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Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Hostage Rescue Team.
Law Enforcement’s Tier 1 Counter-Terrorism unit.

The FBI Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) is the counter-terrorism and hostage rescue unit of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The HRT is trained to rescue American citizens and allies who are held hostage by hostile forces, usually terrorists and/or criminals. The Hostage Rescue Team was founded in 1982 by Danny Coulson, former Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI, and completed its final certification exercise in October 1983.

It was originally composed of 50 operators. However, this number has since increased to well over 90 full-time operators. The HRT commonly functions as a high-level national SWAT team in extremely sensitive or dangerous situations. Today, it is part of the Tactical Support Branch of the FBI’s Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG) and is based at the FBI Academy at the Quantico Marine Corps Base, in Stafford County, Virginia.

The primary roles of the HRT are hostage rescue and counter-terrorism. Secondary roles of the HRT include:

- Apprehending barricaded subjects
- Executing helicopter operations and rescue missions
- Executing mobile assaults
- Performing high-risk raids, searches, arrests, and warrants
- Coordinating manhunt and rural operations
- Providing force protection for FBI personnel overseas

To a lesser extent, the HRT may deploy teams or individual operators to act as snipers, or to provide protective service details for certain high-profile federal witnesses or dignitaries. Teams provide support for missions overseas and support Joint Terrorism Task Forces. Teams at home and abroad perform typical law enforcement activities, such as making arrests, processing scenes for evidence recovery, and testifying in court.

The HRT has provided traditional law enforcement during hurricane relief operations, tactical surveys, and special events such as the Olympic Games, presidential inaugurations, and political conventions.

Prospective HRT operators are selected based upon their background and experience, as well as their demonstrated performance during the HRT selection course. The rigorous two-week selection process includes long-distance runs, forced marches, obstacle courses, and other tests of physical and mental stamina. Throughout the entire selection process, candidates are evaluated on their ability to think under pressure and to perform while physically exhausted. After a six-month initial training period known as “New Operator Training School” (“NOTS”), they are headquartered at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Both the selection course and NOTS are near mirror images of the 1st SFOD-D (“Delta Force”) selection and training courses, with some minor adjustments for mission differences. Experienced HRT operators assigned to observer/sniper teams are sent to the United States Marine Corps Scout Sniper Basic Course. After successfully completing the course, they receive further instruction from HRT snipers. Maritime platoon operators are sent to a variety of maritime special operations courses, including Phase II of U.S. Navy BUD/S at Naval Amphibious Base, Coronado, California. HRT operators receive other specialized interoperability training from various U.S. Special Operations Command entities. HRT operators also conduct training with Allied nation counter-terrorism units such as the British SAS and German GSG-9.

When not operationally deployed, the HRT conducts full-time training for its members at various sites across the country. Two to three hours each day are set aside for physical training, a defensive tactics session, and combative training. One day a week is devoted to maintaining either perishable skills (such as fast roping, breaching, and photography) or specialized skills (such as mobile assaults, manhunt and rural operations), maritime operations, helicopter operations, parachuting, weapons of mass destruction training (provided by the United States Department of Energy), and cold weather operations. Three days are spent honing sniping or close quarters combat skills on the various training ranges available to the team. Biweekly, one day is allotted for gear maintenance. Discretionary time to be used by team leaders is built into the schedule. During a routine week of training, it is not unusual for HRT operators to fire 1,000 rounds of ammunition to keep their shooting skills honed. Every 12 to 18 months, the HRT also participates in at least one major combined exercise that may involve a variety of governmental entities, such as the FBI and the departments of Defense, State, Energy, and Homeland Security.

Three teams rotate through three 120-day cycles: training, operations, and support. During the training cycle, the team refreshes its skills and takes part in exercises, attends other courses, or trains with foreign and domestic units. During the operations cycle, the team is available for deployment (domestic or foreign). During the support cycle, the team works on special projects, maintains the HRT’s equipment, and conducts research.

The HRT is known to conduct joint training exercises and participate in exchange programs with US military units such as the US Army’s Combat Applications Group (otherwise known as 1st SFOD-D or Delta Force) or the U.S. Navy’s DEVGRU. The HRT routinely trains with other federal tactical teams such as the DEA’s FAST Team, the United States Border Patrol’s BORTAC unit or the United States Capitol Police’s CERT. Occasionally the HRT trains with French GIGN, British SAS and Special Boat Service, Irish Garda ERU, the Australian SAS, German GSG 9, and other international units. In addition to the HRT’s own facilities, the HRT routinely uses private and 1st SFOD-D Delta Force shoot houses and ranges. The HRT has also been known to train at Camp Peary and Harvey Point.


