I’ll be honest. It’s rare when I listen to an instrumental band that I don’t get bored. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the technicality on a musician level, but eventually my attention grows tired. I watched and listened to this video by Joint Chiefs of Math (Philly) and I was hooked the whole time.

My ear buds were pulled in and also confused by ominous, myserterious yet somehow catchy guitar riffs, faint math-rock undertones and then just as I thought I had processed the song and was ready to revert to the aforementioned boredom, they end on a full on metal shred-fest that lasts just long enough (and by long enough I mean literally about 10 seconds) that it somehow fits in with the song without sounding offensively out of context.

The video’s aesthetics and song’s overall enigmatic sound make it great for a smoke soundtrack, and the percussion especially is impressive and entertaining to watch.

Glocca Morra (PA):

I Kill Giants:

The Joint Chiefs of Math (PA):
Also watch the Far Beyond Riven video because it’s the coolest thing ever.

Choke Up:

Big Mess:

Bring some buckz for the touring bands!

upcoming shows yo!

so next week we have 4 shows in 6 days all around Virginia and they’re all going to be crazynuts and we’re going to get to see a bunch of friends and it’s all leading up to something cool that’s happening on Halloween and yeah! 

10/20 Blacksburg, Va @ 130 w/ We Were Skeletons, Joint Chiefs of Math, Friend of Friends

^^PS John’s birthday is at midnight during this show^^

10/22 Harrisonburg, Va @ MyMansion w/ The Front Bottoms, Caust, The Human Fly

10/23 Norfolk, Va @ Alethia w/ Mixtapes, Citizen, Hold Tight!, Cardinal, Dominion

10/25 Norfolk, Va @ Alethia w/ We Are the Union, All Eyes West, Safeplace, Cardinal, Dominion