When the barbell is overhead during a #snatch or #cleanandjerk, the entire torso forms the base to #balance and support the arms. Broad shoulders provide a wider lateral base while thick shoulders (along with thick back muscles) provide a wider frontal base. Therefore, it is important to use #bodybuilding exercises to widen your support base for #olympicweightlifting.

One exercise used for broadening the shoulders is the upright row as shown by #MaStrength friend and 2016 China Fall Nationals silver medalist Mo Yongxiang (62kg, 140/170). You can use a clean or snatch grip and perform sets of 10 at the end of your #weightlifting training or on light days. For more info on #Chineseweightlifting technique, join us at our upcoming seminars and #mastrengthcamp or message is to host one!

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There is just no substitute for consistent practice over many years. It doesn’t matter if your naturally flexible, super strong, or really popular. There is something that only time can give you, like a fine wine or aged balsamic vinegar, you just can’t rush it. By getting on your mat and putting in the work you steep yourself in the lineage of yoga and submit yourself to its discipline. Judge your practice by the depth of peace, by the overflow or joy and unmistakable experience of lasting happiness.
Day 11 is Ardha Baddha Padma Paschimattanasana. Half lotus comes from a deep external rotation in the hip. You can’t rush the process. All you can do is practice.
For more in-depth anatomical technique, join my all-new 16 class course on Immerse yourself in the Ashtanga Yoga method. Link in bio to sign up. Be sure to tag me and @omstarsofficial in all your posts. Remember to like and comment on eachother’s post so that we support eachother and create a virtual sangha.
#practiceandalliscoming 🙏 (at Miami Beach, Florida)

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What do you think of Monty Roberts?

k so some factors in my thoughts about monty roberts

  • he came up with his methods as an alternative to harsh methods he witnessed growing up and believes vehemently in ‘gentling’ the horse instead of breaking them, so as an idealist I give him points
  • he came up with the ‘join up’ technique that is now the cornerstone of virtually all natural horsemanship type training methods, which is good in some ways, shitty in others, and fundamentally flawed in its understanding of equine behavior
  • basically everything he says and does is based in a fundamentally flawed understanding of equine behavior
  • all of his training methods are based in negative reinforcement
  • some studies have shown that his methods are less stressful for the horse than traditional training techniques (I can dig this up if anyone bugs me just lmk)
  • he doesn’t go for the dominance/Be The Boss shtick
  • he’s done some questionable things and advocated some questionable training tools
  • oldass cowboy who has worked with all sorts of horses and famously worked gentling wild mustangs, which I think is awesome publicity for mustangs

Like any trainer, he has his good and his bad points. I respect him as someone who presented a major overhaul in training (was basically the father of the natural horsemanship movement which is supposed to be about using more natural aids as a way to communicate better with your horse, not about Being The Boss) but virtually everything he says about horse behavior and particularly herd behavior has been debunked by actual scientific study and observation. Monty is not a fan of catching up on said scientific study and observation. He’s dismissed clicker training and when a study using remote control cars pretty much debunked his join up method, ‘Mr. Roberts dismissed the findings as an “absolute joke”.’

I think he’s done good things for horse training overall, but it’s time to retire his methods, and the training mindset he brought to the table.

“He projects the image of someone who is happy and on the pitch he prolongs this state of bliss. His football is enjoyed. It is artistic, because he can join his superior technique with his playful imagination. It is something original, beautiful and effective.”
– Jorge Valdano


Did you practice today? Comment with 🙏 if you did. 💗
Day 12 is Tiryang Mukhaikapada Paschimattanasana. Try to say that five times in a row and you’ll have a mouth film of Sanskrit. While it might seem hard to see the benefits of this pose at first, the internal rotation of the hips helps release the sacrum and encourages a hollowing out of the pelvic bowl. The forward fold deepens the hip crease and facilitates entry into more challenging twists. But more than anything this asana is about imperfection because you rarely feel perfectly balanced. Don’t try and force it, just do your best and accept what is.
For more in-depth anatomical technique, join my all-new 16 class course on Immerse yourself in the Ashtanga Yoga method. Link in bio to sign up. Be sure to tag me and @omstarsofficial in all your posts. Remember to like and comment on eachother’s post so that we support eachother and create a virtual sangha.
#practiceandalliscoming 🙏 (at Miami Beach, Florida)

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Peggy and Co. vs IKEA AU

I know you said AU, but I actually thought of an interesting non-AU take on this prompt that’s more or less along the lines of what I expect the prompt was probably going for (putting together flatpack furniture, that kind of thing?) except in a 1940s/1950s version.

