Let's talk Stilinski men for a second

I have finally recognized why I love their relationship so much.

In a bunch of other shows, you’ll get that father/son relationship that is just lacking something. Yeah, they love each other, but one or both of them just can’t express it- don’t hug, don’t talk. Whatever. And then when dad has one of those jobs that just sucks up all their time, or has a ridiculous schedule, their relationship can really suffer. I get that there are plenty of families in real life that have to try to survive under these circumstances, but it seems to be much more frequent in TV and movies.

Then you have the Stilinski’s. Dad is the sheriff of a county and a town that has been thrown in the middle of some pretty intense supernatural stuff. But he still has time to have dinner with his son, even if it’s in the cruiser. He still talks to his son about school and friends and even his crush, even if it’s not as often as they used to. They worry about each other. They get a little nervous when they don’t know where the other is. And the hugs. They aren’t just the pat-on-the-back “man hugs”. They are full, emotion-displaying, suffocating hugs.

I just really love these two. I would watch a show about Stiles trying to help his dad solve his cases, supernatural beings or not.


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