OK, Tumblr, I know this is something you'd be good at so listen up. And REBLOG THIS. IT'S FOR A GOOD CAUSE I SWEAR.

Jeep is donating $1 to the USO for every new tweet with the hashtag “#joinOSR” today. I’m willing to bet money that if you have a tumblr, you have a twitter. So get on it. It has to be a NEW tweet. Retweeting someone WILL NOT WORK. Quoting their tweet will, but simply retweeting does NOT work. Either way, you’re all creative. I’m sure you can find your own ways to incorporate the hashtag into your tweet.

For those unaware, the USO is a private, nonprofit organization that works to support and entertain the troops overseas and help out the families that they left behind. The men and women who go do these things are risking their lives for your freedom. The least you could do is tweet this little hashtag and donate someone else’s money. You don’t have to support the war, but you should support our troops.