“Daniel,” Peggy said from the doorway of the garage, “come to bed.”

“Few more minutes,” Daniel muttered, down on the concrete floor with his bad leg stretched out in front of him and a lathe-turned wooden crib bar across his lap, carefully carving down the end to fit a space drilled with a drill bit that turned out to be ¼" too small.

A moment later, he heard her footsteps, quick and light even carrying the weight of eight months’ pregnancy. Her hand drifted across his hair and she bent to kiss his forehead. “Just remember you have to work in the morning. This is the boss speaking.”

“Duly noted, boss.” He tipped his head up to receive her kiss.

She had never – and he was infinitely grateful – told him that he wasn’t good at this, or that he didn’t have to do this. It mattered to him, building the crib for his firstborn son or daughter from scratch. He’d never done woodworking at all, so he’d had to start from square one. Peggy hadn’t minded Daniel turning the garage of their new suburban home into a wood shop. He bought what he could afford, and made friends with the neighbors and the lab guys at the fledgling SHIELD to gain access to what he couldn’t. It sometimes felt like one step forward and ten steps back, but he was going to build this crib and it was going to be a nice one, not a hacked-together, lopsided piece of junk, but something nice, an heirloom worthy of his firstborn, something his future baby would be proud to pass on to his grandchildren.

The problem was, Peggy’s official due date was less than a month away, and he understood that babies could come early. At the rate he was going, the kid would be walking before he built it a place to sleep.

… which was why he was still up at three a.m., carefully shaving off tiny scraps of wood, trying to make it look good – professional – not something that was going to make his future son or daughter laugh about the crib that fell apart when he or she was three months old.

When he nearly gouged his finger with the chisel, he decided that it was time to go to bed. He had to be up in three and a half hours anyway.


Daniel got through the day at SHIELD mostly by working out woodcraft problems in his head. He was fairly sure he’d finally figured out the aspect of the corner-joining technique from the woodworking book that had been eluding him. As soon as he got home, he could start putting the corners together – for the third time, after having to take it apart twice and sand down the clumped glue to try again.

“I thought pregnant women were supposed to be the ones who couldn’t keep two thoughts in their heads, not their husbands.”

“Okay, first of all, Jack, please go jump out the window. Second, I’m telling Peggy you said that. Hope you can run fast.”

“I can outrun a pregnant woman, Sousa.”

“You know she won’t be pregnant forever, right?”



He drove home with visions of mitered corners occupying his mind. Peggy, who had reluctantly agreed to stay home from SHIELD in month seven, was buried in a pile of case files in the baby’s room (currently serving as a home office) and had forgotten to start dinner. She volunteered to do a takeout run, while Daniel gratefully vanished into the garage.

He’d only been there for a few minutes when there was a polite tap on the door.

Peggy never knocked. “C'mon in,” he called, bent over the book of diagrams. If he just cut that bit, and turned it that way …

“Agent Sousa.” Jarvis came in with his hands clasped behind his back, stepping carefully between the neatly planed bits of crib.

“Jarvis?” The incongruity of having Jarvis, in his impeccably tailored suit, trying not to touch anything covered in sawdust almost sent Daniel into a laughing fit. Years of diplomacy as the head of the L.A. SSR office managed to kick in before it was too late.

“I came to see Ag – Director Carter. She appears to be absent.”

“Yeah, she’s out getting food.”

“Ah.” Jarvis cast a curious glance over the scattered parts of the project. “Dare I ask …”

Daniel struggled to his feet with a hand on the workbench. “It’s a crib. For the baby. Want me to show you?”

