Bran x Reed!Reader

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Bran frowned when a cough shook your body and Osha glanced over at the two of you. you barely felt the blanket he’d pulled off his lap and dropped over you, or heard Osha hurrying over to see if he needed help.

“She will not survive much longer without a Maester.” Bran muttered.

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winryrockbells  asked:

JON/SANSA, road-trip (yes, i'm not going to stop fuck you)


“I still think that we should have rented a car. This car is….just-”

“Gross?” Jon said, turning to her and raising his eyebrows. He probably should have been looking at the road, admittedly, but it was more likely for Sansa to agree with him on something than for there to be another car on the road this early in the morning. “You were going to call my car gross.”

“No!” Sansa, at least, had the decency to blush and look down. “It’s just…a bit, you know, old.”

“Well it’s the only thing I could afford to get us to London,” Jon said, shrugging. “And you’re the one who’s tagging along in the first place.” Jon had been planning to visit Robb at university for a few weeks now, but he hadn’t intended to have company. It had taken two days of Sansa pouting before he had finally agreed to allow her to come along. He would have preferred Arya, if truth be told, but his little sister hated the city (not to mention cars). Sansa unnerved him still, after all these years, although he had the feeling that his nerves came from a different source than they once had. Jon sighed, tightening his grip on the steering wheel. He could certainly survive one road trip with Sansa, even if she did make him feel a bit guilty for not cleaning his car.