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antis became obsessed with louelle so now they're mad about eleounor lmao. they couldn't even win them over. louis's team acts like she didn't mock louis by joining forces with gigi and blasting zayn's music. not even eleanor's fans like louis. this is all such a mess.

i KNOW no one’s on elounor’s side what they expected to accomplish from this i have no idea

So today we found out that Dirk Gently season two’s unofficial name is ‘The Middle of Everywhere’ and that (according to the show bible) it could potentially centre around a portal to another dimension.

But I’m actual trash so my immediate thought was less “jolly smuggling jaunt” and more “please can we have the mystery squad & co. meeting their alternate universe selves”.

I’m thinking Blackwing!Dirk and FBI!Farah joining forces with rockstar siblings Todd and Amanda, whose band (Mexican Funeral? I Hate Voicemail?) made it big time and who have spent the past year touring the world to sold-out stadiums before coming back to Seattle to rest and recuperate.

And I mainly want this because of the comparison between the canon!Brotzmans who have no money and a shitty relationship with each other currently, but who both now have a purpose and a support network, and the au!Brotzmans who are financially stable and doing what they love, but they’ve got no-one except each other and they know it’s co-dependent but what can they really do when they’re living in a virtual goldfish bowl created by their own fame? Both sets of siblings have Pararibulitis still, but au!Brotzmans can afford medication while canon!Brotzmans have psychic vampires and accompanying visions of the future. At some point all four of them have a jam session with two angry drummer girls and two frustrated guitarists and they sound amazing, au!Brotzmans are this close to recording it for when they get back to their dimension.

And then you’d have the canon!mystery squad trying to get a handle on a heavily armed and properly trained au!Dirk who has a very good understanding of his intuitions but very little understanding of anything outside of the CIA compound where he’s kept in between missions, and au!Farah who has all of the anxiety and perfectionist tendencies of canon!Farah but who just learned how to play the system and give the right answers when tested.

Essentially I just want them all to team up and break the psychic murder children out of Blackwing, just so canon!Dirk can hear someone at the door to rescue him but it turns out to be au!Dirk in full CIA tactical gear and they both have .5 seconds of what the fuck has happened now while Mmm Whatcha Say plays faintly in the background.

Rex’s name before the Great War while serving as a police dog was different. It was, in fact, Dogmeat. Before ‘joining the force’ he sired multiple litters of pups that, gradually, spread across America. As such, he is the common ancestor for all Dogmeat’s in the games, and serves as a true Dogmeat in all but name to the Courier.

If someone was to call him Dogmeat, accidentally or on purpose, he would still answer to it after all those years of his original name being lost.


The Vampire Diaries 8x14 “It’s Been a Hell of a Ride” Inside - Damon and Stefan join forces against Cade in order to save Elena’s casket. Meanwhile, Caroline and Alaric deal with their daughters’ burgeoning magical powers.

this entire scene is pure gold

- kukui, shirt off, in a wrestling mask, saying ‘yeah’ or ‘woo’ every word to make it completely obvious that it is him
- hau, who has no idea it is professor kukui
- me, who knew it was professor kukui from the minute he appeared
- gladion, alola’s most miserable boy, forced to join in
- kiawe, showing up to proclaim how i was ‘on fire’ after i lost instantly


Two very different kind of evil.


On a quiet morning 75 years ago today, Imperial Japanese forces attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. More than 2,400 Americans were killed and 1,100 more wounded. Twenty-one ships of the Pacific Fleet were sunk or damaged, including the USS Arizona. Shocked and angered by the attack, the country joined the Allied forces to fight World War II, inspired by the call of “Remember Pearl Harbor.” A moving reminder of the service and sacrifice of those who fought, the USS Arizona Memorial is jointly administered by the U.S. Navy and the National Park Service. Photos from World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument by National Park Service.


#kazuyaweek » day five: birthday

“most likely… i won’t be able to forget that game for my entire life. i know our inexperience, i also know that our opponent’s strong. more than anything else, this is the first time i feel baseball’s frightening. although i feel sorry for the retired 3rd years… we still have another year to get out revenge. if we are doing it, i want the results to matter the most. i want us to be ravenous for victory until the very end.

happiest birthday to seidou’s captain, miyuki kazuya! (11.17)

  • Sharzhad: You need a hobby.
  • Khalid: I have a hobby.
  • Sharzhad: Being sad isn't a hobby.
  • Khalid: No, I have another one.
  • Jalal (from the other room): BEING ANGRY ISN'T A HOBBY!

*cough cough*