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A Sailor assigned to Naval Special Warfare, U.S. Special Boat Team, jumps out of the MH-60S Sea Hawk helicopter “Ghostrider 53”, assigned to Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC) 28, Det. 1, as it flies over Megara Army Airfield as during the final day of a multi-week joint exercise.

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Luke Skywalker enjoys hot chocolate just letting you know this incredibly vital piece of info

fuck yes, and also this is the perfect conclusion to my new luke-related story:

  • Luke Skywalker is the babadook
  • Hey – come back you silly fucker, I haven’t finished yet. Let me explain: Luke Skywalker is the babadook to Stormtroopers. He’s the boogeyman. A horror-terror. 
  • He can kill you with a look, says FN-7773, with complete confidence. She’s not much older than FN-2187 but she hurt her leg on the assault course – and since she’s a good trooper with potential, she qualified for the Medbay and not a quick and painless injection to put her out of her misery.
  • Anyway. That way she’s met older troopers and they’ve told her all sorts of stories, and that gives her a mantle of authority. It’s lunch: designated socialisation time. FN-2187 is still young enough to get this, because the First Order may be cruel; but it is pragmatic, and children need to socialise in order to become somewhat functioning adults. I don’t believe you, says FN-2187. FN-7773 rolls her eyes, sighs extravagantly. He can too, she says. He looks at you and you started choking and – bam, dead. She stabs her fork into her protein-block to emphasise her point. FN-2187 shivers. Luke Skywalker sounds scary.
  • He hears more stories over the years. Every unit has their own version. He killed his own father, says Red (dead of night, joint training exercise, huddled around a single flickering lamp). Didn’t you know that? Cut him in half, burned his body. 
    • Why? says FN-2187. Red shrugs her broad shoulders. Who knows? Why do monsters do anything?
    • I heard, chimes in Nines, with more than a hint of glee, that he killed his father, because his father was trying to stops him eating his sister – 
    • Eating? Now you’re fucking with me, FN-2187 says. Nines nods. He ate her right up, bones and everything. He’s not human. He’s a Jedi. They’re monsters. They eat people. Eat them right up. He clicks his neat white teeth together, smirks when FN-2197 flinches. He likes the taste of Stormtrooper best of all, coos Nines, and laughs.
    • The night is dark and full of strange noises, which could be computer simulated enemies and could be Luke Skywalker prowling through the shadows with blood on his breath and a hungering for trooperflesh – but FN-2187 does not mind the fear, for it creates a sense of belonging that he experiences all too rarely. The other troopers don’t like him, he knows, but these stories put them all on the same level: united in the face of a huge hulking sister-eating father-killing beast. Maybe this is what it is like to have friends, Finn thinks, as Nines pretends to eat Slip’s arm.
  • He fights with a sword made of fire, says Slip. He cuts troopers down like they’re nothing, says Nines. He licks our bones clean and uses our helmets for drums, says Sevener. He cuts us into tiny little bits, says Red, just to watch us smoke. He killed his father, FN-2187 tells the other little troopers, did you know, did you know. He killed him stone dead – 
    • And he kills troopers just for being there! He kills us and takes our uniforms for trophies, he dresses up like us and sneaks around among us with a helmet on and –
    • FN-2187 and holy shit, Phasma can move silently when she wants to, looming huge and silver behind him. The littler troopers snap to sudden frightened attention, as does Finn. Shared training time is meant to encourage unit bonding. Finn’s heart is huge and heavy in his throat. He cannot breathe. He cannot – 
    • Phasma nods. Her body language would be unreadable to a non-trooper; but Finn has spend years learning how to communicate when one cannot see one’s face. She approves. His heart slides back into his ribcage. His relief is so enormous that the world sways a little. It is good to share myths, she says. Myths. Yes. Only children believed that Luke Skywalker really existed.
  • Finn isn’t entirely sure on Luke Skywalker’s stance on eating people, but he does like hot chocolate. He stows sachets of it everywhere. Drinks it with his eyes half-lidded, smiling through the steam. It clings to his beard. 
  • Poe and Rey are bickering over who gets to fly the Falcon next while Chewie watches indulgently. Finn feels Luke’s Force-presence everywhere, deep and resounding and full of stars. Like the night sky. Like fire. Like flood. Like everything. It is terrifying. But it is also the man drinking hot chocolate, snorting with laughter when Rey wails banthafucker let me drive and myths are true, sometimes, but they never tell the entire story; and Luke Skywalker is not a monster when you look at him from the right angle.
  • Still. Finn is profoundly glad that they are on the same side. Because he has seen Luke cut through soldiers like butter, and he remembers what it was like to fear the dark, lest Luke Skywalker be waiting, blood on his hands and lightning crackling between his fingers.

