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Nobody Messes with a Winchester

Plot: When Dean finds out that he not only has a daughter, but that she is being abused he beyond mad. Going against his better judgment he brings her back to the bunker before going after the people that dared to lay a finger on her. After all, nobody messes with a Winchester and gets away with it.

Pairing: You’ll see 

Warning: violence, mentions of physical and sexual abuse 

Rating: M for mature 

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel and Elena Winchester

Author’s note: This is going to be a series and it will, later on, join forces with another fandom

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   I sighed as I turned the corner, slowing down so I could give myself a little bit more time before entering my house. I wanted to run, to turn around and leave my mother and step father behind me, to make them nothing more than a nightmare. I couldn’t though, the cop following me, reporting my every move back to his boss and my step father, saw to that. I held not only my own life in my hands, but the lives of every family on the police force in our small town. To run would mean not only my death, but the death of the family of the office who let me run. 

   In truth, the other officers wanted me gone as much as I did, but none of us were able to make it happen. My mother had married a monster and in doing so became on herself. I let out a sigh as I once again thought of my father. The little I did know about him came from my grandparents, who had taken pitty on me a few years ago and told me all that they knew about him. His name was Dean Winchester and he, along with his brother Sam had both once been wanted by the police but were later found innocent. Now they traveled around doing, something. The only picture I had of him was an old mug shot, but I had memorized it regardless. Suspected killer aside, he had to be better than my mother and her husband. 

   The sound of a car door slamming shut down the street, brought me back to the present and with it the sinking realization that I was home. The house was quiet but that hardly meant much. They were both probably drunk and planning new ways to punish me. While they could get creative, they never swayed from what they knew. Rape and branding seemed to be their favorite, at least it’s the usual form of punishment I received. Shivering more from the thought of what awaited me inside, than the winter chill, I looked a head towards the sounds of voice, my breath catching in my throat as I did. 

   Three men were slowly making their ways towards me, or to the diner that laid a little ways behind me. I had never met them, but I knew two of them. The one with long shaggy brown hair was my uncle and standing beside him, was my father. I took a deep breath, quickly glancing between my house and my father. It only took me a few seconds to make up mind on which one I wanted to chance more. Taking a deep breath I squared my shoulders and called out to them. 

   “Are you Dean Winchester?” At once all three were staring at me, the man in question clearly deciding on wither or not to answer. I bite my lip as I waited, silently preying that he would. It took the man in the trench coat, his eyes wide as they met my own, elbowing him for him to answer. 

   “Yeah, why?” He asked, frowning as he looked me over. I blushed, taking a deep breath to steady myself before answering. 

    “Because my name is Elena Claire and I’m your daughter. I also need your help.” At once he turned to the man in the trench coat, his eyes shooting up in disbelief when he instantly nodded, answering whatever silent question Dean had asked. 

   “I see. Do you need money?” He asked slowly, eyeing my outfit slowly. I blushed, realizing yet again that I probably looked like a homeless person. 

   “No. I need you to get me out of here. I don’t have to stay with you, but I need you to at least me get away from here.. After that I’ll leave you alone if you want.”

   “Why do you want to leave? Won’t your mother be worried about you?” His brother asked, frowning when I instantly shook my head. 

   “No. Or at least she might but I don’t care. See her and her husband, well they uh abuse me. He rapes me and she will burn me afterwards, my punishment for sleeping with him. It’s daily and I can’t go to the cops because he is the cops. The sheriff at least and he’s threatened the force to keep quite when it comes to me. He told them if they help me, then he’ll kill their families. But if you took me outside the city limits there isn’t much he can do. All you have to do is tell any cop that asks that your my father and after hearing what was going came to take me to live with you. You can, after all, go to someone a lot higher up than him so he’ll me go. So long as he thinks I’m with you, I’ll be safe. I don’t even have to actually stay with you, so long as he thinks it.” I said at once, biting my lip as I finished. All three men were staring at me with the same blank expression that one gets when trying to process difficult news. 

