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Heyo! Could you maybe do a seventeen react to you being drunk and try to take care of your or something? Thanks in advance dude! :)

Yes, of course! Thanks for requesting :)


  • that protective instinct is kicked into overdrive and he hovers worriedly the whole time trying to take care of you and keep potential threats away
  • if he’s been drinking too, he won’t be super good at it, and may even end up crying, but he will definitely try to be responsible 
  • “do you need water? make sure you aren’t drinking on an empty stomach! wait, wear my jacket! it’s harder to feel the cold when you’ve been drinking and you might not notice!”


  • amused first, and maybe even teases you in simple ways e.g. pointing out you’re struggling to walk in a straight line and challenging you to try
  • but also incredibly caring, maybe in a quieter way than coups, such as taking your drink from you and holding it for a while so you don’t down it all at once
  • if he’s been drinking too, my goodness he’ll be giggly!! probably ask you a bunch of “who do you like better?” questions to make to pick him


  • would not be drinking himself, so he’s merely amused by your increasing intoxication at first
  • he also takes advantage of his own sober state to get alcohol out of your reach when you start going too far
  • likely very gently encourages you to drink some water and eat some food, and let’s be real, he succeeds! because who could say no to that face?


  • incredibly amused by how weird you’re getting and delighted to have the chance to get very weird himself
  • even though he doesn’t drink much/often and is probably totally sober, people will be convinced he’s just as drunk as you are
  • he WILL get up and encourage you to dance, but despite his flirty nature, any sign of you getting flirty and he has too stop because he gets flustered


  • you can bet hoshi gets super hyped up being at any kind of party, and before he’s even drunk, he’s already the loudest person there
  • he’ll challenge you to drinking games 100% confident that he will win, whether it’s true or not
  • and then once you’re both drunk, he’s a thousand percent charmed by everything you do and possibly too reckless in this state to do much to take care of you (”Yes, Y/N, let’s jump off the two story balcony into the pool!!!”)


  • he finds it fascinating to talk to you and have those fake-deep conversations while you’re both intoxicated 
  • probably shares his drink with you because the alcohol makes him Soft and you just look so cute
  • one to tuck you into bed at the end of the night because he couldn’t leave your drunk self alone for one moment and was still by your side


  • all about efficiency, woozi is definitely taking shots if he’s drinking at all, so you can bet he encourages you to join
  • it ends up causing more skin ship than you would ever expect because woozi without his inhibitions accepts all the affection from you without yours
  • probably teases you because he manages to remain very put-together and able to hide his drunkness, but you can tell he’s charmed by any silliness on your part


  • thinks drunk you is just the most remarkably hilarious, sweet thing he has ever seen in his life
  • and he gets as drunk and giggly and loud as hoshi does, and probably will drunk cry with you over little things like the existence of puppies
  • and boy does he freak out with worry every time you trip or stumble, keeping a hand on you to steady you at all times


  • he will keep up with you drink for drink, excited to try whatever you’re tasting and willing so share his own, even mixing you new cocktails and stuff because he would find that so fun
  • but he’s also such a worrier, and it only gets worse when he’s drinking, so he’ll follow you around most of the night just fretting over your well-being
  • probably feeds you a TON of stuff if he can convince you to eat it


  • another to want to have a go mixing you some really aesthetic drinks, and probably take selfies with them. and selfies in general.
  • thinks you’re hilarious but firmly stops you from taking it too far
  • it’s kind of unfair how well he holds his liqueur, because he doesn’t even seem drunk and just laughs when you whine at him about it


  • oh no, lightweight alert!! and another worrier, so as he drinks with you he gets super concerned and whiny
  • “Y/N, don’t do anything dumb, just come here and cuddle! Y/N, sing something with me! Y/N, I feel dizzy…”
  • but he knows his limits, so once he stops drinking it’s just full protective mode, probably walking everywhere hand in hand so he can keep an eye on you


  • probably holds his alcohol pretty well too, but let’s be real, this boy can get weird even when he’s sober, so he’ll be willing to get hyper and have fun
  • and he’s very concerned over your well-being if you get too recklessly silly, but kind of bewildered trying to work out how to actually help you
  • gentle hands taking your drink away!! and if it wasn’t for his cute face convincing you when he begs you to slow down and drink some water, he would truly suck at keeping you reigned in


  • he would possibly be allowed some sips of the hyungs’ drinks, but there’s no way he’s getting drunk, so he will focus on taking care of you
  • mostly finds you really funny at first, and giggles in that adorable way of his
  • but very firmly and maturely leads you around, and does shockingly well with dealing with your messy self 

Margarita with Malika

Ever wanted to participate in a real rapid fire round? Well now is your chance! After a successful first season, Margarita with Malika is back with season two!
MWM is my own online version of Koffee With Karan. If you want to know how it works and what it’s about, check this link for last season.

Info & Rules

  • Everybody who joins gets 3 questions.
  • Respond to the questions in public please. Private answers will not be measured while choosing winners.
  • Tag all your answers with margarita with malika so I can find them.
  • I will always ask the questions with my own account. I will NEVER send anonymous questions!
  • I will reblog all your answers, but most of them will be queued to avoid spam. Please keep this in mind. All reblogged answers can be found here.
  • Winners will be picked at random moments. So if you don’t hear anything after I’ve reblogged your answers it doesn’t mean that you haven’t won anything. You always have a chance of winning something, even if you have participated weeks ago.
  • Prizes can include Photoshop and Tumblr related things, promo’s, edits/gifs etc. It’s my way of saying thank you for participating.
  • Please be patient with me. It may take some time before you receive any questions or before I see your answers. I really try my best to not keep you waiting for too long, but sometimes my personal life doesn’t allow me to do so.
  • Kindly do not use any abusive language. Keep in mind that this is all for fun. This is not meant to offend people or start any drama.

How to join
It is currently not possible to join MWM. Keep checking my blog to see when I will open the applications again. Why?

More info and questions
This page includes all information you need. If you have any questions check the links on that page first. If you still have questions you can always ask me of course.

Have fun and good luck! :)

naruto modern shinobi au rp group!

yo, so me and a few other people have started this new, fairly casual naruto rp group and we want YOU to join

its different from traditional tumblr rp blogs; rather than have threads and such, the characters interact as if they are running their own tumblr blog. you post the kind of things you think your character would post, whether theyre an aesthetic or personal blogger or a meme loving shitposter. interactions will be primarily portrayed through tumblr messaging/replies, though para-style threads involving irl interaction are welcome.

more info/available characters under the read more!

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