When the barbell is overhead during a #snatch or #cleanandjerk, the entire torso forms the base to #balance and support the arms. Broad shoulders provide a wider lateral base while thick shoulders (along with thick back muscles) provide a wider frontal base. Therefore, it is important to use #bodybuilding exercises to widen your support base for #olympicweightlifting.

One exercise used for broadening the shoulders is the upright row as shown by #MaStrength friend and 2016 China Fall Nationals silver medalist Mo Yongxiang (62kg, 140/170). You can use a clean or snatch grip and perform sets of 10 at the end of your #weightlifting training or on light days. For more info on #Chineseweightlifting technique, join us at our upcoming seminars and #mastrengthcamp or message is to host one!

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