiley face with my food and i think it’s the sweetest thing! What a nice way to make someone smile! Who ever this cook is, you are RAD ❤️☀️