   “I’ll get you out of here.” Dean said slowly, staring me as he slowly slipped off his jacket. “But you’ll stay with me. That’s the deal.” He walked towards me as he finished, placing the jacket around my shoulders. Once I was wrapped in the soft brown leather, he gently pushed a strand of hair from my face. “I can’t offer you much. I’ll have to leave a lot, for long periods of time for my job and you won’t be able to come with me. However, I can promise you safety, warm clothes and food. All you have to do is say yes.” 

   “That’s it.” I said slowly, blinking back the tears that threatened to over flow the moment he agreed to take me away. “All I have to do is stay and I won’t have to see them again.”

   “That’s it. Hell even if you said you wouldn’t stay, I wouldn’t allow them to harm you anyway. Your a Winchester kid and that means something.” He grunted as threw myself at him, clinging to him as I began to cry. Slowly he hugged me back, rubbing soothing circles on my back as he whispered that I was okay now. That I was safe. 

   “I’ll stay.” I whispered, as I pulled back, wiping the tears away as I did. I couldn’t say for sure, but for some reason I suddenly felt safe, a feeling I hadn’t felt in a long time. 

   “Good. Now come on, let’s get you some food. We’ll get you some more clothes afterwards.” He said, his voice husky as he turned to glance at the two men over his shoulder. “Come meet you niece.” At once they moved towards us, both smiling kindly at me. 

   “I’m Sam, but if you want you can call me Uncle Sam.” The man with long hair said with a smile, holding his hand out towards me. I shook it, squealing in surprise as he suddenly pulled me into a hug. 

   “I’m Castiel, though they call me Cas.” The man in the trench coat said as Sam let me go. He held his out towards me, shaking my own firmly when I placed it gently in his.

  “Well you know me, but uh, if your okay with it, you can call me dad.” Dean said after moment, rubbing his neck. I blushed but nodded, whispering a quiet okay dad, that him blushing in return. After a moment Sam coughed, earning us all to look at him. 

   “Well I don’t know about you three but I’m fairly hungry.” I nodded eagerly, smiling as he linked his arm with my own and began leading me to the diner. Castiel and Dean followed behind us, both of them with their heads bent in the middle of a conversation. “So what do you want?”

   “A cheese burger with fries.” I replied at once, looking at him in confusion when he instantly burst out laughing. 

   “Your dad always gets the same thing.” He explained when he noticed my confusion. I smiled at that, taking some pride in the fact that I got more than my looks from the man.. 

   Dean’s P.O.V

     “So.” I said as we sat down, my sight glued to the girl. From the moment we met, I haven’t been able to stop watching her, making a mental check list of everything she had gotten from me. The more the list grew, the more happy I felt. She was mine, my flesh and blood, and now my responsibility. A part of me, the part I should be listening to, was screaming that I was about to put her in more danger than she already was. Yet another part, a much bigger one too, was telling me that I couldn’t let her leave. Her words were still echoing inside my head, the confession of her abuse causing me to see red, making the desire to protect her even harder to resist. I wanted to know more, yet at the same time was scared to find out. So instead I decided to learn more about her. “Tell me about yourself.”

   “Well I’m 16, almost 17.” She started, taking a small sip of the water in front of her. “I’m a music freak, despite not getting to hear it often. I mean have my Ipod, I saved up for months for it, though it’s at my grandparents. My favorite bands are All Time Low, Blink 182 and Green Day, though I like the classic bands like Guns and Roses too. I also write a lot, stories I mean, never finished them though. I also read a lot. My favorite is Harry Potter.” She came to a halt when the waitress arrived, shrinking back into her seat and moving that she was hidden behind Sam. At once Sam placed an arm around her, leaning down to whisper something in her ear that had her letting out a soft giggle. I smiled, shaking my head as I turned to the waitress. She was watching Elena, a fond smile on her face and relief in her eyes. 

   “Two cheese burgers with extra fries and two cokes.” I said after moment, causing the girl to turn her attention to me. At once she smiled, writing it down as Sam and Cas gave their own orders. As she left, I turned back to Elena, smiling at her she slowly sat back up. “Do you know her?” A part of me was afraid to ask but another was still curious as to her reaction. Slowly she nodded, biting her lip and looking off towards the waitress before answering. 