An exclusive documentary about Russian Military Police working inside Aleppo.

English subtitles are available.

Key points:

(1) The Russian contingent is comprised of multi-ethnic and multi-religious troops, which includes Shia and Sunni soldiers from the Muslim regions of Russia, as well as Buddhists from Asia and Christians from western Russia.

(2) The contingent is provided with Russia’s new military hardware for as far as communications and transport is concerned.

(3) The Russian contingent is embedded with the local Syrian police and military forces, with their officers and fighters communicating daily on every issue, and even conducting joint military exercises to improve efficiency of cooperation to better maintain order in the city.

(4) The Russian contingent is well provided in terms of medication, supplies, and accommodations.

(5) The Muslim/Chechen commanders within the contingent also daily report to the president of the Chechen Republic to report on soldier morale and needs.

(6) Gladly, most issues in the city arise not from gun fights, but from robberies, and the Russian contingent holds local Syrian police authorities accountable to resolving petty crime reports.

(7) Citizens in Aleppo have a steady supply of food, but they still lack electricity and gas. Medication and surgeries are provided by Russia’s medical corps, because local hospitals are not yet ready to function.

I’m happy to know how ugly your truth is. 
Maybe I couldn’t handle your rotting wide open like I thought I could.
Maybe if you didn’t use your quiet screaming parts as weapons.

I’m happy I didn’t waste any more of my time
pouring myself into our non-relation.
Our close, but nothing too.
Our arms length away even within the holding.
My love, your lacking. 

These stiff joints. 
Even with the exercise, even with the stretching,
they are all bracing themselves for the breaking open.
Bracing themselves for your unexpected arrival.
Bracing themselves because I usually find
someone else to fall into within the aftermath of someone else.

Now, bracing for embracing themselves.

Curled up on the couch like this is where I live now.
I’ve lived this shade of life before.
I’ve lived this hue of life after you.
I spend the weekdays breaking down
and sprawling my insides out on my
living room floor, bedroom floor, bathroom floor. 
Only picking up the necessary pieces.
Leaving the rest.
Laying them to rest to evaporate 
or suffocate from lack of water.

Then come the weekends.
Weekends spent stretching my legs
across wide floors to bring a passion
to fill the bellies of the West Hills.

Weekends spent hoping you won’t
“cool stride” your way through the doors
of my second home
to fill your hands and your stupid fucking
North Star belly with putrid liquids.

This is where I live now.
I’m sick of being ripped wide open in my safe space. 

I have never been violent but I want to split your head open.
There has been this rage settling,
no crashing,
no crashing then settling
on the brim of my rib cage,
between my bottom lip and my teeth.

It terrifies me.

Almost broke my knuckle over it last night
when I missed the soft of the couch and hit the frame. 

As comfortable as all day spent only moving to pee
or to smoke or to fill up my water bottle, can be.

I am only too heavy for you
because of your lack of love weight training.
I am only too heavy for you
because of your constant reminder to yourself
of the things you think you don’t deserve,
the things you think you only had one shot at. 

But who am I to tell?

I am only human
and I’m sick of being
condemned for that.

Different Stages of the Let Go: Body as Human as Spilling all Over, Ivy Dowhan

Where’s the Red Castle?

Missouri looked up from the new harness she was prepping to equip. She’d been asked to come here for joint exercises, and it got her out of the maintenance hangar, so she was all too happy to comply. “You’re Shiranui, right? I’m USS Missouri. We’ll be running practice together. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Missouri extended her hand towards Shiranui. Formal, business-like, and no real inflection, but no hint of malice either. Mo was just giving her professional side to the Kagerou-class destroyer.