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Rickon Stark Headcanon
  • Rickon Stark grows up to be the splitting image of Robb Stark. Same Tully hair and eyes but with a wildness and fierceness in him that only people who grew up in Skagos knows.
  • Davos finds him and brings him home to Westeros. He brings with him Osha and an army of cannibals from Skagos.
  • The Manderlys declare him as Heir to Winterfell.
  • The North and all the other Stark loyalist rise up and rally behind him.
  • He doesn’t remember much about his family except all for all those things that Osha has taught him about Winterfell. He whispers “Winter is Coming” every night before he goes to sleep. Like some sort of mantra or prayer. He remembers clinging to his brothers legs when he was younger but he has forgotten his face. Osha tells him that all he needed to do to remember his brother’s face was to look at his reflection.
  • He has very very long hair. He still has not cut his hair since the day his mother left. Osha had tried to cut his hair a few times but he turned really wild and angry. He declared that his hair is his promise and that he is only going to cut it once he has achieved his vengeance.
  • He rides to war at the back of Shaggydog. His weapon of choice is an axe.
  • Basically he is the young wolf reborn.