   “She’s my aunt, my moms younger sister. She uh, knows all about it.”

  “Do you think she’ll say anything?” Sam asked, looking from her to me, a silent question in his eyes. He wanted to know what I would if she did, if her mother and step father were to appear. 

   “Well if she does, I’ll get to tell them the new custody arrangement  in person.” I said at once, sending Elena a soft smile. Slowly I reached across the table, taking her hand in my own. “You don’t have to be afraid of any more. I’m going to protect you, I promise.”

       I walked into the house, wrinkling my nose at the smell. It had been a few hours since Elena had told us everything they had done to her and since she had fallen asleep in Sam’s lap after crying herself out. Right now she was safe at the motel with Cas, allowing Sammy and I to confront her abusers. They weren’t home, no doubt looking for her or causing trouble else where, so strode into the kitchen and took a seat. At once I threw my feet on the table, crossing them at the ankles and turning to stare at the front door, Sam moved behind, texting Cas no doubt. In the few hours we have known her, Sam has become extremely attached to her girl, we all had. It wasn’t hard. Even as shy and timid as she was, she had a warm heart that made everyone around her love her, well almost everyone. 

    “Cas says she’s still asleep.” He said quietly, moving to stand behind me. I opened my mouth to respond when the sound of the front door being thrown open cut me off. At once turned towards it, glaring at the couple that were coming in. Silently I began tapping my thumb against the table, eager to get out of here and away from the thoughts that came with it. Still I had to deal with them, with her monsters. 

   “Dean.” The women gasped, her eyes growing wide as she saw me. I nodded, trying to remember her but failing. She had changed, clearly, and no longer looked like anyone I had once been with. Behind her, his eyes growing wide with rage, was Brian, the man behind it all. “What are you doing here?”

   “I came for my daughter.” I snarled, swinging my feet off the table and standing up. Sam moved behind me, pushing his jacket back to show the gun that hung at his waist. “I heard about what you have been doing to her. I know all about the rape, the burns, everything. I came to discuss to the new custody agreement.” I moved towards them, being careful to show Brian the gun that I had as I did. “It’s pretty easy. She’s mine. She comes with me, stays with me and neither of you see her again. If you do, well, it won’t well.” As I finished I pulled my gun out, placing it under her chin with a cruel smile. 

   “If either of you come around my daughter again, I’ll kill you. She’s a Winchester and nobody, harms a Winchester and gets away with it.” I hissed, pulling the gun away and slamming the butt of it into her jaw, the same time Sam gave the same treatment to Brian. “She’s also my little girl and I will kill for her.”

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.. Don't tell me... She awakens the great stone dragon and goes in her father's place?..... Naw that wouldn't slide on the task force.... Unless she decided to join the task force herself in her father's place and a ton of research on detective work overnight.... Wait.... Gaaahhh idk if it's a spoiler but I see how the characters are mirroring their movie counterparts and.... Gaaaaaaahhhhh!


But seriously, yesss on the character’s mirroring their movie counterparts. I’ve been waiting SO LONG to finally get to this part of Mulan’s story. It’s going to be super interesting to see how she “handles” this (as I completely agree with you that it probably wouldn’t slide for her to join the task force as a high school/college student). 

gah, this just made me so more motivated to edit. 


Sam Rivers Trio: 1979

Sam Rivers and Dave Holland joined forces in a number of fertile collaborations, of which the recently reissued quartet recording Conference of the Birds (with Anthony Braxton and Barry Altschul) was probably the most widely known. Here, the two illustrate their uncanny improvisational rapport in a trio setting with percussionist Thurman Barker.

-Nick Moy

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I can barely wait for Sonic Forces, but when I couldn’t find any decent images of the Resistance logo I said “F*ck it, I’ll just make it myself!”.

The first 4 have the game’s logo’s colors, while the 5th has the one from the promotional sticker I saw around and the last one is seen in-game (when you get to the end of the stage).

Feel free to use! :D