He expected Jarvis to be bored within five minutes, since he and Ana had no children, but in fact Jarvis turned out to have useful insights into the precise techniques of getting the pieces to join up (“No, Agent Sousa, one would add the glue before inserting the dowel –”) and the finer details of using the tools he hadn’t quite figured out yet.

“Never figured you for the handyman type, I have to say,” Daniel admitted.

“I am not, but one can’t spend this much time assisting Mr. Stark without picking up a few things.”

It wasn’t the only night Jarvis showed up – he claimed that Daniel’s garage was a pleasant escape from Mr. Stark’s current attempts to expand the menagerie – and, thanks in part to his pointers, the crib was finished three days before Peggy went into labor.

Daniel could never quite prove whether Peggy had or hadn’t called Jarvis to provide assistance … but he could never get either of them to admit it, either.

At least, he reasoned, it could’ve been worse. She could have called Howard Stark.

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Can you write a KBTBB headcanon where the MC and guys are looking after a child? (Kaoru Kirishima's Season Two Proposal Story kinda inspired this request...) :D

This is incredibly cute. Let’s play house with the bidders. hehehe.

Eisuke: With Eisuke’s power in the largest hotel in Japan, it was pretty easy to find out who the little girl’s parents were. After contacting the parents, the two of you realized that the little girl would have to wait for a couple more hours until her mother could pick her up. 
Sighing and putting down the phone, you turned to the little girl in the oak dining chair, fidgeting her thumbs in her hands. 
“Your mom is going to come pick you up, sweetie. But can I get your name first?” you asked, sitting on the chair next to her. 
“Emiko.” she replied, shyly.
“I’m _____. Nice to meet you, Emiko. Your mom is going to come, but a bit later. How about we play for a little until she does?” you asked. 
Eisuke was silently staring at the two of you from his chair, not really knowing what to do. He stood up and sat right in front of Emiko.
“Emiko, what do you want? We have everything here. Cakes, food, playgrounds, you name it.” he said, smiling. 
Emiko looked up with her bright eyes and smiled shyly. 
“Do you have ice cream, mister?” she asked. 
Eisuke smiled and ordered every flavor of ice cream they had at Tres Spades up to his room. Emiko’s eyes lit up in amazement as she started to dig in. 
“Thank you, mister!” she said, stuffing her mouth with spoonfuls of ice cream.
“Kids are too easy.” he said, with a cocky grin.

Soryu: There was an awkward atmosphere lingering in the air, as Soryu scratched the back of his head. He looked around the penthouse suite, desperately waiting for you to come back from the bathroom. The little boy in front of him looked scared to death, as he sat in his chair with tenseness. In the next second, the bathroom door opened as you walked out to the living room to your awkward boyfriend and scared little boy. 
“Okay! How about we play for a little bit? Jun, your mom isn’t going to be home for another hour, so we can play whatever you would like!” you said, clapping and trying to get rid of this tension.
Jun jumped up from his chair with a smile and walked over to you. 
“Can we play police?” he asked, tugging on your leg. 
You giggled a little and nodded. He started to jump up and down, assigning roles to the each of you. You were the woman who got her purse stolen by Soryu, and he was the cop to rescue you. 
“Oh no! He stole my purse!” you acted out, pointing at Soryu. 
Soryu froze in place and didn’t really know what to do.
“I’m sorry?” he muttered. 
Jun slumped his shoulders and shook his head. 
“You’re supposed to run away, mister!” he cried out, crossing his arms.
“Okay. Um. Sorry.” Soryu muttered again, blushing a bit.

Baba: Even though Baba just met Miyako, they were already friends. She was normally so shy and quiet, but Baba made her comfrtable with him already. You stared at the two of them conversing so naturally with your mouth wide open. How on earth was Baba so good at taking care of kids?
“So princess Miyako, what should we do until your mom comes back from the grocery store?” he asked, poking her cheek as she giggled.
“I want to have a tea party!” she said, clapping her hands excitedly.
“One tea party, coming up!” he replied, setting up the table with tea cups and cookies. 
“I’ll go get Mr.Teddy!” she said, squeezing her teddy bear in one hand.
“Your table is ready, princess Miyako.” he said, with a tiny bow.
You stood up with Miyako and made your way to the table. All you could do was look at Baba naturally pouring fake tea as he conversed with your little cousin.
“Can I have some more tea, mister?” Miyako asked, holding out her teacup with her small hands.
“Anything for a beautiful princess.” he replied, with a warm smile.

Ota: After getting off the phone to cancel your reservations for the dinner, you came back to the living room of the spacious penthouse living room to see Shigeru and Ota talking casually. 
“Really?” Shigeru asked, unable to contain his excitement.
Ota nodded with his signature angelic smile as he brought out a box of his art supplies. He squeezed some different color paints and laid out a giant piece of paper. 
Shigeru jumped off his chair and sat down in front of the paper. 
“How do I do it?” Shigeru asked, grinning from ear to ear. 
“However you want. Art has no rules.” he said, sticking his hand in the paint.
Ota started to smear his hand onto the paper, using different color combinations. Shigeru watched carefully and soon followed Ota’s technique. 
”_____, come join us!” Ota said, calling you over. 
You walked over to the two boys and started to paint with your fingers as well. 
“This is so much fun! Thank you, Mr.Kisaki!” Shigeru said, having the time of his life. 
“So am I. I should be thanking you.” Ota said, with a innocent smile.

Mamoru: “No way kid.” Mamoru said, shaking his head.
“C’mon! Please, mister?” Naoka asked, shoving the dress in his direction. 
Naoka was your friend’s daughter who you were spending the day with. Since Naoka is a bit of a fashionista, she demanded to see your closet and wanted Mamoru to model some of the clothes for her to see. Mamoru, however, didn’t want anything to do with this fashion show.
“How about having _____ model?” Mamoru asked, pointing at you.
“I’m pretty sure we would both love to see you in a cute dress.” you replied, smirking at your frustrated boyfriend.
Naoka started to throw more dresses in Mamoru’s direction and pushed him into the bathroom. 
“Try them and come out, okay?” Naoka said, walking away from the bathroom door. 
A couple minutes later, a very fancy Mamoru emerged from the bathroom with a gold shimmery cocktail dress on his hips. 
“I couldn’t get the zipper up..” he muttered, blushing slightly.
Naoka observed Mamoru from head to toe and twirled her finger to make him turn around. 
“Nice legs.” you said, bursting into laughter.
Mamoru silently glared at you from the side, scratching the back of his head. Naoka clapped her hands and pushed Mamoru back into the bathroom.
“Next!” she said. 
“Don’t stretch my dress!” you said, in between laughing fits.
Mamoru rolled his eyes and sighed. 
“The things I do for you kids.” he said, closing the bathroom door.

This was SUPER fun to do! I loved Mamoru’s. Muehehehe. 
Can’t you imagine Mamoru in a shimmery cocktail dress with a grumpy expression on his face? I can. 
I hope you enjoyed! I know I did <3 

Joining Round Tutorial

Most of my crochet projects are worked in a continuous round, like my Totoro amigurumi. But for my current projects, I have been working in joining rounds. I remember when I first started doing joining rounds, my projects came out really misshapen because I kept adding random stitches, and had no idea how to finish my row! So, to avoid confusion, I made a tutorial!

In my picture, I still have one more double crochet to complete before I join my round.

My stitch marker (yes, a pink paperclip) is where I must slip stitch to join the rounds. Slip stitch into the first stitch of the round, NOT the chains. Do not double crochet into the previous rows slip stitch, this adds an extra stitch.

Slip stitch completed! Depending on your project, you might need to ch 1 or 2. For my project, I need to ch 2.

My next stitch is where my stitch marker is. It is the same stitch I just slip stitched into.

Then I just continue my round! If I still think I’m adding random stitches, I just count each stitch in my round, it’s more tedious, but at least I know if I’m on the right track or not.

I used the joining round technique for my Totoro coaster. I might need to make some more coasters soon. My tea needs to rest somewhere with this cold weather coming!

I’m using the joining round for my next project. Can anyone guess what it is?

Happy crocheting!